SNOOZE…. #10

How ’bout that Super Bowl??? Or is it, how ’bout that SNOOZER BOWL?
Holy crap! Pun intended. I’d of been better off watching the Ty D Bol!
Quite possibly the shittiest – again, pun intended – Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.
Omg. And was it just me or did that game seem to drag on forever?? At 7pm it felt like midnight!

The game was lame, the commercials were lame…
But ya’ know what wasn’t lame???
This hotness right here.
Adam Levine was and is, smokin’!
Also not lame? My new favorite Super Bowl favo flav…
Ham n’ Cheese sliders. My new find on Pinterest and so yummy.
The recipe is from Eating on a Dime.
Click on the link for the recipe! It’s definitely more than just ham and cheese.
PS – I didn’t add the poppy seeds and they were still delish.
Raise your hand if you too watched the lamest Super Bowl in Super Bowl history.
Raise your hand if you were like, “meh, at least the food was good.”
Guilty on both counts for me but so happy I don’t have to see this jughead on every channel anymore. At least for a year anyway.
The “GOAT.”
So not a fan.
Giving credit where credit is due tho, Tom Brady may hold the best NFL QB record of all time but nobody beats this QB in being so, so cute and possessing that TOTAL swagger.
‘Broadway Joe!’
Hot then. Hot now.
And just forever cool…
Okay. I’m done bitchin’ n’ swooning.
What the hell happened since I’ve been gone? Suddenly we’re into February! Also, the groundhog saw or didn’t see his shadow – I always get those mixed up – so we’ve got an early spring coming?? Really?
Thanks for jinxing us Fucksatawney Phil!

Our temps have been near 50 forever and then boom. That rodent comes out with his early spring bullshit and we get fucking snow and temps back down into the 40’s.

I know, I know. I told everybody if they didn’t have weather as shitty as the weather in the midwest and northeast they don’t get to bitch. What I didn’t tell you is that as the owner of this blog I can bitch whenever I want so it’s really just one of those, “do as I say, not as I do” things.
I want my spring weather back!
Also. I just realized that today is Wednesday so so much for my post being wordless but honestly, when am I ever really wordless??

It’s the middle of the week and I hope it’s been a good one for all of you thus far.
Are any of you stuck in the deep freeze??
How about weekend plans?

I’ve been busy healing and attempting to get my spring cleaning done before spring!
I’ve also got two college grads graduating in April and May so a trip back home is in order.

My 3rd kiddo is graduating with a Bachelors degree, and my one and only daughter with a double Masters.
Yeah. I might be a proud mom…
They did the hard work. They earned this and I am honored to be sitting on the sidelines cheering them on.
Okay. On with my day! Happy Wednesday, folks!
Time – 8:56am
Temp – 28 degrees F/Highs in the 30’s
Mood – Grand!
Bitch, bitch, bitch – That fucking groundhog and his lies!
Best thing – Another day on planet earth!
Be well.

20 thoughts on “SNOOZE…. #10”

  1. I don’t do football, and while I normally think Levine is hot, I’m not into all those tats. All I can think is, his poor mom! Lol! I’ve made those sliders for Easter and they are great! I use dried onion on top instead.

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    1. Ya’ know, all of my kids have tats and they are a little weird to look at as a mom especially when I remember their perfect unblemished beautiful skin. Hahahaha. But… They’re all good kids, no serial killers among the group so I’m good with that. 🙂 – Those sliders are amazing!! I did the onions on top too. So, so good. I think it’s that butter sauce that makes them. Of course, anything that tastes that good must have a million calories in it.


  2. I thought it was a great game, but then I like good defense, and it was good defense, not bad offense that kept the score low. Both coaches had schemes which took away what the other team wanted to do. Tony R was excellent at pointing out those schemes.
    I am not a fan of NE, but they are amazing. Brady is the best ever. I am not qualified on cute, but as much as I liked Joe N, he is probably the most overrated and worse QB to ever win the SB.

    I still like him. When he got in trouble for hanging with gamblers, I put a big “Don’t Bust Joe Willy” sign on my VW and drove around with it for a week. Still he was not a great QB…good, not great. Jets won their SB on that stuff many do not appreciate…GREAT DEFENSE, not Joe Namath. He did play pretty dang good to get them to the big show, I’ll give him that.

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    1. Omg, Cranky. I was reading your comment in line at the grocery store and I seriously laughed out loud, so much so that the other people in line thought I was a nutjob. – Okay. You know I’m agreeing to disagree with you on the game in general. We’re both in agreement that big head Brady is the Greatest Of All Time and I’ll agree with you on Joe Namath’s football skills, however… You’re going to have to trust me when I say he’s cute, hot, smokin’, then and now. 🙂 – Also, Tony Romo is amazing! He calls it every time it seems like.


  3. Although I’m not into football, even I knew the shitty score made for a terrible game. I did watch the halftime show and think it was probably the worst one I’ve seen, so far. Yeah; Adam Levine looks hot, but the wimpy voice and uninspired music didn’t impress much. I read a rumour that Christina Aguilera was going to do a cameo. Too bad that didn’t happen. Broadway Joe was always cool, even when he wore pantyhose! Remember that commercial? 😀 We survived the Polar Vortex, then everything thawed out with springlike temps, but getting nailed again today, this time with freezing rain. Scary! 😮 Congrats to the offspring for their degrees and to you, mom, for raising such smart kids.

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    1. Aw… You know I love my Adam but I will say he needed some heavy hitters on stage with him, not those two guys that showed up… Christina would’ve been MUCH better. I do remember Joe Namath in the pantyhose and I remember my mom thinking it was the funniest thing. – That polar vortex needs to just go away and stay away. I see no good reason for its appearance in the first place. And isn’t that the worst??? Spring-like temps show up and hang around for a good week or so and then boom. Fucking cold again! It was 17 degrees this morning…. I am so done with this weather and we didn’t even get a taste of that vortex.

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    2. Also, Debbie. Thank you for your congrats to the kiddos. Honestly, aside from birthing them I don’t think I had a lot to do with their smarts. 🙂 They’ve worked so hard… Very, very proud of them. ❤

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  4. I know people out here in Australia who USED to watch the Superbowl, mostly for the half-time entertainment, but I don’t know anyone who still watches it.


    1. Unless the Detroit Lions are playing football, I typically don’t watch. As for the Superbowl… Since the chance of the Lions ever making it there are slim to none, I too just watch for the half time and the commercials and it is a good time to get together we people and eat some great food! 😀


  5. It was a snoozer! So low scoring I lost all interest. While my husband was watching, I kept going in and out of the room just waiting to see commercials. Most were lame but I liked the Bud one with the horse drawn carriage and dog with a Dylan song playing, and the Amazon Alexa one with Harrison Ford and the dog ordering food. I’ve been done with Brady for years but yes, credit where credit is due. I grudgingly have to say he is great QB.

    I really love Broadway Joe! Forever cool, then and now. I also loved Joe Montana when he was playing for San Francisco, so cool!

    Groundhog predicted an early spring out here in the East, and he better be right!! Our last snow has cleared and temps warmed a bit but freezing temps are due for the weekend and possibly more snow or freezing rain for next week. After which I fully expect to see that early spring that the groundhog predicted. Karen, congrats on two college grads this year! 🙂


    1. Omgosh. That game was the worst… The Bud commercial was cool tho, you’re right but I must’ve missed Harrison Ford in all of the excitement… I hope we all get early springs and wonderful warmth and sunshine again! – Two grads… Yes… Now let’s hope all of that hard work pays off and those diplomas mean something.

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  6. There was no interest here in that game because of what happened to the NOLA team.

    Mr. Phil is not to blame, he has bad press agents. The fact is, only the groundhog (or woodchuck, or burrowing rodent in your area) that is local to you can predict your weather. The Europeans noticed that if the weather on Candlemas was beautiful, winter was going to come roaring back with a vengeance. If it was awful, winter was already spending itself out and spring would come early. They brought the tradition over from Europe and it’s never been proven to work here, but you have to admit the people of Punxsutawney have managed to get a lot of mileage out of it as we wouldn’t even know of their town if it weren’t for this legend.

    Congratulations to your children on their graduations!


    1. I totally agree with none of us knowing anything about Punxsutawney! AND, let me just say… I think that little rodent bastard is dead wrong! We had glorious weather all thru Jan. and then BOOM! Snow and cold! No early spring for us I’m afraid. – Thank you for your good wishes to my children. They really are spectacular kids. All four of ’em! 😀


  7. Ok so the bed won (see comment on next post), THANK YOU for the pretty pictures! It’s lovely to see some MEN who aren’t wearing dresses. My blood pressure is low in the mornings and half naked men are an excellent fix. Just one minor point – it was the wrong half 😍.

    I’m just kidding! There’s no way I would objectify men like that. I’ll only look at the picture of Adam Levine to remind myself what it is I shouldn’t be thinking about 😂😂😂😂😂

    Congrats to you (for raising them) and to your children for their wonderful successes – the world needs more like that. They must have worked so hard. Rock that pride – you earned it too by raising them so well.

    So you had early spring and then more winter too? We don’t have Groundhog Day here as we don’t appear to have Groundhogs – so we just use any old cat or dog that happens to walk by on February 2nd.

    I’m about to haul my lazy backside out of bed to get ready for an exciting day of getting my ears suctioned and decluttering my house to make space for my mum.

    Thank you again for your musings on this fine Friday morning – starting with a smile makes the day go well!


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