#24 – WHO KNEW?

I’m not a big cereal eater so I leave the cereal buying up to the kids. Every now and again I might go rummaging thru the kitchen looking for something sweet and I’ll check the cereal cupboard. My favorite cereal is Cocoa Pebbles. They rarely buy those.
That’s probably a good thing.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Apple Jacks were my choices today. I snagged the Apple Jacks and lo’ and behold. A prize in the box and I got it!
Nevermind that the kids didn’t want it and nevermind the fact that I don’t even know what it is. The fact is, I got the prize in the cereal box and I was just as excited as I was when I was 5 yrs. old! I know. I probably need to get a life but whatever. I didn’t even know they started putting prizes back in the boxes of cereal. Now I’ll be combing the grocery shelves in search of the best toy. I hope it’s in the Cocoa Pebbles!
Quiet night last night and tonight as far as the fireworks go and for that I am thankful! We have a happy pup and no fires. A wonderful start to July!
Mimi’s quote for the day –

16 thoughts on “#24 – WHO KNEW?

  1. Wow, a prize, who knew? I had no idea they still put prizes in cereal boxes. I’d love finding a prize too no matter what it was, it’s just fun. 🙂

    Hope it won’t be too noisy there for your sweet pup when fireworks go off on the 4th. It is hard on pets. Last night some neighbors were practicing for the holiday. Every time the fireworks went off, Sadie began barking anxiously. Overall though, she’s a pretty brave girl and not as afraid as some of our other dogs were in the past (Roscoe in particular, sweet baby, would literally freeze from fear). We’ll be home with her so she won’t be alone on the 4th. Love Mimi’s quote for the day!

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  2. I haven’t had apple jacks in years. I usually get cin toast crunch, life or lucky charms. I used to love cocoa pebbles and cocoa puffs, but now they are coated with this awful sticky chocolate. Back in the day they were dusted with cocoa powder. Hope you have a great 4th of July! I think my doggie has lost a lot of his hearing cause he doesn’t seem bothered by the fireworks like he used to.

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    • I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had Apple Jacks either. The kids usually get Fruity Pebbles and I noticed the change in the Cocoa Pebbles too but I still love ’em! 🙂 Our 4th will be one BBQ and home. I hope you have a great 4th as well. I look forward to more of your pics!


  3. Not a cereal lover so I’ll pass on the cereal and the prizes. I could go for some Cracker Jack’s though. They probably still have prizes in them.

    Glad you had a quiet night last night. Hopefully it will be quiet tomorrow too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  4. Cracker Jack’s YESSSSS! I stopped buying those when the “prize” was nothing but a piece of paper with a lame joke on it. Maybe they have real prizes again too! I’ll have to check! 😀 – I am hoping we can breeze thru this 4th without much nervousness and so far so good.

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  5. Love the quote! It’s a lot more fun to be a Fruit Loop. 😀 I hope you and your pup survived the holiday without too much stress. Those AWFs (assholes with fireworks) always seem to prolong the agony for several days!

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  6. Prizes in the cereal again? Wow, I remember the kids fighting over who got it ‘this time.’ That was years and years ago. We haven’t had any of that stuff in our cabinet in over a decade! 🙂
    Neighbors all around shot off fireworks every night for 3 nights. Poor Jill was in an absolute panic.

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    • We used to fight over them too. I don’t think there’s much to fight over anymore. They used to have cool stuff. Those days are gone. – I am sorry about your pup. Mine too was in panting, shaking, packing mode. It was awful and we had the fireworks going off for days as well. I think I’m going to invest in one of those Thunder Vests.


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