#7 – Monday, October 23 –
PROMPT = Monster
Such a great quote by Stephen King and so true. 
Sadly, sometimes those monsters do win. 

It’s one of my goals to never let them win with me. 
Fifty-four years in, so far so good. 
Therapy helps. Meds can too.

One of my docs told me once, “If you want. I can write you a prescription to go to the store and pick up a six-pack or a couple of bottles of wine.”
I was like, “No way. I’m not going to be “that” mom sitting in a recliner drunk all day.”
Then he said, “Or I can write you a prescription for something you pick up at the pharmacy. 
One is socially acceptable, the other not so much.”
I chose the pharmacy.

I suppose the take away here is that there are ways to keep the monsters at bay. First step? Tell somebody what’s going on and go from there.There’s no shame in asking, receiving or admitting that you need some help.You can only keep things bottled up for so long. Eventually, your body will expel them. My personal opinion is that it would be safest to let that happen under a doctor’s care.

Oh. And PS – Street drugs and alcohol aren’t the answer. I’ve never gone down that road but I know people who have and it’s heartbreaking.

Omgosh. When did my blog get so serious and turn into a PSA for the entire blogosphere?
Hopefully, my upcoming post for this challenge will be a happy or funny one! 

Happy Monday everybody! I’m wishing you all a great week ahead and may the only monsters you have to deal with be the ones dressed in costumes heading to fun parties!
I couldn’t leave this post on a “downer” note so here’s a pic of one of my favorite monsters.
I mean “Munster.”

12 thoughts on “TELL THEM BORIS SENT YOU

  1. I wouldn't know how to go about buying street drugs and alcohol isn't good for my heart. That said, legit Rx can be addictive and that starts a whole 'nother can of worms. Talk it out with a real friend …


  2. I think we all need a hand now and then with our monsters. We just need to admit it.

    I'll have champagne. That's my cold adult beverage favorite.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. ♥



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