Camilla Parker Bowles can’t fill Princess Diana’s shoes but she could definitely fill your attic!
If you’ve been reading me long enough you know how I absolutely love the Royals.        Not all of them and definitely not all of their ways.
Those goofy hats for instance.

1. a woman’s light, decorative headpiece consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc. attached to a comb or hair clip.
2. a fascinating person.

The only thing I find fascinating about them is how in the hell they manage to keep those things stuck to their heads aaallll flippin’ day!

I think we all remember this gem that one of the ugly step sister’s Princesses wore to Prince William and Kate’s wedding…
Good god!
Do they not have mirrors in those palaces or orthodontists???
Does she not have friends??
Did she run this by the Queen first?
Because I’m pretty sure that would’ve been a royal HELL NO!

And this one? It’s a “twofer.”
It’s a fascinator AND a pollinator!!!
But wait!
When is a fascinator not a fascinator???
When it’s a HATINATOR!

Seriously. There is such a thing as a hatinator.
Below is a pic of a fascinator and a hatinator.
Can you guess which one is which?
Here’s a hint.
The paper plate on the left is the hatinator and the placemat on the right is the fascinator!
Fascinating, huh? And totally off topic but not really.
The other day I posted this pic on Instagram.
It’s Ted Nugent and Aileen Wuornos.
I think they’re one in the same person.
Now… Back to the homely Princesses…
If they were men dressing up as women…
Just sayin’… Tom Hanks and Princess whoever on the left… Twinning!
Happy Monday!
What did you do this weekend?
I stayed in from the heat – mostly.
The pup had a spa day, she loved it and she is feeling most beautiful.
I managed to ruin a project I was working on for 4 fucking days so now it’s turning into something else I’m not bitter because that’s what crafting people do.

Nothing is a loss if you have an imagination! – MiMi

I got thru 2 skeins of yarn on one of my blankets and totally ran out of the color I was using soooo I’ll get that the next time I go out. In the meantime, I’ll work on another blanket that I do have the yarn to complete – I think.
See?? This is how projects go unfinished!
Anyway. Happy week ahead. Tell me what you did this weekend.
I hope none of you are in the path of that storm down south!
Have they even recovered from Katrina yet??
I don’t know that I could stick it out down there but God bless the ones who do.
P.S – Click on the links in this post to find out all about those fascinating fascinators and everything else you can put on your head, where it came from and why you wear it.
Or you could watch paint dry. Your choice.
Be well.

24 thoughts on “FASCINATING, HUH?

  1. It’s almost like watching the Kentucky Derby and the strange hats they have. I just don’t get it. I guess it’s better than worrying about one’s hair.


    • Right??? And especially with the Kentucky Derby. How do the people in the rows behind those stupid hats see what’s happening. I’m sure there are screens but they didn’t show up to the Derby to watch a screen.


  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 This is hilarious! They will NEVER live down that stupid thing she wore on her head. I was only watching an interview with Fergie the other day in which she tried to defend it.
    They have no idea about anything that lot.

    Many UK tax payers have had enough of supporting them financially in an age where unprecedented numbers of people are queueing at food banks, our roads are not being maintained and you can’t access the health care we pay (heavily) for. (Food bank items donated by US, not the government by the way).

    The public displays of wealth and priviledge are obscene. People on state benefits are demonised these days and yet that family is the biggest user of state benefits there will ever be.

    The Sussex’s keep whining about wanting their privacy and it’s winding the taxpayers up big time. They can’t have our money and then tell us to eff off.

    So I’m loving this post! In my former career, I photographed 5 of the major royals and the only one who had any humanity about her was Princess Diana, the brood mare they used and discarded. Ooh you’ve hit a nerve Mimi🥴 It’s quite a coincidence too, as you will see from my post this week.

    And with the crafts, it’s frustrating as hell when things go wrong – I feel your pain! But without the fails, our masterpieces don’t shine.

    Sunday was lost to the cricket I’m afraid – but England won thank goodness. Can’t bear when Garry is post match grumpy. 😀

    I LOVED this entire post – thanks for the giggles.


    • You know what’s funny about Harry and especially Meghan is that Meghan came into the marriage with more money than Harry had – himself not the whole Royal unit – but he had some money and together they had more than enough to pay for all of those renovations and not just the light fixtures. Of course, I don’t know if any of that is true I just read whatever they sell us but from this side of the pond, Meghan could most definitely pay her own way. And I get but then I don’t the privacy thing with H & M but like you said, if they’re living off of the taxpayers then they owe the taxpayers more than a Michael Jackson masking of the children photo op. Like that one on Father’s Day – I think – where Harry’s hand covered most of the baby’s face. Stupid. I get breaking the rules and wanting to go your own way but again, you’re living off of the people, take care of things with them first. – I’m happy you enjoyed the post.


  3. Not the same person, but most likely from the same gene pool, perhaps a common ancestor a few centuries back.
    Those hats are completely awful in my opinion. The butterfly fascinator might be nicer if it was half the size. Didn’t fascinators start out being tiny little things? When did they get to be big enough to double as parachutes?
    Camilla should not wear pink.


    • At first, I thought that butterfly hat was photoshopped but nope. That’s a real hat. Camilla should not do a lot of things… I don’t like her or idiot Charles.


  4. Those hats are INSANE! We saw a special exhibit of Bes-Ben: The Mad Hatter of Chicago last year at an Indianapolis art museum. OMG, the hats cracked me up!

    Maybe if Nugent and that woman took one of those DNA tests, they’d find out they were closely related?

    We picked up my oldest daughter and my grandson and took them out to eat and to visit my husband’s aunt who is turning 98 this week. It’s crazy how common it is to live that long now.


    • Wow! 98! Happy, Happy Birthday to your hubby’s aunt! That’s crazy and wonderful! I want to live to be 100! 😀 I’m happy you got to visit with your daughter and grandson. Those times are always special. ❤ It would be interesting to see if Ted and Aileen have the same serial killer gene! 🙂 – The hats… Why???? With all of the rest of the crap you have to deal with being a Royal they add sticking some ridiculous outrageously priced hat to the side of your head???


    • Hahahahahahahahaha. Most unfortunate looking… Or as I like to call them UGLY. – You should look up the song U.G.L.Y. on YouTube. Pretty much the ugly Royals. Hahahaha. “U.G.L.Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly, uh huh you ugly.” It’s a 90’s beebop song but funny in a mean girls sorta’ way. #tooharsh #idontthinkso


  5. Fascinating! 😀 Sorry, couldn’t resist. Those are some crazy looking hats, for sure! That’s a freaky resemblance between Ted Nugent and Aileen Wuornos. 😮

    Too bad about your project, but at least you were able to repurpose it.

    We had a fabulous time last night at the HEART concert. Ann and Nancy Wilson (ages 69 and 65, respectively) looked and sounded great! Old rock chicks rule. 😉

    Happy crafting, and stay cool!


    • Wow! Heart??? I LOOOOVVVEEEE them! Man, them, Stevie Nicks, Lita Ford, JOAN JETT!!! They all need to do a concert!!! Old rock chicks DO rule!!! Yay you getting to go!!! Another great memory in the books!


  6. Yes, I’ve found some of those hats more than awful.

    We were out in the heat all weekend. It was 100 degrees on Saturday and close to that on Friday. We are so happy to be home and in the cool.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Big hug and lots of love. ♥


    • Oh man… Triple digits. Poor you. I’m happy you’re home and cool but you’re always cool, Sandee. 🙂 xoxo and HUGE hugs right back at ya’!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Mimi. I’m new to your blog and I love it!! I too love the royals, well some of them. I have added your blog to my blog roll so I can come in when you blog something new. Ta Ta, daring.


    • Hi Leanna! Thanks for stopping by and showing some love. 🙂 And thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll. I will be doing the same! We can stalk each other. 🙂


  8. Fascinators do not fascinate me except, as you noted, to wonder how they don’t fall off.

    Yes, we lived through the storm (it was a flop this time, thankfully), and i’d rather be here where they can tell me a storm is coming and i can prepare or get out of the way than someplace where my house might come crashing down around my ears with no warning because of an earthquake. That’s just me.

    N’Awlins will never fully recover from Katrina, we lost way too much, but we are still happy to live here and glad to call it home. (Actually, i don’t live in New Orleans any more, but a bit north of it. It’s all swamp and south Louisiana crazy.)

    Crafts don’t get done here because the next one is going to be so much more fun, so i lose interest in the current one. Thus, no crafts allowed.


    • Oh, Mimi, I was thinking the same thing about the natural disasters happening… Man, I definitely wouldn’t want to be someplace where the earth opens up beneath me while crap is crashing down on top of me! I have a nephew who lives in Florida and he rides everything out. I don’t think I could… Once you lose a house, photos/baby books that cannot be replaced plus everything you worked for… And I can’t even think about the people lost… I don’t think I could rebuild and take that chance again but God bless you, Mimi, and may you ALWAYS know when a storm is heading your way. ❤


    • I’m a fan of hats too but those Royals take it a bit too far. I’ve discovered that the only hats I can wear are big sun hats or big Sunday going to church hats like the black women wear back home and of course winter hats. 🙂


  9. Mimi,

    Those hats are so ridiculous! I would never fit in with the royal crowd because I don’t wear hats well and you’ll not catch me wearing one unless outside doing yard work or other activities. I’m pretty sure baseball hats aren’t proper royal attire. I think the weirder the hat the more ‘in fashion’ it’s supposed to be or at least that’s my theory. Who knows or cares? Not me! You crack me up, though. Thanks for the laughs. Have a happy week and stay cool!


    • Even tho my mom’s family history lives, breathes and bleeds “the Royals” I would not have made a good one either. I don’t know how people get thru those gatherings without laughing their asses off at those stupid hats! I’m Italian and much too animated to keep one of those things stuck to the side of my head for long. – Thanks for stopping by, Cathy. I hope to see you again!


  10. OMG, the hats are hysterical!!! The one that princess wore to Prince William and Kate’s wedding was the most absurd of all. I cannot imagine how she thought she looked good wearing THAT? The “pollinator” LMAO that her sister wore was wild. That hat needs to be let loose in a field of wildflowers LOL! Fascinators and hatinators, I had no idea. Now when I watch the royals (I confess, I love ‘em too but not all of them) and I see those hats, I’ll be thinking about this. The comparison of the homely princess and Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies is spot on!! Love Mimi’s quote!


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