Or at least it used to. I’m trying to find my bloggee vibe again. I think I’m doing better. I’ve got a 4-day streak going here. GO ME!
I’m hoping this gem of a motivation meme will help. However, I am seriously considering throwing in the blogging towel..
#RyanGoslingCrush  #GettingMyVibeBack
I do all kinds of crafts and lately, it seems to be too many. I got a little burnt out on crocheting at the holidays but I still can’t put my hook down!

This is what I’ve got going on at the moment.
A baby blanket for a boy. Go figure. I know no one who is pregnant and having a boy or anyone who’s just had a boy. I just grabbed some yarn and started in. This will go in my inventory for an online store I hope to open up sometime in the near future.

I made this soft n’ snuggly, chunky blanket for my friend for Christmas.
I tried a new to me technique using canvas, HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and my heat press.
It’s called reverse canvas.This is the video I followed.

This was my result.

My trial run I used a small canvas to see how I’d like it. I liked it A LOT and I’ll do a larger one shortly.
This was a 10×10 canvas and when reversed gives you an 8×8 workspace.

I also did a few things for my kids a while back.
Socks for my son and daughter-in-law.
Super fun. Super easy.
Heat press and HTV.

Made my daughter a couple of t-shirts.
She loved them.
Oh. And I made this wine glass for my nephew.
Not intended to offend anyone because where we come from there are a lot of Jews. Some are friends or old bosses, neighbors, whatever and they never get offended by our politically incorrect humor because they all know the keyword is humor.
Say hello to Jewbacca!
So, those are some of my recent projects. I have some from a while back at the holidays. I’ll make a page up top so you can check everything out if you want to.

Today I’ll be sorting thru some fabric for a few sewing projects I have in mind.
I’ll post those pics as I go as well.
That’s it, folks. For the moment, these are my top hobbies.
I know some of you craft out there.
What’s your favorite “go to” when you need to release those creative juices?
Do you have more than one project going at a time or do you stick with one until it’s done? Clearly, I am not that person.
Our spring-like weather gave way to winter weather, complete with snow that, thank goodness, did not stick because it’s been so warm but wow, what a drop in temps! We went from highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s to highs in the 40’s and lows in the teens! Bbbbrrrr! But no! I’m not complaining because at least we don’t have a foot of snow and we can always layer up to stay warm out there! Okay, well, long post. I think I may be getting my vibe back! Yay!
To all of my Facebook and Instagram pals. I am so, so missing all of you! I still have messenger on my phone if any of you want to send a funny pic or just say hi. That may be a hint..

Happy, happy weekend to you all. Be safe, stay warm, have fun and I hope you make some really great memories.

9 thoughts on “MY HOBBIES INCLUDE…

  1. Yay! indeed! I am surprised to see an email update every day, Karen! And you’ve got a lot going on. I love love love the crochet–I really must learn how. I hear it is super-simple, but haven’t gotten around to figuring it out. My aunt–never was without a ball of twine. She’d constantly crochet and make all kinds of fabulous stuff.

    My go-to? Sketching and reading four books at a time. And doing stuff around the house. And going for a walk and taking pictures. Or messing around with DIY projects.

    Hugs! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Vidya! And yes, I highly recommend picking up a crochet hook but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked! To me, it’s just mindless busyness with a cute product at the end. 🙂 – I’ve seen your sketchings and I LOVE them. ❤ You should frame them! – Hugs right back at you Miss Vidya. ❤


  2. You’re not allowed to stop blogging if you are off FB for Lent. lol Hey I updated my blog too. I didn’t go into a lot of detail of why I hadn’t updated but suffice to say that family stuff is gonna drive me right to an early grave. lol i’m hoping I’ve seen the end of it for a bit. I love all your projects!!!! I need to take a break from cross stitch b/c I am having serious problems with my right thumb but it’s hard to put the needle down when there are so many cute designs!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trust me, I know the whole “family” stuff thing. It’s exhausting, unfortunately, it’s family so there will always be stuff which is why there will always be wine and hair color. 😀 – I know exactly how you feel about your cross stitch. I used to cross stitch many, many years ago and it is addicting. You barely get one project out of your hands before another is in! It’s the way I am with crochet now. Thank God for nimble fingers. 🙂


  3. Don’t quit blogging. So many have left their blogs and gone to Facebook. At least we’re friends over there. That’s a good thing.

    I don’t do crafts. I’m terrible to say the least. It’s just not in my wheelhouse at all.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. ♥

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