february-welcome-heartHELLO FEBRUARY!!!
Woo hoo! The month of love is upon us and ya’ know what that means???
Chocolate sale February 15th!!!
feb-2017-good-chocolate-half-offlipsFebruary is also Black History month.
On this day, February 1, 1974, this t.v. show made its debut.
I still enjoy watching it.
good-times-tv1“Ain’t we lucky we got ’em. Good times.”
lipsMost importantly, February 1st marks…
spring-46-dayslipsOh! I almost forgot! Big celebrity news. And I suppose I could’ve put this under “Black History” except it hasn’t happened yet so it’s not really history…
Beyonce is having twins!
I know. I’ll give you all a moment to catch your breath.
And she sent out the most gawd awful cutest birth announcement…
beyonce-twins1Seriously? What the actual fuck? What is this photo all about??
I don’t know if she’s at the Kentucky Derby or a mob funeral.
I don’t get it and I hope it’s not a trend because no. Just NO!
lipsHappy February everyone! Surround yourself with love and chocolate. Don’t skimp on the chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better.
lipsMimi’s quote for the day –

13 thoughts on “#12 – THAT’S AMORE’”

  1. Yep, time for more candy. My Christmas stuff is almost exhausted.
    Beyonce – hopefully that idea won’t catch on. I’d hate to see facebook filled with that!

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  2. It looks like Beyonce decided to copy one of those awful ‘awkward pregnant pictures’ that go around. That’s horrible. Your blog title put the song in my head. lol

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  3. Funny how some TV shows stand up and others do not. I loved “Good TImes” back in the day, but when I saw a re-run recently…not so much, Same thing with “All in the Family”. MTM however, still funny as ever, at least in this cranky opinion.

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  4. I loved Good Times. I watched is religiously. Funny show. There were so many good sitcoms back in the day.
    That shot is gross. Just gross. I can’t imagine this being out for everyone to see. Privately yes, but not so the world can see.
    I’m not a big chocolate fan. I hope we can still be friends. Bwahahahahahaha.
    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

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  5. I always look forward to the after Valentine’s Day chocolate sales, yep, the important stuff. I remember “Good Times,” that was a fun show. I hadn’t heard about Beyonce’s twins, good for her but that is seriously the “most gawd awful” birth announcement, just No!!

    Happy February, Mimi! 🙂 Definitely, chocolate makes everything better! Love, love the Beatles pic!!


  6. I love your quote of the day! I love the guys holding the signs. Valentine’s is my favorite holiday. I love the idea of celebrating love. We should always love one another but it makes me happy there is a day when nearly everyone is celebrating it. GAWHH Beyonce’s picture! Gross gross gross, not that she is pregnant but it is a very gawdy picture. Thankfully my step daughter isn’t doing anything like that. Today they found out the sex of the babies but will not share it with the grandparents until Saturday. *sigh* I want to know now. LOL


  7. I missed this February post! Hey ho – here now and yes, I agree, just N.O. to the trend in ‘cute’ pregnancy photos! I cannot believe, with all her money and all the creative types she must have around her that Beyoncé ended up with this tacky shit! A classy, subtlety lit mono-chrome image would have been better. Or maybe just NO PICTURE at all Beyoncé!!!!! It must be a thing here in the UK too because I’ve been asked to go and do a few ‘bump shoots’ in the last couple of years. I have turned them down and advised people to get younger photographers who have not had enough time to get cynical. Same with weddings – I rarely do them either any more because as I set up each shot, I have visions of the pictures being flung across a room in two halves. Hope your February went well and not too much chocolate 😀.


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