Good Morning my lovelies.
If you read yesterday’s post you know that I am not a fan of scary horror flicks.
I know a lot of you do though so today I’m asking one question…
As you can imagine, this was super easy for me.
No, wait. I actually have one.
I’ll share mine then you share yours. That’s how this works.
Okay. My favorite scary horror movie is….
Lucy’s witch face is frightening!
And poor Linus sitting out in that pumpkin patch all night long.. All alone.. In the dark!
And what about Charlie Brown with all of those eye holes???
Absolutely horrifying!!!!
What’s your favorite scary movie?
Do you even like scary movies?
What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
(Bonus points if it made you pee your pants!)

Share your answers in the comments below!
Have a spooktacular Sunday, folks!
Mimi’s quote for the day –
Sorry Vincent. I’m gonna’ have to disagree with that whole being scared part.

18 thoughts on “JEEPERS CREEPERS

  1. While I can eagerly watch hours of true crime/serial killer documentaries, I can’t watch scary movies. The only one that I really love is The Shining, and that’s cause Jack Nicholson is so unhinged from the get go that he plays it over the top and I end up laughing my ass off. Other than that, no thanks. I never got all the way through The Omen. Even a relatively minor creepy movie called Let’s Scare Jessica To Death scared me.

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    • RIGHT??? I know Joanne! The real crime documentaries aren’t creepy. They’re never as bloody or gory and I think the big thing is they don’t have that creepy music playing throughout. I read The Shining and scared myself silly because I was home alone when I got to the REDRUM part and I figured it out immediately of course. Much later I watched the movie and couldn’t get past Olive Oyl.. Loved The Omen, the book and the movie. I remember growing up they showed that movie in two parts when it finally came to t.v.


  2. First off, if I ever have you blindfolded you WON’T be watching a horror movie!!! Lol
    Horror movies no longer have any scare effect on me, but the one that always creeped me out was the original “The Exorcist”.

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    • Hahahaha. Ah, Joe.. If only we were in h.s. again.. I’m afraid the only 50 Shades of Grey you’ll be getting out of me now is in my hair! Hahahaha 🙂 – I JUST saw The Exorcist for the FIRST time about 3 years ago. Not even kidding. Aaaand. I’ll never watch it again..


  3. “The creature from the black Lagoon” had me afraid to go alone in the basement for several years. I know, I know, there was no basement in that movie…I was nine.

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  4. I love horror movies. They don’t really scare me except Nosferatu, which scared the ever living crap out of my me and my siblings when we watched it as kids, and The Ring. (Japanese version) I could only watch that film in daylight, with the sound on mute, some incense burning in the background and a priest performing an exorcism. Tried to watch it with Spawn recently. We got as far as the opening credit before he said “nope.”

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