17 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Smitten by the mitten

  1. i took some pictures last week on my walk.
    when i was going through them i thought… finland has pretty much 2 fall colors, brown and yellow. like poop and pee.
    so i have no tree photos worth sharing.

    and yet if you ask a native they think they have beautiful autumns. i’m like… i’m from michigan bitch so you would be WRONG about the level of beauty.

    #finlandfallfail #itsanotherpoopandpeeautumn #dontyoulovemyfuckingcomments

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    • Hahahaha! I DO love your comments Tracie! Poop n’ Pee Autumn should be a blog post! 😀 Yeah, it’s hard to beat those Michigan colors.. I haven’t been to the New England area though and I hear they’ve got some beautiful colors as well, but of course Michigan’s colors will always be THE BEST. 🙂

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      • got myself to laughing hard!

        yes, i hear new england is beautiful in the fall. it’s on my to-do list!

        last year we did the lake michigan color tour from chicago up through the U.P through wisconsin (door county) back down to chicago it was a nice trip.
        michigan had better colors than across the lake… because michigan is just the best! HAAAA!!!!

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    • Palm trees are cool tho! 😀 And I’d like to see the New England area just to have a little look-see, it’s supposed to be beautiful in the Fall there too but of course I am smitten with “the Mitten” so my opinion will always be biased. ❤


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