(Z)IPPER – Blogging from A to Z

ZSound the trumpets! It’s the last day. The last letter. The last word!
And that word is, ZIPPER!
The invention of the zipper started back in 1851. A couple of guys had a general idea and finally in 1913 some other guy got it right and pretty much that’s the zipper we have today. You can read all about it, here.
Side note: Zippers initially were used on shoes, boots, and tobacco pouches. Then in World War I the Navy used them for uniforms. Last lit’l tidbit, B.F. Goodrich is the one who named them “zippers” because of the sound they made.
The nerd girl in me found this more interesting than it probably is..
In the “Did You Know” section of life pertaining to all things zipper-ish.
A guy getting his schlong caught in his zipper is the number one cause of penile injury in the United States and that these injuries are most prevalent if you’re a male between the ages of 29-45.
***Cranky, be sure and let Mrs. Cranky know you no longer need her assistance.
If you find yourself in the predicament as described above with the whole stuck schlong thing going on. You’ll be happy to know that Wikihow can help you out.
Not even kidding.
How To Free A Penis From A Stuck Zipper.”
Seriously. They list two options for you. The “treating at home” method or the embarrassing trip to “treating at the hospital.”
***“If the skin cannot be freed otherwise, the use of an elliptical skin incision or an emergency circumcision will be performed by a urologist under general anesthesia.”
If I were a guy. I’d stay home.
Apparently no so awkward if you’re at a zipper convention…
zipper conventionYeah, you may wanna’ rethink your sign…
***Grab your eye bleach…

Maybe he should’ve got in the line for brains instead of courage…And one for the ladies. It’s truer than you know…Just ask “Cranky.”This last and final A to Z post has been brought to by the suggestion of “Cranky” and the twisted mind of moi.
Side note:Cranky” and I should probably never attend the same parties together unless we’ve got enough bail money in our wallets.
Thank you all again for following along. You’ve made it so much fun for me and you are all appreciated SO much!
It’s a beautiful weekend here. No more cold temps and whipping winds. I’ll be on the patio with a bottle of wine.
It’ll be so nice to resume normal blogging tomorrow without a letter dictating what I post about!
Love the challenge but it is a challenge!
Peace out folks.

17 thoughts on “(Z)IPPER – Blogging from A to Z”

  1. I’ve had some great laughs with your A to Z Challenge. Today is no different except I need eye bleach for that gal that weighs 50 pounds too much for those drawers. Bless her heart. I have a couple of pairs like that, but thanks goodness I don’t look like her.

    Loved all the Cranky mentions and since he’s one of my reads I can so relate.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cranky sounds like a fun guy. 🙂 As for the zipper dilemma, I’m reminded of that scene from “There’s Something About Mary”. Ouch! Best to try and avoid the hospital.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge! Three cheers and a bottle of (insert name of favourite alcoholic beverage here). Loved your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cranky is a GREAT guy. You should go over and read his blog. Just so spot on about life in general and hilarious. – Congratulations to you as well. We all made. We all survived. I’ll take that beachside condo complete with a cabana boy of legal age and a non-stop supply of alcoholic beverages now. 😀


  3. Last zipper incident for me was about 4 yrs. old, and that was enough to ingrain a lifetime of caution!
    As to your “women control the zipper”, a wise man once told me “Women sleep with who they want to, Men sleep with who they can!” Truer words were never spoken!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol.. That’s about the age all of my boys were when they encounter the zipper that bites their weeniers! Hahahaha. And I don’t know about that whole women sleeping with who they want.. There are a lot of homely looking women out there who couldn’t get laid on 8 mile if they were giving it away free. 😉 – Get back to blogging!!!!


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