And I’m probably the strangest of them all.
Just thought I’d throw that out there.
Violence, anger, sadness everywhere you look.
No rhyme. No reason. No answers.
I have nothing to add to the conversation but my prayers.
I can make neither heads nor tails out of much of anything anymore.
Things I gotta’ do today.
**Take my vacuum apart and clean it. I don’t know why my vacuum has 5 million filters in it nor why it must be taken apart and cleaned every other week but that seems to be the norm and so it must be done.
**Water my plants. Seriously. If I posted a pic of them someone would call PPS (plant protective services) on me. Droopy n’ dry. – Much like my sex life.
**Finish up my daughter’s skirt and another outfit – at least – for my grand-Princess.
I’ll post pics when I get stuff done.
**Work on my bujo.
**Work on my afghan. Yeah. The one I bulleted for completion on the 7th.
Not even close.
**Figure out some flippin’ time management skills.
**Figure out an acceptable bedtime or resign myself to the fact that I will never sleep another day in my life.
I’m still crushin’ on ‘Grissom.’ (CSI, the original.) I’m not sure why people keep referring to him as old and fat. He’s in his 60’s. That’s not old. He certainly doesn’t look old and I wouldn’t call him fat. I don’t know who’s looking for a beanpole, young buck but, not it.
Okay, except Ryan Gosling, and he’s in his 40’s.
Anyway, I’m on season 5 now and I don’t even know how that happened.
It’s like eating Pringles. Once you pop you can’t stop, except I can because I don’t like Pringles.
Other stuff I gotta’ do today?
**Come back and visit and comment and share.
I’ve gotten awards and honorable mentions that need to be addressed.
I need to visit my “Tribe” which is now not the thing. I need to change all of you to my “squad.” Apparently that’s the new word of the year because everybody’s out hangin’ wit their squad.
Our temps dropped like a rock and I was freezing last night. I resisted the urge to turn on the heat and instead just layered up and went to bed. – Late.

Got hit on Monday with some personal hoops to jump through. Not at all looking forward to that but whatever. – Prayers, good vibes welcome.

I hope wherever you are you’re finding joy in this wonderful day because no matter the hoops, no matter all of the negativity, hatefulness and sadness swirling about us. This life is a gift.
We should probably pay a lit’l bit more attention to that.

Be well. Be happy. Be loved. Show love.

22 thoughts on “PEOPLE ARE STRANGE

  1. Wow, what a busy lady! You make me feel like a bum! Prayers and good vibes to you…that the hoops will be large, close to the ground, and easy to jump through!!! 💖

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  2. I try to stay busy all the time. Keeps my mind occupied.. Thank you for the prayers and good vibes. It will be what it will be and that’s that, huh? Cross those bridges when I come to them. I do what I can do for the day and then I set it down. I have a lot of faith. Thankfully.. ❤


  3. A song immediately comes to mind here. 🙂

    Sounds like you’re having a busy day! I think Grissom is hot too, but I’m 61. Some of these “younguns” have no clue.

    Sending you good vibes, as needed.

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  4. I’m done crushing on William Petersen – seems life hasn’t been any kinder to him than it was to me. For your own dreams, take my word for it – don’t look!
    Hoops, problems and troubles, we all have them to one extend or another – I hope yours are small and take care of themselves.

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  5. Sorry you are having some challenges. Seems to be a common theme right now…we’re going through a bad time of it as well. 😦 At least all your projects keep you busy! I never could get into CSI. It’s too gruesome and graphic for me. And the one actress that plays I think her name is Sarah?….Grissom’s love interest….reminds me of my husband’s exwife. It was funny cause he likes CSI and kept saying, ‘god I hate that woman, I can’t stand her’. I said, ‘gee I wonder why…she’s a dead ringer for *****.’ He doesn’t see it but I do.

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    • Ugh. I’ll have to check the alignment of the stars.. I’m sorry you’re having a go of it too! 😦 – I think Sarah is soooooooo homely. I’d never heard of or seen her before this show and apparently she used to model. – For what??? – I’m on season 5 and they STILL haven’t figured out something to do with that hideous hair of hers. I like Katherine on there. He should have went with her.


  6. There has only been one time in our married lives that we ate Pringles. When we lived in Bermuda 21 years ago. Everything on the island gets shipped in, obviously, so food is really expensive. Except Pringles. I think because of their packaging, they are easy to ship efficiently. We ate a lot of Pringles back then.

    Cleaning out a vacuum and all the filters is just plain annoying.

    We never ,ever water our plants, garden or flower beds. Survival of the fittest around here. So when I tried to be homemakery and bought some potted plants for the porch, they died almost instantly. This year, I bought four and had a kid water them each morning. They were beautiful. And then I went out of town for 5 days. When I came back they were all brown and terribly dead looking. Went back to watering them. While not as full and pretty as before, they have all come back from the dead and are blooming again. Phew.

    This life certainly is a gift.

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    • Wow. Pringles in Bermuda. I’ve never even thought of them being there. Here they’re like 99 cents a can or something. I just never liked them. Maybe it’s the nubbly texture for me. Idk. – My vacuum IS annoying but the OCD in me must clean it every other week. We live in an apt. and the carpet just freaks me out. I know they didn’t tear it up – and the padding – special just for us so I always think there’s other crap lurking about on it. – Hahahaha. You sound like me with my plants that’s why I get the ones that are murder proof! Seriously when I notice the one, literally clinging to the sides of the pot screaming for water, then I remember and you can watch it pop back to life! I thought I killed my Easter lily but instead 6 little baby Easter lilys popped up in the pot. Not sure what to do with those now but they’re beautiful and green. 😀


  7. I’m at a lost too with all that has been happening. You would think that something like this would unite mankind, but the hate just continues. *sigh*

    No wonder you can’t sleep. There must be a million thoughts whizzing through your head. And I’m not talking about the ones that feature Grissom nekkid.
    Hope you managed to get through those hoops safely and still intact. Sending a virtual ((hug)) your way.

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  8. Wow! You are so busy! I cannot wait for the pictures of both, the skirt and the afghan. I hate cleaning vacuum, someone should design a self cleaning one. I loved your reference to Pringles. Have a good week.

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  9. Yay! An answer to my thoughts as I showered this morning – who was it who used the term ‘bujo’? And bam! There it is in your blog post! I want to mention it in a post I have planned. Will be in touch! I love synchronicity!

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