Since I missed ‘Tough Titty Tuesday’ yesterday I thought I would bring you ‘Whiny Ass Wednesday’ today.
You’re welcome.
leaves barSo Mayim Bialik of ‘Blossom’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ walked into a craft store to buy whatever bullshit she was buying for her kid’s birthday party and this is what she found to bitch about.
Not even kidding.

She claims, “I wasn’t 10 feet into the store when I was distracted by the music playing from the speakers. A woman with a beautiful voice sang, “Lord, you are the answer. Jesus Christ, you are the answer…”
Mayim is Jewish. Nobody cares.

She further states, “I was dumbfounded. I wandered aimlessly about for a second, not knowing what to do, and I finally found my way to the front counter where I asked for the manager.”
Upon finding the manager she questions the manager about the Christian music, blah, blah, blah. The manager tells her, “This is our playlist. This is what we play in our stores.”
Mayim Bialik’s response?
“I was shocked. I couldn’t stop my mouth from saying the words, “I don’t want to shop here,” and I stumbled out the door.”
You can read the whole ridiculous article here.leaves barThat should have been the end of it. Jewish customer walks into a Christian owned store, hears music that is offensive to her, she issues her grievance with the manager and she leaves.
Done deal.
Towards the end of her article Mayim states, “Maybe I should send a polite message to the local store and to corporate headquarters, and consider writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and doing posts on social media to let other secular shoppers know. But I already fear the kinds of reactions that this post will bring.”

What is with these celebrities and contacting corporate headquarters and whining??
Barbra Streisand did the same thing when she didn’t like the way Siri pronounced her name!
You can read my ‘Tough Titty Tuesday’ post on Babs, here.leaves barWhat’s most irritating about Mayim’s whole article is the pettiness of it and how she totally blows it out of proportion and ends up bringing in her black friends and the history of the Jews. For fuck sake. We get it. You’re offended by Jesus music. You did the right thing. You left the store. You’ll never shop there again.
Let it go.
Holy shit. Mayim Bialik is not only an actress she’s also a neuroscientist!
Seriously. Why did she come so unhinged? I don’t get it. You’d think somebody who’s that much of a brainiac could hold it together a little bit better and not have a fucking meltdown over the music played in a stupid craft store, which she didn’t name in her article but we all know is ‘Hobby Lobby.’
leaves barI get it. I don’t shop at Walmart because of the stupid, lazy people I encounter there but I don’t call up Doug McMillon and whine about it. Trust me. The President/CEO of Walmart knows the type of people he employs.

What say ye’? Have you ever been so offended walking into a store that you had a public meltdown and felt “dumbfounded?”
Weigh in. I wanna’ know your thoughts on this.

Happy Whiny Ass Wednesday everyone.
Please do find something to whine about today.

PS – This post inspired by JoJo over at ‘Tahoma Beadworks And Photography‘ who keeps me up to date with all things celebrity via her Facebook statuses.
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –

leaves bar

18 thoughts on “WHINY ASS WEDNESDAY – Mayim Bialik

  1. Ha ha – that told us! I agree, walk out and move on! Some people just love to be offended I guess. Don’t understand why we can’t just live and let live. My only religion is kindness and tolerance which is probably the basis of all faiths when you get right down to it. Do as you would be done by never fails (unless you are a sadomasochist of course – then it could get tricky!) Very funny post that gave me a giggle as I end my day.

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  2. No I’ve never walked into a store and had something offend me and then have a meltdown. If I don’t like or agree with a store then I just don’t shop there. People are all up in everyone’s business anymore.

    Pull up your big girl panties and get over yourself, bitch.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  3. About 10 years ago around Christmas I went to an Applebees restaurant. Up front they had a white board with decorations on it and the greetings were “Happy Chanukah” “Ripping good Ramadan” and “Wonderful Kwanzaa.” “Happy New Year!” There was no mention of Christmas at all on the board.

    I didn’t say anything or complain, but I left without being seated and have never set foot in an Applebees again.

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  4. I miss those days when everybody wasn’t a whiny ass little bitch!!! Frankly, I don’t give a flying F what music you’re playing in your store, if you have what I need and I want it, I can suffer through most anything for the amount of time I’ll be there. (Note that I continually suffer through that “Rap” Crap in stores frequented by Millennials)

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    1. Right! I’m not in the store long enough to be offended by the music. It irritates me more to be sitting in traffic out here in Boise, Idaho and have somebody come up alongside me with their bass all tweaked out and rap blasting. I’m like seriously. You know you live in Idaho, right???


  5. Just be civilize. There one doctor office here plays what I call evangelical music. No I don’t complain but I don’t use there office for my self. But my client Liz does. I guess if I own a business I would mix up the music a bit. But at times I enjoy quiteness.
    Coffee is on

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    1. Why be civil when you can be a whiny ass?? Ugh. And good point. Now that I think of it most of the dr.’s offices I go to play Christian music of course if the name of the hospital starts with Saint, I think that’s pretty much a given and no complaints from me.


  6. Honestly Generation Butthurt, with their logo of a shaking fist and the words, ‘I’M OFFENDED’ is reeeeeeeeeeeally getting on my nerves. Did you note the part of her post that she doesn’t mind hearing it at Christmas cause it’s a seasonal thing that Christians celebrate? I don’t like Hobby Lobby’s politics and views so I wouldn’t shop there, but not b/c of their music. I’ve been in plenty of stores where they are playing country and I loathe country, which btw a lot is about patriotism, God, etc. but I don’t walk out and go, ‘your music sucks dude. I’m writing corporate.’ I wonder if Mayim also hates gospel? Like those rocking choirs in the churches that sing and sway and dance? I love that stuff!!! There are plenty of other craft stores she could go to. She could order the damn stuff on line. But she walks into an establishment which everyone knows is Christian, and certainly she HAD to know that, and complains. It’s like people who move next to a military base and bitch about the planes Chinooks and shelling/artillery practice.

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    1. Ya’ know for someone so smart she’s a total dumb ass. I always think these B List celebrities stir things up just to get their name in print again because let’s face it. She’s really not a household name and I don’t remember her ever really being one. Maybe she wants the press. Who knows. You’d think she’d pick a different avenue than to complain about a craft store that everyone knows is a Christian store. She’s an idiot. For all of her book smarts she lacks common sense.

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  7. Not that I even have a Hobby Lobby here (and we allll know it was a Hobby Lobby) but when I’m in a place that does I don’t shop there. It’s not the music, I couldn’t stand the store. I don’t shop there for the same corporate political and views Joanne Earle noted ANNNND I can’t stand the cheap ass gaudy home decor. That is what I find offensive! I roll on, I don’t ask for a manager or write corporate I just don’t go in the shit hole. Problem solved. BOOM.

    That actress, what’s her face is seeking attention and drama. Guessing she was mostly offended that no one recognized her. She’s making an ass of herself.

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  8. Hahahahaha. That’s exactly what I thought Tracie. Obviously she isn’t getting the press and needed to do something. We have too many other little shops to buy home decor at. I’ve yet to see anything there that I absolutely had to have. I usually go there if I can’t find something for sewing at Joann’s. Our Hobby Lobby has some rude ass bitches in it for being a Christian store. That’s what I’m sayin’.


    1. Annnnnnd another thing…. Since we ALLLLL KNOW that Hobby Lobby is all about Jesus I’m curious if what’s-her-name is offended when she eats at ethnic restaurants where say Buddha or Krishna is a prominent presence? Or maybe she just doesn’t…. good more for me.
      Does she object if she walks into The GAP and George Harrison is belting out ‘My Sweet Lord… I really want to know you… Krishna Krishna’.
      Emmmmm bet she’s not.

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      1. She’s offended by the name Jesus Christ because she’s Jewish and the Jews don’t believe in Jesus Christ. It signifies everything she doesn’t believe in. Like zero belief of Jesus. Their “messiah” is not the Son of God, will not be crucified, will not come again. Their “messiah” is a mortal man.. I imagine what’s her ass is offended by A LOT of things..


  9. I’m not offended by what a store plays, but my ears have often been offended by the volume the music is at. I turn and walk right out of the store, but for half and hour all I can hear is the thump thump thump beat.
    Okay, half an hour might be a slight exaggeration (*~*)
    Maybe Mayim was just having a bad day?

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    1. Oh. I totally get those stores with that thump, thump music. Old Navy is one of them and it really distracts from my shopping. Mayim didn’t like that it was Christmas music that’s played in Hobby Lobby, a well known, Christian owned craft store. She knew that going in so my advice to her is to shop somewhere else then but if you’re shopping at Christmas, chances are you’re going to hear Christmas music.



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