I remember when I was little our house would make sounds and every time I told my parents they would say, “Oh, it’s just the house settling.”
My parents were not coddlers. Once we reached a certain age there was no more whining to my dad. He was done checking for monsters under the bed and in the closet.
“But daddy, I heard something. Something’s there.”
His response? “Oh pig shit. There’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the light. Go to bed.”
Au contraire mon frere.
Fast forward many, many years and now my nephew is living in the house. The same house. The house that was always “just settling.” Well, that “house settling” turned out to be some creepy little ghost girl that hung out in the hallway who was seen on several occasions by people who visited the house.

Makes perfect sense to me since every time I walked down that hallway I would always feel like I was being watched and many times I heard someone call my name but it was a man’s voice calling out to me. I always thought was my dad calling from the den but when I would go see my dad and ask him what he wanted he’d say, “I didn’t call you.”
“But daddy, I heard someone call my name.”
I’m sure you can guess what his response was..
“Oh pig shit.”
And that began a life time of living with spirits/ghosts hanging around me.
My question for you today is, do you believe in spirits/ghosts?
Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
Have you ever lived in a haunted house?

I used to think every house I lived in was haunted but now I just think I have these “people” from the flip side of life that attach themselves to me for whatever reason.
I’ve had encounters with my grandma, my uncle, my nephew and my dad.

I absolutely believe in spirits/ghost, altho I have to say, when I was younger I was somewhat obsessed with Harry Houdini and every Halloween I would light candles in my room and wait for him to return.
He said he would. He never did. At least not to me.

What say ye’? Are spirits real or imagined?
Is it the house settling or spirits settling??
Lemme’ know in the comments below!
Happy Tuesday! We’re off to the “Scarecrow Stroll” at the Idaho Botanical Gardens today.
What are all of you up to??
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  1. I believe there are things that are unexplained. I believe that some folks that die hang around for one reason or another. So yes I believe as you do.

    I love the oh pig shit comment. Your dad is funny.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  2. I don’t believe, but there is so much we don’t know so….

    My son was into afterlife conversations after watching John Edwards. I told him if it was real i would have a special phrase for him so he would know it had to be me and I whispered it to him. His response, “Gee Dad, I can hardly wait!”

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  3. Ghosts, Spirits? I don’t know. The last house we lived in was ‘different’ I often said out loud, “If you are going to stay here, pay rent, otherwise get out!” It could have been mice, or the house settling, or ??? Whatever made the doorbell ding and not dong was interesting.

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  4. I most definitely believe. My Dad came to me when he died and the day after he talked to me while I was driving as well as a few nights. Our house has a ghost as well. The girls mentioned there saw a hair brush fly across the room. My son has heard someone walking up the stairs when he was home alone. I have even seen one walk by in the living room. Now, my husband doesn’t. Silly man.

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  5. I haven’t had any encounters but I absolutely believe. My Mum had plenty of experiences and one of my sons went through a period of ghost chasing – visiting places known to be haunted. He had some pretty scary stories to share. I love the Houdini quote.

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  6. In the old house that I grew up in, my sister would see a dark shadow and then feel someone (thing) grab her leg and try to pull her out of bed. None of us believed her until it happened to us. And thus begun my many encounters over the years. So yep, I definitely believe.

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    • That is super creepy and that “shadow” was not a good one. So happy you don’t live in that house anymore! It’s been my experience that if you have one encounter you’ll have many. Some of us are more open to the possibilities I suppose and so “they” find us.

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  7. I would never rule out the possibility. I go to some places where I get a super weird feeling about it and have to leave. The house I grew up in was allegedly haunted…my dad used to tease me about it and say it was Willie Jones (the original owner who built the house in 1889). My stepdaughter has had some weird experiences. The house I’m renting had some weird activity the first few years but it stopped. She was over once and we heard footsteps above us. She said, ‘was that…?’ and I said, ‘yeah it happens from time to time.’

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  8. I have heard too many stories from people I know well and trust to not believe that something is going on. Won’t know exactly what that is until I die, I suppose.
    My book club read a book about famous “I talk to dead people” person, and at our meeting to discuss it, we had a person come (I don’t know what to call her. Fortune teller sounds too carnival.). In the middle of a sentence, she stopped and asked the group, “Which one of you lives in an old house?” Of course everyone looked to me. She informed me that we have the spirit of an old man living in our house. Can’t say that I agree, but who knows?

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    • Super interesting about the spirit in your home. If you haven’t heard from him he must be content sharing his space. 🙂 I agree, we won’t know exactly until we’re on the flip side but holy smokes I’ve had some incidents that tell me it’s absolutely true and possible.


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  10. Whenever we heard creaks, my parents would tell us the house was settling too. Wow about how you really had a little ghost girl in that house in the hallway!! So when you heard noises and vices as a kid, you were correct, and you really were being watched…creepy! Children are often very sensitive to these things.

    I definitely believe in spirits and ghosts. I’ve never lived in a house that was documented to be haunted but when I was 10 my family moved to a house that had an unfinished room at the top of the stairs. At night, I’d hear noises (my sisters heard it too) and I swore I saw a lady and a little boy come out of the unfinished room and head to the kitchen. I saw her more than once from my bedroom which was next to the unfinished room. When I’d follow her to the kitchen, she’d vanish. Within a few years, we were gone from that house and it has long since been demolished, but if I ever took the time to look up records from long ago I might find out who else lived in the house before us. So can’t say for sure it was a ghost but sure seemed that way to me as a child. One of my sisters saw the lady and little boy too. And I’ve had several paranormal experiences over the years.


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