At some point in our lives, we’ve all made the “sorry you’ve got the wrong number” call.

Years ago I called my little sister’s house on Super Bowl Sunday and as soon as her husband answered, me being me, bursts into…

ME –  “Can you fucking believe that ref?? He’s either working for the other team or he’s fucking blind!”

MY BRO IN LAW – Laughing, laughing, laughing.

ME – “Okay… Let me talk to my sister.”

MY BRO IN LAW – “Okay… Who’s your sister?”

ME (being me again) “Okay jackass put my sister on the phone.”

More laughing and now I’m out of patience because of course, I would call my sister last minute for a recipe on the day that I need the recipe!

MY BRO IN LAW – “No, really who’s your sister?”

Now I’m all pissy.
ME – “Just get my sister please.”

Now it’s roaring laughter and then the light bulb comes on…
Now I join in the laughter and I’m apologizing and whoever is on the other end of the phone NOT my bro in law was watching the game – thankfully – and he thought the ref was crooked too.
 Anyway, long story not so short. When I came across the pic below it made me think of my “sorry wrong number” story.
Raise your hand if you’ve got a “sorry wrong number” story because you know I want to hear about it!
Drop it in the comments below.

If your “sorry wrong number” story is a long story not so short, blog about it so the world wide web can laugh along!
Happy June and happy Saturday, folks!
Who’s got plans??

Wherever you go, whatever you do, be safe and have fun!
I wish for you beautiful blue skies, plenty of sunshine and temps perfect enough to not melt your face off.
You’re welcome.
Only 6 months away…
Don’t shoot the messenger.
Time – 9:56am
Temp – 64 degrees F/ High 76 – Chance of storms.
Mood – Better
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Zero
Best thing – Waking with purpose.
Be well.

22 thoughts on “SORRY, WRONG NUMBER

  1. That’s hilarious – and I love the story that prompted this. But you are very naughty for mentioning the C word in June🎄I know I have had wrong numbers but for me to remember what happened, it would have to have been this morning – my memory is appalling!😱Happy June!


  2. Bwahahahahahahahaha. I’ve done this and it’s funny and embarrassing. We are on our boat this weekend. The weather is perfect and the birds are singing.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Big hug. ♥


    1. Aaahhhhhh. Enjoy your time on the water. It always sounds so lovely and always makes me miss the Great Lakes. Enjoy! xoxo

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  3. I can not think of any wns’s but then I can;t remember if I turn off the burners from cooking eggs for breakfast. No Wrong numbers these days, if the number does not look familiar I don’t pick up and neither does anyone else..


    1. I miss the old telephone days and ways! I caaaannnn’t wait for Christmas in July. Every year I say I’m going to have a ton of inventory for things I make/sell and so far… Well, life gets in the way sometimes. 🙂


    1. SO glad he had a sense of humor! It could’ve been a cop or a priest or heaven forbid a little kid picked up…


  4. I don’t call people much, so haven’t made any wrong number calls, but I have received a few. These days my phone shows me the number calling and if I don’t recognise it I either don’t answer or answer with “Fraud Squad how can I help you?”. Funny how fast they hang up.


    1. Hahahaha. I almost wish our phones had advanced so much. It was all about the element of surprise way back when. 🙂


  5. June is my favorite month! Travel plans with family and friends and hopefully a winery or brewery thrown in! I don’t have any wrong number stories but our family has all received strange texts that were wrong numbers!


    1. June is just about the most perfect month, isn’t it? Not too hot, not too cold and yes, travel, family, friends and alcoholic beverages. PERFECT. 🙂


  6. That’s hilarious! 😀 Good thing the guy had a sense of humour. I can’t recall any wrong number stories, but I’m sure it’s happened before. Christmas??! Jeez, we’ve hardly even had any spring, yet. 😛


    1. Omgosh. I got super lucky on that wrong number because it could’ve gone horribly “wrong” in so many other ways!- I know… Christmas… But it is the 6-month mark and look at how fast these 5 months have flown…


  7. On Super Bowl Sunday and in your own area code, it was probably a safe call. That is funny. Alas, no good wrong number stories from me.

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