This morning WAS chilly! It’s the first time I’ve thought about turning on the heat to take that chill off!
I won’t say “bbbrrr” just yet but I will say snuggly robe and slippers. Don’t get outta’ bed without ’em!
Oh, and pumpkin bread n’ coffee. It’s what’s for breakfast around here.
If you read yesterday’s post I mentioned that we would be going to the “Scarecrow Stroll” at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Well, we kicked that idea around and decided we wanted to do a corn maze instead and ended up at ‘Linder Farms.’
This was our first time going and there’s a lot of kid stuff but we just wanted in the corn maze and pumpkin patch!
Here’s the map of the corn maze.
6 miles of trails! I don’t know how many miles we trekked but we were in that crazy thing for over two and a half hours! Not even kidding.
The first time you get lost it’s funny.
The second time, you’ve still got a smile on your face.
The third and fourth time?
Yeah. Not so much. If I’d of had a machete there wouldn’t be a corn maze left!

And speaking of left.
My kids thought it would be super funny to take off and leave me while they went in search of a “You are here” poster!
FYI, not the least bit funny.
This was my “You are here” spot! I’ve gotta’ tell ya’. Going thru a corn maze when you’re over 50 is A LOT different than when you’re a teenager! Holy cannoli!

Did I happen to mention there’s a bridge in this corn maze? A bridge you have to climb up, cross and then climb back down, on top of the 6 miles of trails???
I’m pretty sure the corn mazes growing up weren’t at all like this one.
What a workout! I thought I was just gonna’ stroll thru a lit’l corn field.

Yeah. Definitely not strolling, definitely not little but definitely a lot of fun.
I suggest laughing and cussing your way thru it .
It helps.
After spending over two and a half hours in the corn maze we were wiped out and decided we’d get  our pumpkins on another day. Climbing on a flatbed wooden trailer being pulled by some rickety old farm tractor and being jostled across a rutted field just wasn’t happening.
It really was a beautiful fall day tho and we really did laugh our way thru the maze.
We finished up just before we felt a couple of raindrops and ended our day with this.
Perfection. Thank you, Little Ceasars!
Oh. And by “we” I mean these two. They were my corn maze companions.
The kids who abandoned me!
I birthed the one on the right. He looks a lot like his dad.
When’s the last time any of you went thru a corn maze?
Was it as you remembered when you were a kid??
Did you ever get lost??
Please tell me I’m not the only one!

What’s on tap for youse guys today? Are you going any place fall-ish??
I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine putting quilts together and breaking only to do some visiting and reading of your blogs. I’m going to try and not look outside and see what another beautiful fall day is waiting for me out there because I really do have soooo much to do.

Happy Wednesday folks! If you can, if you want, get out and enjoy the day!
Mimi’s quote of the day – Corn maze specific and this would’ve been super helpful yesterday.


22 thoughts on “AH – “MAZED”

  1. I haven’t been to a corn maze in about 10 years. Used to go when I lived in WA. One year we had a drought and the corn didn’t grow that high…my ex was 6’4″ and he just looked over the tops and guided us. I wanted to do one but I don’t wanna be inside it for 2 hours. Maybe I’ll rethink that one.

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    • Well, having somebody walk around on stilts would’ve been handy on this day.And I’m sure if you look around you can find smaller corn mazes. This one was just huge. There’s another one I want to go thru that’s cut out like Jimmy Fallon.


  2. I’ve never been to a corn maze, but I have been through fields when I was much younger (make that much much) and though it was a sunny day, i was terrified when I couldn’t see the rest of my folks. Later it was hilarious, but those five minutes, not so much. All the fairy tales i had read with beasts were the only things I could think of. And snakes. Sigh. I love pumpkins. In India we’re celebrating Navratri, a nine day-ten day festival right now. So it is all about dressing jazzily, visiting friends and family and enjoying yummy food! Happy Fall, Angel! 🙂

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  3. I’ve never been to an actual corn maze but I was a farm girl and getting lost in the corn was an annual event. I do think these mazes are pretty fantastic!

    It’s near freezing here, we never got out of the 30s yesterday but hot flashes keep me warm! I am why the icebergs are melting up here.

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    • I kept wondering what they do about people who get lost in it because there is NO ONE standing anywhere to help. They just have those “you are here” posts. You’d never catch me in one at night unless I was tethered to someone and it couldn’t be one of those haunted mazes where shit jumps out at you. I’d die in the maze! – Wow. I can’t believe it’s that cold over there already! I’m not ready for the cold and gray skies. 😦


  4. Karen, after reading this, I wanted pumpkin bread to go with my coffee. I’ve never been to a corn maze, 6 miles of trails with a bridge, cross and all that climbing, wow! Certainly would be a workout. Glad you eventually found your way out. With my terrible sense of direction (I have literally gotten lost leaving rest rooms lol!) I’d still be in there!! Cute pic of the kids who abandoned you LOL! 🙂

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    • It WAS a workout JLil! Hahaha. Not that I didn’t need it but holy heck I wasn’t at all prepared for all that! I’m glad we made it out too because there weren’t any “helpers” hiding in the corn stalks to guide us toward the exit. And those goofy kids leaving me to find a map was not fun at all! Lol. I was a big ‘ol baby a couple of times I can tell you that! Hahaha

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  5. Sounds like a fun but exhausting day. Cute kids! 🙂 Believe it or not, I’ve never even seen a corn maze, let alone trekked through one. We haven’t had much fall weather yet. It was actually hot enough today to turn the A/C on for a few hours. Love that in October!

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    • Wow. Really Debbie?? You should visit Michigan in the fall. You’ll see plenty! 😀 And cider mills which we don’t have out here. – I can’t believe you had the air on in October in Canada! Holy smokes. We’re supposed to get a warm up here but I don’t know. I’ll believe it when I see it!



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