#6 – Friday, October 20 –
You can choose courage or you can choose comfort (but) you cannot have both.                                                                  Brene Brown

I have always chosen courage because comfort never seemed to be an option.

**Strict Catholic, career military upbringing.

**Survived an attack by two men who made me jump out a 3rd story window with them.
(I got away when I hit the ground.)
No worries tho. As they told the police.
“We weren’t going to kill her or anything. We were just going to take her in the woods and rape her.”
(I was 20 yrs. old and had just given birth to my first child two weeks prior to this attack.)

**Single mom, 4 kids 
(No welfare, no child support. I did this crazy thing called, work.)

**Stage 4 cancer survivor.

Nope. I’m pretty sure comfort was never an option and honestly, I’m okay with that.

10 thoughts on “WAS THERE AN OPTION?

  1. I don't know if they threw away the key but they got locked up. Helluva' way to get in the newspaper tho. I hope that doesn't count as my 15 minutes of fame! – And I'm only tough because of my dad. 🙂


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