18 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Happy Fall – #puremichigan

  1. we went back the past two autumns.
    mr c asked the other night if i wanted to go this year.
    i said…. fuck no i’m pissed off at everyone there.
    so that saved us $3,000 and then i went and bought myself a new pair of boots…. because fuck them. HA!


  2. Spectacular pictures, the autumn colors are beautiful in Michigan. Well, I am a fan of summer but I like autumn too…well, I like it except for my damned hay fever and fall allergies lol! Will you get to Michigan to see the colors this year? Happy Autumn to you! 🙂


    • Ugh, allergies are the worst J Lil. My son had winter allergies and he was sooo miserable for such a long stretch of the year. And no, I won’t be back for the colors but maybe for the snow. Maybe… Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed!

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