17 thoughts on “NEW YEAR NOTE TO SELF – #1

    • Thank you so much. With this New Year ahead and expectations of nothing but great things I’m hoping you will see more posts! 🙂 I wish for you and that wonderful hubby of yours a New Year that brings you everything you need, anything that you want as long as it’s not dangerous, and so much love and joy that no matter what the weather you’re walking on sunshine all day, every day. Love you too, Sandee. ❤ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. Happy new year and I’m glad you’re back!!!!! I’m afraid of what this year will be bringing. I’m already starting the day off with nausea and intestinal distress.


    • Now you need to come back! Holey moley you’ve been gone long enough! You’ve got to have a ton of blog posts now that you’re working. 😀 C’mon back!

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