Seriously folks I’ve been trying to post since Monday. I’ve had several posts started and then BOOM, life. Some happy life, some not so happy. Some really shitty, frustrating, my hands are tied, nothing I can do, life. The latter life being the most crushing because you know a bullet would just make things so much easier, and happier.
Yeah, that kind of life…
And then, out of the blue, THIS LIFE!A happy, “just because,” box of “mitten luv” found on my front porch. A HUGE mitten mug and a beautiful card from my friend the ‘Beastly Bear‘ and his wife ‘Mama Bear.’ I boo hoo’d a lit’l bit. I’m not gonna’ lie. I needed this slice of life sooooo badly and I couldn’t wait to use it this morning and start my day out with a cup o’ luv! I have to say though, reading all of those familiar cities and Great Lakes, and seeing the mitten shape and the U.P. (upper peninsula) and Canada.. Got me a lit’l homesick. Okay, A LOT homesick.. (Sigh)
Again, my heartfelt thanks to ‘Beastly Bear‘ and ‘Mama Bear’ for this wonderful slice of “happy life” and “mitten luv.” You have no idea how much I needed this…
In other news. I know I need to get my “Reflections” post done for the ‘Blogging from A to Z Challenge.’ I also know that I have until the 13th to get that done so guess when I’ll be posting it? Yeah, probably on the 13th. Maybe. Who knows. Could be tomorrow. I haven’t really given it much thought just off the cuff observances.. So, that’s coming.My friend CiCi has been visiting off and on for the past couple of weeks while she gets some medical procedures done. Spending the night, sometimes, several nights. Lots of laughter but not so much accomplished by way of crafting. I did start a table topper for CiCi while she was here the first time. Truly only a 3 hour project tops and here it sits not finished because, well, laughter. I’ll have it finished by the time CiCi comes back on Monday.I have a couple of other projects underway. Building up my inventory.. I’ll post those pics as I go along. I’m also trying my hand at a few new crafts, AND, working on shedding a few pounds before I enter myself as a flippin’ float into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the fall!
Down 13lbs. so far! Go me!
The rest of my day is going to consist of sewing and catching up on blogs. That’s pretty much it. Who knows, I may even get that “Reflection” post knocked out.
We’ll see.I hope you’re all having a great Wednesday and that all of your slices of life are happy ones.


  1. Happy to have been able to brighten your day!!! Sorry about all that crappy “life” stuff…hoping for some resolution for you, you know…the kind that doesn’t include a bullet! 😘


  2. I love it when you’re up to your eyeballs in life and a package arrives and makes the world right again. Love that cup.

    Have a fabulous day and I guess I’ll see you on Friday the 13th. ☺


  3. Life. It does have a habit of getting in the way when you have other things to do. I know it all too well. That bullet – been there, wondering who needed it more, myself or my antagonist. I see you managed to muddle through, the same as I. Neither of us are gone. 🙂
    It’s always uplifting when a gift comes in the mail, or UPS. (Even when a letter comes, but those are so few and far between anymore with email and texting.) Nice cup and card.
    Have a good day, everything will be fine – or not, nothing we can do about it, so just roll.


  4. Great mug! That was so nice of them to send it. Sounds like you’ve been really busy! I have too, but I feel like I have nothing to show for it. hahaha


  5. Sorry that you’ve been having such a shitty time of it recently.
    That was such a lovely gesture from a friend. Life has a wonderful way of dropping those little surprises that can clear the clouds away, even if it’s only momentarily. 🙂


  6. I might be on the selfish side. I have pen pals I write to and also join a secrete sister though facebook, and I love sending and receive items.
    Anyhow I got package ready to send to Nebraska
    Loosing weight been a struggle for me the last few decade. I keep asking my self how I let my self get this heavy.
    Coffee is on


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