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Looking out my window –
❤  Not quite daylight…

I am thinking –
❤  I have a busy day ahead!

I am thankful –
❤  For this life. Past, present, future and beyond…

One of my favorite things –
❤  Art…

I am creating –
❤  Memories…

I am wearing –
❤  Capris and a t-shirt…

I am reading –
❤  When The Wind Blows by James Patterson…

I am watching –
❤  Big Little Lies…
I am listening to –
❤  My dog snoring at my feet and garbage trucks coming thru…

I am hoping –
❤  The kiddos have the best time in Vegas!

I am learning –
❤  That everything my dad ever said or did makes absolute sense to me now…

In my kitchen –
❤ Thinking of all things pumpkin spice!

On my hook –

❤   Next month is September and this blanket feels like fall to me. ❤

Under my needle –
❤  Another Nightmare Before Christmas project…
Pass it on! –
❤ – This movie is a must-see in my book!

A moment from my day –
❤  Feeling a lit’l granola-ish…

Closing Notes –
❤  In case no one has noticed and in case you haven’t heard me bitch about it enough, it’s fucking hot!

Happy August folks!
P.S. – Did I mention it’s fucking hot????

Be well.

22 thoughts on “KEEPING IT SIMPLE -August”

    1. I think you might like this linky party. You’re a busy person and sometimes simple questions are the way to go. 🙂


    1. Really? February?? I’ll have to read about that. 🙂 Do you have 4 seasons and do your leaves change color too? – And thank you. 🙂


      1. We do have four seasons, 6 months of summer heat, 2 months of autumn wonderness, two months of what we laughingly call winter, then two months of sneeze inducing spring. The leaves change in the colder areas, like the hills here, and the mountains over towards the east coast, but here on the plains, not so much. Mostly the leaves just yellow and fall, there are a few trees that get the reds and oranges, but nothing like the displays you get in the northern hemisphere.


      2. When I lived in Michigan (USA) we had winter, spring, mud, summer, fall, and another round of mud to carry us thru to the spring mud. 🙂 Yes, the cold and the water content keep the leaves flaming in color and that’s an amazing trade-off for the cold, snow and rain. 🙂


  1. It’s not here too, but it always is in the summer. I’ve lived here so long it’s just what it is.

    Love all your answers. I’m not ready for fall yet. I’m still enjoying the great boating weather.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Karen. Big hug and tons of love. ♥


    1. I know. You think I’d be used to it too. Blah. I won’t wish for fall too hard. I don’t want to cut in on your boating. 🙂 Hey, maybe we’ll have an Indian summer. Even more boating! – xoxo ❤

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  2. I actually saw Big Little Lies. There was a great article the other day… SPOILERS… I’ll wait until you finish.


    1. I’m loving it too but another show has caught my eye on Amazon Prime… Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom. I think I might like to start watching that. Only 2 seasons available but it looks fantastic.


    1. Wow. I didn’t know you got hurricanes over there and now I’m curious if your swamps have the same creepy things as ours. Huge snakes, alligators, crocodiles???


  3. Apologies for being AWOL from here – you know, life needs us to move away from the keyboard sometimes 🙄. Am very jealous of your hot summer. We have had our moments in the UK but we haven’t had a nice long hot, unbroken summer to bask in. I don’t have time to do this Daybook thing right now as I am about to leave the keyboard yet again! Loved reading your answers though. Can’t wait for the slower times of winter when we will all be back blogging more again!


    1. Ah, now it is I who is apologizing but as you know, as we all know, life happens and that takes priority over the other nooks n’ crannies of life. We’re still having our hot summer and I wish I could send you some! Yes. In the winter we will all be back unless we have someone that has summer when we’re having winter. Ugh. Hahahaha. We’ll just all be here when we can. 🙂


  4. I might pass on this link being a guy an all.
    It’s not as hot her right now, which is rare and we are enjoying!
    But next week’s a commin’ and the Sultry South/ Steamy South didn’t just get that name from the works of Bleva Plain and the like.

    Glad you’re back. Missed you last week.


    1. You can pass “being a guy in all.” – Still hot here but it’s cooling down I’ve been hearing for a few weeks now. Apparently *when* it’s cooling down is for a surprise newscast. – I’m happy to be back and happy I was missed. 🙂 – That far up in the mountains the wifi is hit or miss so I have A LOT of catching up to do but I’mma get there. 🙂


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