Yeah… There’ll be no dancing in the streets for this girl. Not in triple digit heat anyway. I like hot weather but triple digits is best enjoyed indoors with the AC running full blast.
I’m “prompting” my way through my blog this month.June 1-5 prompts are brought to you via a lit’l site I found called, ‘Writing Exercises.’

TODAY’S PROMPT – Write about an ornament.

My first thought, being a girl who loves all things Christmas was to post my favorite Christmas ornament. But, a.) Christmas is packed away. And b.) I’ve already mentioned Christmas once this month. I didn’t want to piss off the masses – that would be you, my beloved readers. –
So, I chose another favorite ornament.
This one.
(Photo by Jill Reger)

It just happens to come attached to my favorite vehicle, which would be this one.
1966 Jaguar MK X.

With this 1950 Jag model coming in a close second.
When I hit the lottery you can bet I’ll be owning a couple of these.IN OTHER NEWS – I got nutthin’ folks. This week is gonna’ be all about staying cool and building my inventory for upcoming craft shows n’ the like. I got delayed on my blanket when my sister came to visit so I’ll be doing double time on blocks today, which means I’ll be doing double time with “Grissom” who I just find sexier n’ sexier which each episode.

I need to narrow down my blogging groups as well. I haven’t been posting in them because there are so many to post in and I’m trying to figure out the best fit for me. Until then, I blog for myself and you, my faithful readers.

Also need to work on my BuJo (bullet journal) and start another one for daily tasks, and another for my blogging. I dunno but the creative bug has bitten me hard lately and all I want to do is create n’ play like I’m in kindergarten again. And, FYI, it feels great doing it so Imma’ gonna’ do more of it.
I hope you’re all having an amazing day wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and I hope you can find a moment in your day to play like you’re in kindergarten again.
Finger painting, coloring, recess, or eating paste!
I wanna’ know how you play like a kindergartener!


    • Hahaha! You know Bernadette, I was never a paste eater but I knew, and saw kids who were and I remember thinking how disgusting it was even then! I never liked the smell of paste or the way it dried all crusty. I was so happy to get to 2nd grade and have Elmer’s glue! 😀

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  1. It’s triple digits down here too. Hot, hot and hot. I’m not used to it yet either.

    I always play like I’m a kindergartner, but my body sure doesn’t cooperate with what my mind is trying to do. Just saying. My body isn’t going to hold me back though.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    • I think it’s too early for triple digits but when you get to Oregon you can at least go to the coast and freeze to death in the sunshine until you get inland of course. 🙂 I suspected you were a kindergartner. You’ve always got something fun going on even in the midst of the worries of life. You shine through and it shows, across the miles and the inet connections. Good on you. 😀

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  2. Hood ornaments – I’d like one for the old Dodge. It’s funny, years ago (late50’s) there was an abundance of hood ornaments. My brother and his buddies went ‘wrangling them at night for teen “fun.” Now you have to really pay for those puppies …
    Falling asleep on my laptop is about as close to being a kid as I got today. 🙂

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    • Omgosh. I knew a whole group of kids that did that too. I think they’re all attached with some kind of a cable now or something. I only suspect this because I watch a little boy pull on one last month and when he did a cable or something like a cable came with it. – Falling asleep like a kid is a good thing. I wish I could!


  3. Karen, you have triple digits there already? Yikes, way too hot! We’ve had a cool spring here, too cool really, and just starting with the heat now. Ooh, love that Jag, both of them!! About Grissom being sexy, I think you’re onto something there! After all, Sara found him sexy and so did the very sexy Lady Heather. It’s his brains, of course, and the way he fills out his pants. 😉 I’ve been working way too much, the brain is on overload, I need a coloring or finger painting break!!

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    • It is way too hot. I mean you can’t even get out and enjoy it, ya’ know? It’s like getting served piping hot food that you can’t eat. – I can’t believe I JUST found Grissom. Of all of the crime shows I watch, how did I miss this delicious morsel of braniac sexiness. I’m only on season 2 so I don’t know about his women yet, altho I suspected there was something with Sara but I honestly don’t think there’s anything at all attractive about her.. – Yes! Coloring and finger painting. Both WONDERFUL stress breakers. I like the Lisa Frank coloring books that I don’t think you can get anymore. Boo

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  4. I liked the smell of paste but I never ate it. Never understood the kids that did. Gross. BTW, if you are going to buy a couple Jags with your lottery winner you’d better get a mechanic on retainer. lol

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    • I was never a paste girl. Messy, gross, smelly. I didn’t want it on my hands, let alone in my mouth! Bleh! And of course I’ll have a mechanic Joanne.. A hot, of legal age, mechanic who may or may not double as my pool boy. Hahahaha. 😀


  5. Yuck. I don’t miss that muggy stuff in the least Jolene. Michigan gets so humid you have to cut a whole in the atmosphere to breathe. I know we’ve got dry heat out here but heat is heat no matter where you are. – And thanks. I especially like what the ornaments are attached to. 😀


  6. OMG! This post really resonated with me! First, I LOVE Jaguars too – and the first thing I will do when I have a million banked (ha ha, not enough time left) is buy a sleek black Jag in which to drive to my husband’s workplace (sorry, be driven by a funky chauffeur) and tell him he’s done with working his backside off. and secondly, I have been plagued day and night just lately with the urge to play with paint like a kindergarten kid! My nails look terrible because they are stained with paint and alcohol ink and I haven’t got a huge amount of writing done for ages. However, I do have a bunch of really crappy ‘artwork’ laying around! I too have had to straighten myself out with a ‘bujo’ (LOVE that!) and a blog list. Am having a meeting with myself today in which I will be saying shape up or ship out! And finally, very envious of your weather because I was so cold last night I took a hot water bottle to bed! Should be flaming’ June here by now but more like fall. 😦

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    • Oh Gilly I just love it when you come to visit me. 😀 – I would definitely have a funky chauffeur for the 1950’s Jag but the 66′ is all mine. I remember seeing them when I was a kid and I just thought it was the coolest vehicle on the planet. I’m sorry you have crappy weather right now. If I could send you some of this heat I sure would! I’m not sorry that you’re letting your inner kindergartener out n’ about and I’m certain you do NOT have anything crappy laying around, most of all your art! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your visits always make me smile. 🙂 ❤


  7. Haha! I love that your first thought was totally replaced by something more glamorous and indulgent. It’s fun to dream about another life! Even if it does involve winning the lottery 🙂

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