F*ck It Friday

I’m voting for Donald Trump.
There, I said it.
Hello?? Anybody still there??

I’m voting for Trump because I absolutely cannot and will not vote for Hillary Clinton.
leaves barThe fact is, neither Trump nor Clinton should be President.
Trump has no experience and Clinton, to use Trump’s words, has only “bad experience.”
No fact checking necessary on that one. Trump is absolutely correct.

We fool ourselves if we think that it really matters who the next President will be, or the next one, or the next one. Our government is corrupt and our President is no more than a puppet on a string.

There is no way to absolutely pinpoint the when, where and how of our country becoming so disjointed and I often think that the only way to set ourselves aright is to get rid of every single representative  in our government at both state and federal levels and start over with a clean slate and a copy of our constitution in everybody’s hand.

Nice to dream, huh?
So here we sit with Trump and Clinton as our choices.
Which, with Hillary Clinton on the ticket makes it super easy for me.
leaves barI should explain.
My dislike for Hillary Clinton goes back to the Monica Lewinsky days and let’s just say, Monica wasn’t the only one left with a bad taste in her mouth.

When Hillary Clinton’s husband, our then President, publicly humiliated her and this country by NOT having sexual relations with “that” woman, Hillary had an opportunity to ditch that lying, cheating, bastard and rise up as a woman of strength, dignity, and self-respect but instead she chose to get out her guitar and sing a lit’l Tammy Wynette tune, “Stand By Your Man.”

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary… Surely that hard on you walk around with came with a set of balls.
Why didn’t you use them?
Was it because –
a.)  You loved yo’ man
b.)  You were thinking of your daughter
c.)  You were thinking our country
d.) You were plotting your revenge on the ‘ol hubs and come hell or high water you too were going to get your dick sucked in the oval office.

I’m gonna’ go with “d” on this one.

Just to be clear. This is not the reason I’m not voting for Hillary this is just the point and time my dislike for her was solidified.
My reasons for not voting for her are endless.
leaves barSo there you have it, folks.
I’m voting for Donald Trump.
The line to unfollow and unfriend me forms to the right.
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
leaves barfeather

22 thoughts on “F*ck It Friday

  1. Not unfriending you! You know that I’m respectful of opposing opinions in politics as in life.
    I am saddened though by your description of the wife who chooses to stay after infidelities in a marriage. I admire any couple who finds a way to salvage a marriage when the world screams at you to dump the bum!
    Because at the heart of a good marriage is friendship. Deep and connecting friendship. The sexual philandering Bill is guilty of with women who are equally guilty, btw, was thrown into the public view for all to judge. This woman, Hillary, and that man worked out an agreement. A way to get past the pain, the humiliation and tell the onlookers to f***off. None of their business except for the lies he was impeachment over. THAT was on him.
    How she dealt with the entire thing will always show me a woman who did what was right for her family and was strong enough to walk through it IN. THE. PUBLIC. EYE.
    It was and remains a very painful part of the history of the Clintons. It also showcases the claim I often make, She does not give up and walk away from anything difficult AND she did not cheat on him.
    Things get done in Washington by people who know people and people who have relationships with people. Things get done by working together across the aisle and she has ALWAYS been able to do that. Example…NYC first responders special medical/psyche care was her bill and passed quickly. Air pollution after 9/11 addressed because she didn’t quit fighting the powers telling her that it passed their tests. She told them to get better test.
    The woman you dislike so intently, Karen, is the one the R party created. She isn’t real.
    Regardless…one of them will be President and I’m praying my granddaughters never hear their President say they aren’t pretty enough to accomplish much or their boobs are too small or they are fat pigs.
    Love you…always will…

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    • I don’t think she stayed with Bill for any other reason other than the one we are all now embarking on this November. I think their marriage was a political, financial arrangement. Nothing more. – As for Trump and whatever he may say or anyone else on this planet for that matter, regarding our women – and Hillary hasn’t said the nicest things either. – The responsibility to raise intelligent, strong women rests where it has always rested. First and foremost within the family home.- As I said. It doesn’t matter who gets into office. They’re simply a puppet. Our government is broken and we need a clean slate. – Love you too. Disagreeing in love is an okay thing. – May the best man/woman win, huh?


  2. I’m with you MiMi! You know where I stand on that lying, murderous sea-hag!!! I do however encourage all disenfranchised Democrats to vote Johnson! Make your voice heard and help elect Trump!!!

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  3. It’s fine to stick by your man even in the face of infidelity, but to threaten victims of rape is to never be forgiven. She is even worse than Camille Cosby who stuck with a serial offender, Hillary contributed to the debasement of Bill’s victims with her “Bimbo Eruption” conspiracy. Google “Hillary Bimbo Eruption” for endless pages of information much undisputed!

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    • So true Cranky. Everyone wants to trash on Trump about his comments, real or imagined, about women, for me, as a woman, it’s whatever. Women are used to men trash talking them but for another woman to do it.. Yeah. That stings of betrayal. And, like I said, her standing by that idiot is not my reason for not voting for her, it’s the first time I remember disliking her.


  4. Still can’t believe the US is bring so blatant with its lack of respect for the minions by giving them this grotesque choice. But as you say, presidents are merely puppets so it doesn’t really matter. In the UK, when faced with a selection of no-win choices, many people go to the polls as if to vote and then ‘spoil’ their ballot paper by writing a message or just scribbling on it.

    The number of spoiled ballot papers has to be announced and if there are millions, it is a form of protest. It’s better than not voting because not voting, especially if you are a woman, is disrespectful to the women who fought for our right to vote. The problem is, there are too many sheeple in the UK who are scared to challenge the system and so they play the game by choosing someone they don’t really want. Can you spoil ballot papers in the US? The true ruling elite couldn’t give a damn about the peasants – it’s so tragic for people with nothing.

    This is a brilliant post by the way – very forthright and gutsy!

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    • Thank you Gilly. It’s difficult to post your political opinion because inevitably someone is going to tell you how wrong you are or ignorant or misinformed. Unfortunately, most of the time those words are said via family and friends. I still stand by my decision and I stand there knowing that it truly will not matter who sits in that oval office. Unless we make a clean sweep of anyone and everyone associated with our government we’re just in for more of the same bullshit. Unless we have a President that goes rogue nothing will change and if he/she goes rogue on the wrong side of the fence – whatever side that happens to be – we will have a civil war and the American people will take up arms against their government. The mountain people here in Idaho already do…


  5. If I understood from your previous posts correctly, you reside in Idaho, which is not a swing state. If so, it doesn’t really matter who you choose to vote for as potential President. It won’t affect your state’s Electoral College result. You could stay home, skip the top box and just vote local, or write-in Donald Duck. Idaho would still be “safe red”, as it has been for many years.

    But you also have some connection to Michigan (lovely photos btw). If you vote there, it would matter more. Michigan is in play.

    I’m not a big fan of the Electoral College. I wish all offices were determined by popular vote.

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    • Hey, I almost missed your comment you being “invisible” n’ all. 🙂 – Yes. I am, thankfully safe here in Idaho for many, many reasons. – For the moment.. – We have an increasing influx of Californians that tend to bring their tree hugging views with them. (In the land of Ruby Ridge..) – I would love for my vote to count in Michigan, unfortunately/fortunately, I am a registered voter in Idaho now. I can only hope that my “Michigan mittens” get out and vote, preferably for Trump but if it all swings the other way then we have much to prepare for.- Thank you for stopping by and commenting, and thank you for your kind words about my photos. 🙂

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  6. I don’t like Hillary or Trump, but I despise Trump more. He says so many terrible things, he’s soooooo hateful. He hates women and treats them like shit. I’m not voting for either of them. I’m writing in Bernie Sanders.

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  7. I think we are screwed no matter what, BUT, like you, I can not stomach Hillary on any level. I plan to vote for Trump. So does my husband. Not because I think he is particularly a better choice, but simply because when put against Hillary, there is no other choice. The woman has lied and pulled off way to much. She has no business being in the white house…prison maybe, but not in the white house. I watched the first debate and literally cringed as I watched her. God help us all. We have tried politicians for generations and it has gotten this country nowhere. It is what it is. We really don’t have much of a choice this time around. It is a bit scary to realize that Hillary and Donald are considered the cream of the crop for their respective parties. Of all the people in our country,
    that is the best they got for the top job?? I’m with you on this one.

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