Soooooo, as most of you know I recently acquired a troll on my blog.
I believe we’ve all come to know her, thanks to Cranky, as “Sandi with a fucking i.”

In a nutshell, she’s a fucking nut job. Another Christian wanna be spewing forth hate in the name of God. The burr up her ass is homosexuality. Shocking.

Butttttt, thanks to my magical, mystical blogging posse whippin’ her ass in the comments I think she’s gone! Yaaaaayyyyyy!
Thank you all SO much!!!

Ding dong the witch is dead!
Interestingly enough, this article was on the online People Magazine yesterday.
The headline is killer.
‘Christian Group Calls for Netflix to Cancel ‘Satanic’ Show Good Omens — Problem Is, It’s on Amazon’
This is soooo funny! You really should read it. There are some pretty cute comments between Netflix and Amazon.
Nothing on tap for me today or aaalll weekend so hopefully I’ll be getting my latest quilt done and finishing up a blanket I’m crocheting. I really do love the days when I have nowhere to be and nothing on the schedule.

The weekend is here. Plans anyone??? Our temps have gone down into the 60’s so I foresee a little reading and some coffee on the back patio this afternoon.

Anybody else just stayin’ home and reeealllly relaxing just doing whatever the hell you want?  As always, please share in the comments below.
To Magical Mystical Mimi’s posse.
You’re the best!
Time – 6:07am
Temp – 44 degrees F/High today – 67
Mood – Determined!
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Zero
Best thing – Quiet new neighbors!
Be well.

33 thoughts on “STROLLIN’ AND TROLLIN’

  1. We whupped her ass. Cool! 😀 It’s good to have a posse.

    The fanatics petitioned the wrong service? Just proves they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Loved the flippant responses!

    Nothing going on here, either. One sweet dog in residence, a whippet, so we’ll be taking walks and hanging out on the back deck.

    Happy first day of summer!


    1. My posse is the best!! 😀 – Yes, it is the first day of summer and we’re in the 60’s if you can believe that. I think everyone has had some crazy weather. – I’ve always wondered about Whippets. Are they good dogs? They remind me of Greyhounds so much. I was curious if they need all that room to run like the Greyhounds do. And do they shed? Their coat is so short, what’s to shed??

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      1. Whippets are like miniature greyhounds. Contrary to popular belief, they’re big couch potatoes. They do love to run, but short sprints and then they’re done. 🙂 It’s a myth that short-haired dogs don’t shed. They do and year round. Here’s a good write-up of the breed. I’ve known a few Whippets and they all have lovely personalities! ♥


  2. We’re staying home this weekend. We’ve had two boat weekends in a row and it’s time to rest. I want a quiet and peaceful weekend without conflict. That’s what’s on our menu here.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Love you, Karen. ♥


  3. Good I’m glad she’s gone. What a self righteous twatwaffle! No plans for the weekend other than errands, chores and crafts. Same ol Same ol.


  4. I’ll be honest . . . I was uncomfortable with that whole exchange. I take it that was the first time she had ever commented on your blog? If so, then yes, she was a troll who must be googling certain words to find blogs to comment on about homosexuality. I was disturbed, however, by the doxing going on with one of your other commenters. That’s just not cool with me. The best thing to do with comments you don’t like is just delete and ignore, and if possible, block the person. Otherwise, it just turns into name calling and who needs all that negativity in their life? JMO!

    We are going to do something ‘fun’ this weekend, but I have no idea what that will be! Hope your weekend and sunny and sweet!

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    1. I get that it makes people uncomfortable but for me it’s personal because it’s people like the troll who make my son and his partner walking bull’s eyes for other extremists who believe as she does. That makes me uncomfortable.

      As for the doxing. That was done for a couple of reasons. The troll lives in Canada and apparently spouting off on my blog as she did is considered a hate crime by Canadian law. That’s good to know. And another reason is everyone that reads my blog knows my son is gay. It’s a protective thing and I appreciate it.

      That being said, I do agree with you that the best thing to do with comments like those is delete them but again, it’s personal to me. I took it as a direct attack on my kid.

      So far so good on the sunny but a storm is brewing to the north. It may or may not get us. I’m hoping not. – I look forward to your post about your fun weekend! Hopefully no rain for you either!

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      1. I get it, my friend. I have a daughter with autism and if someone commented on my blog about people on the spectrum being mass murderers/school shooters or that vaccines cause autism, I’d probably be ready for a fight as well. Too many wack jobs out there on the internet! Fortunately, the only troll I’ve had has been on other people’s blogs in the comment section. Oh, and that guy who hates American women. But he trolls everybody!

        Have a great weekend and if you see your son, give him a hug for me!

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    2. Hi Bijoux – if you are referring to my comments which let Sandi know, without revealing her full name publicly, that she was not anonymous, it’s a shame you felt uncomfortable. That was not my intention. Sandi’s full contact details were only revealed privately to the relevant people – they were not revealed publicly. I wanted to let her know that we knew who she was without actually revealing her contact details. My nephew is also gay and when he was much younger, he suffered badly from the prejudices of people like that person. They have to be stopped at all costs because young people throw themselves off bridges to escape the pain of other people’s judgements. It has to stop and I will always do what I can to help it stop.

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    1. Me tooooo! It’s why I refuse to call myself a Christian. I believe in God, Jesus, Christ and the Holy Ghost. And I love all of my Catholic saints and of course our Holy Mother but I never picket in front of abortion clinics and sit in the booths at the county fair handing out literature about all of the sins of the world. That’s God’s business, not mine. – Toddlers and church are always a fun mix. I miss my toddlers who now have pre-teens and toddlers of their own. ❤

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    1. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. I may go back to it, I may not. Having watched Lucifer, Good Omens seems just goofy.


  5. I’m a “kill em with kindness” kinda guy, but I do love the Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead picture.! Dorothy would not be amused!
    Glad you’re rid of your pest.

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    1. It depends on the situation with me. Usually I’ll pay them no mind but I took this one personally but yesssssss so happy she’s gone!

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  6. Brilliant – glad she’s gone! Job done. Now she knows she isn’t anonymous hopefully she won’t do it again to anyone else and people like your son and my nephew will be free of her toxic judgement. I don’t care what other people think – I will fight until the bitter end to make the world safer for gay people. Love is love afterall. Have a wonderful weekend chilling on the back patio! I’m taking my mum to see five of her seven Great Grandchildren. Gonna be noisy!😍

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    1. Yesssssssssss! And thank you again. It’s good info to have on hand! – Have fun with the noisy lit’l ones and your mom. 🙂

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  7. Hi Mimi 🙂 New follower! 🙂 Oh, trolls are not fun. I had one for a while and zapped him to the depths of non-existence…just blinked my eyes like Jeannie and he disappeared!! LOL…if only it were that simple! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you participate in the art date! 🙂 I live in northern Quebec Canada and today is the first day we’ve had sunshine in a week, it was getting depressing. But the garden is flourishing (thankfully!) and I’m out in my sundress and flip flops so I couldn’t be happier!!


    1. So happy that you got rid of your troll too. They’re just ridiculous. – Happier that you are enjoying your sunshine and beautiful garden! We had rain out here for a while and I had just back from a vacation that was mostly all about the rain. I was soooooo ready for sunshine and now we’ve got tons of it and I am thankful!


  8. Somehow I missed the troll on that post. Sorry she brought her ugliness to your space.

    Have you ever looked into satanism? There are a couple groups who founded satanic “churches”, and if you read what they’re about, it’s pretty funny. It’s more anti-Christianity rather than what these so-called Christians think it is.They have tenets about “if someone comes into my home and disrespects me, I’ll take them down”. And also about not harming children and such. (I saw them on some TV show or other. I wasn’t seeking them out or anything.)


    1. I have looked into Satanism as I am a practicing witch. We’re not the same. 🙂 I have looked into a lot of religions just to see where their views come from and I know it’s because they’re picking and choosing what to believe out of the Bible. They get stuck on a couple of passages and that’s it. Just my opinion but it’s my belief that the overall message of the Bible is love. Just love one another and God will take care of the rest.



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