#11 – Exhale..

Okay. I think I might be in a better mood today. Maybe. Um. A little bit anyway.

I decided to take a page from ‘Cranky’s‘ book of all things political but with a slight modification.
**Cranky announced on Facebook that he would no longer be a part of political rants on Facebook and noted that he would unfollow anyone from either party that is ranting.

I totally get it.
I  will no longer be participating in political crap on Facebook either. At least not so much.
Not at all. Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed.
However, I won’t unfollow you if you do.

My blog is a totally different story. As evidenced by yesterday’s epic return rant to the blog-o-sphere after a 3-week absence. I will rant here as often as I like because…
My blog. My rants.
Same with Twitter.
Nobody has to read or agree.
Here’s our week ahead…
Good weather to stay inside and craft or sew.
seven_day_wxpage-1Still, I wish it was like this.
flowers-sunshineI’m so ready for flowers and sunshine and veggie gardens.

Mentally I’ve already planted my patio container veggies.
I’ll have my standard “salad” garden.
Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, radishes, and green onions.
I like the idea of being able to literally pick a simple salad out your back door.

Then I’ll change things up a bit.
I really want to try some new growing techniques too and this seems super easy.
garden-dirt-bagsHave any of you ever planted like this? Just planting right in the bag?
I think it’s genius and I’m going to give it a go.

I’d also like to try this. They’re barrel spuds! I’m pretty sure I won’t need 100lbs. but I’m willing to try for 50lbs. just to see.
The instructions for these barrel spuds can be found here.
how-to-grow-hundred-pounds-of-potatoes-in-a-barrelAnd one more…
I’m definitely trying this.
Again, genius.
I usually buy my tomato plants already well on their way but I really want to see if this works!
how-to-grow-tomatoes-easyThe instructions for these tomato seedlings can be found here.

I’ve never tried one of those upside down tomato plants but I’m curious to know how those turn out.
Also, I was happy to discover in my search of all things patio container gardening, that you can plant squash in containers too! I didn’t know that so they’ll be on my list too!

Have any of you thought about your upcoming gardens? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be in a place where you can grow at this time of year or year round – that would be fabulous.
lipsWell, folks. A late post but I kept it light and didn’t rant or vent. Kept everything on the bright side with my face towards the sun moving forward. I hope this is a trend our country will take as well.
Face towards the sun.
Moving forward.
Mimi’s quote for the day –

9 thoughts on “#11 – Exhale..

  1. Just to be clear, on Facebook there is unfriend and unfollow. Unfollow means you won’t see anything from a particular “friend.” After things settle down you can go back and continue to follow a friend. Mostly I have been checking a “stop seeing from XXXX source” Like stop seeing anything from Trumpsucks.com or everyonebutTrumpisstupid.com. This slowly keeps political stuff from your Facebook, stuff friends either like or share. I have only unfollowed a few people who do not know they have been unfollowed and I will go back and follow eventually.

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    • I know. 🙂 I do the same. I have family that post A LOT of MMA stuff and I just have to hide it from my feed. I still check in on them tho because, well, they’re family. 🙂 I agree tho. Things really need to calm down that’s why I followed your lead. Disengaging works for me.


  2. I totally get it about political crap on FB, way too much! I make it a point of rarely doing political posts although now and then I’ll share something. I prefer posting photos and art. I have a definite point of view and admit to being a news junkie but I’d never push it on anyone or insult anyone with an opposite view or candidate (although I’ve been insulted for my views I’d never do that to anyone else, I choose to remain civil). I’ve never unfriended over politics although a couple times I have unfollowed. I just ignore what I don’t like or agree with, just pass it by on my newsfeed.

    Mimi, I’m so ready for sunshine, flowers and veggies too! I like your patio container salad veggies idea. I didn’t know you could plant squash in containers, that’s cool.

    I’ll have to rethink my garden planting this year because Sadie is the most active dog we’ve ever had. I learned last year that she does not respect low fences and natural barriers like marigolds around tomatoes and peppers the way the other dogs did. She just jumps and runs over literally everything, the girl’s a natural athlete. She doesn’t eat the veggies, just tramples the plants (which is so-oo not good!). But she will eat flowers (the roses and flowers on the butterfly bush were especially tasty to her, she nearly destroyed those plants! The other dogs we had before never did that. I’m planning to make a new raised and fenced garden area and do some patio planting too.

    I’ve never seen planting right in the bag. Wow, that is genius. Let me know how it works if you do it. Sunshine is the best medicine! 🙂

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    • This election year has been so stressful and really. I’m just done. I can’t figure out a reliable news source that doesn’t slant one way or the other and doesn’t taint the issues. So, I just don’t know. – That’s so crazy about your pup! We had a dog once that chased down toads and ate them. So gross. – I love the idea of raised beds. I really like the way they do it on the roof tops in the big cities. All ot beds are at waist level no bending and stooping. 🙂 – I am super excited to start planting. I’m super excited to see something, anything, bloom! And yes. Sunshine IS the best medicine and I’d like to see that too!

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  3. I don’t garden. I absolutely hate it. Almost everyone I know talks about how relaxing it is and I’m over here with my nose pouring snot, sweating like a pig, my back, knees and hips screaming in pain. No thanks. lol I’ll buy my veggies at the store! hahaha

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    • Hahahaha. You need raised veggie beds JoJo! You could always start with one patio container plant. Those are super easy, you can even sit in your patio chair and plant n’ pick. 😀 I do have to say. Despite my love of gardening, I do love roaming the farmer’s markets and of course roaming involves buying.. 🙂 What about flowers? Just plant ’em n’ water ’em and enjoy. 😀


  4. We don’t garden here either. We’d have too much and then we’d be giving it away. It’s just not my style.
    I’m sick of the political stuff too. What gets me is you tell someone over and over to quit taking digs and they keep it up and then you say goodbye and they accuse you of overreacting. Oh really. Well it’s still goodbye. If you’ve been unfriended you’ll never be friended again. Good grief, people are out of their minds. I blame most of this on the media. They have a spin on everything.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. You’ll always be my friend too. Here and on Facebook. 🙂

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    • I give a lot away too and freeze a lot. It’s not for everybody but hopefully you have good neighbors who share their harvest. I always love friends bringing veggies over from their gardens. Just seems the neighborly thing to do. 🙂 – As for the political. It’s really just safer for me to not engage. I get genuinely pissed at all of these peace, love and unity marchers who can’t go out on a single march without attempting to destroy a city. And all of their continual bashing of the President. You’re right. You try to tell them to lay off and nope. They’re going to go on and on and on. President Trump is our President. They need to find a way to live with that. – You will always be my friend too and I feel super special now. 😀

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  5. A refreshing attitude towards politics. I try not to get involved too and get tired of people who rant. With elections, I always feel like it’s a different puppet but same puppeteer anyway so what is the point? Not so sure with DT though – is he really the renegade he appears to be? Or is he part of the establishment? I really don’t get any of it and never will since we only have the ‘news’ to go by. If the US news is anything like our news, everything is so twisted out of shape from the original press releases that you can never know what is REALLY going on. So I don’t bother watching news or reading papers – I don’t want to be brainwashed. Some of it is unavoidable though thanks to Facebook. I often think about dumping it for that reason. Thank you so much for the ideas on growing vegetables – this year, I am really going to have a go at it (she says nervously). Will let you know how I get on!



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