I have to say, I woke up to an absolutely beautiful day today. The temps are perfect, the sun is shining, the pup slept in and all is right with the world.

I passed my every 3 months doc check up with flying colors! I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is great. No lumps or bumps or swollen anything that would send me to the oncologist.
I’m over the moon!

Not to be paranoid or anything but once you’ve had cancer, normal check ups with the doc just aren’t the same anymore.

And speaking of paranoid… Our wifi went out so we had to call the cable company which is always a pain to deal with. 
First, you have to explain to them in precise detail what the issue is. You can’t just tell them the wifi went out. 
Then they have you go thru their 100 DIY steps to fix it, which of course, you’ve already tried otherwise you wouldn’t be calling them in the first place, right?
THEN, they send you a cable guy. 

It’s always a roll of the dice with these guys. Most times we get a 12-year old that much like Jon Snow knows nothing. However, the roll of the dice was with us on this day. We didn’t get a 12-year old nor did we get a serial killer. Yay! 
AND we found out that since we’ve never been late with our bill in the almost 3 yrs. we’ve been with them we have a $200 credit! Score!
Note: If you’ve been with a company for a very long time, check your discounts. You may have some like we did!

Not much else happening around here today. I’m still working on crochet projects as I’m keeping a close eye on the calendar, watching as weddings, babies and holidays are fast approaching…
So, so very much to do!

I say it all the time, I need more than 24 hours in a day! Do any of you feel the same?? If I wasn’t way past the age of “pulling an all nighter” one of two of those from my youth would come in very handy right about now.

Happy almost weekend everyone!