Seriously. I’ve been awake for hours and the only thing I’m ready to do is to drink more coffee!

Late nights and early mornings…
In the words of Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) in one of my all-time favorite movies, Lethal Weapon…
When Mel Gibson was soooo hot and before he went off the rails a bit.
Reading –

Watching –
Listening to –
An 80’s soundtrack that my future son-in-law made me.
This song actually made the list. So many people overlook this gem!
Fun song. Great beat. Easy to dance to. I’ll give it a 96…
As I date myself with an American Bandstand reference.

Bonus points for me! It’s from a Soul Train performance! Ha!
Again, dating myself but it’s okay… Those were good times with or without clothes!
Wishing –
I could get all of my shit done – also known as craft projects – so I can take a lit’l bit of a breather!
Eating – Low carbs and high protein.
Makes perfect sense to me.
Feeling – Like I could eat an entire chocolate cake. ALONE.
Enjoying – “Every breath I take… Every move I make…”
Needing – My hair, nails, and eyebrows done!
Drinking – Water. Lots n’ lots n’ LOTS of fucking water!!!
Loving – That the holidays are right around the corner.
I’ve tried to catch up with everyone. If I haven’t yet I’m on my way!

Been busy but managed to get a mini vacay in via ranch, dog, cat sitting.
It was heavenly. Seriously. Heavenly.

I always learn so many new things when I spend time with Miranda and her family…

Like ranch kids know exactly how far down to dig – with MAN size equipment – to bury a dead cow so “something” doesn’t come out and drag it off.
Miranda and the hubs and the 2 boys could host their own National Geographic show and never have to leave home! Not even kidding.
Okay, folks! Back at it! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week with good vibes that carry into the weekend. I’ve missed you all but I’m back! I think…
Be well.

16 thoughts on “CURRENT SITUATION…

  1. I quit trying the high protein low carb thing and now just try to do whole foods plant based. Omg on that picture!!! Gorgeous scenery! And I remember that song! I listen to Resurrection Sunday’s on alternative radio and it plays lots of gems you never hear anymore. Hope you sleep well tonight and have a great weekend!


    • I have this thing where all I crave is fruit so I’m trying to counteract that with lots of protein and barely-there carbs. Needless-to-say, it sucks. – Hey, how’s that new grandbaby???? I would like to attempt to close my eyes at some point this evening, this weekend… And as I type that I’ve got a new project in the works. I’ll just get it set up tonight and work on it tomorrow… Said no artsy fartsy chick ever. 🙂


    • Thank you, Dora. I’m trying. This whole eating thing is just a numbers game isn’t it? And exhausting but ya’ gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do and pray for very few “cheat” moments. 🙂


  2. I often spend entire days wishing I was still asleep, then being wide awake about an hour before bedtime. As for weight loss, I find it helps to just put less food on the plate and NEVER go back for seconds.

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    • Less food on the plate is so key and so challenging! Lately, I’ve been using a small plate and only taking seconds on veggies and fruit. So far, so good. 🙂


  3. Welcome back! Many of us have taken breaks over the summer, and, so we should. Life is short. 🙂 I can relate to the “late nights, early mornings” and don’t do much for the first few hours either, unless absolutely necessary.

    Good luck with the diet! I always find it hard to give up the carbs, but keep trying. Protein shakes from Costco help with the protein intake.

    Gorgeous photo! Sounds like you had a lovely time at the ranch.

    Hope you had a nice Labour Day weekend and got some rest!


    • Boy, it’s challenging getting back into the swing of things but I’mma keep tryin’! 😀 Uggghhh. I need so much luck with my carbs. I’m trying to get more exercise in to offset the days my carbs go overboard. The holidays are right around the corner. What was I thinking? But, as with blogging, I’mma keep tryin’! 😀

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  4. Good to see you again. Oh my goodness that view of you vacay! That looks like pure heaven. Loving the book choices, particularly the Mentor one – that looks like one I would read – will check it out.

    Leave the chocolate cake alone – no good will come of it. A moment on the lips – a lifetime on the hips 🤪 Water is GOOD!!!! 😂😂😂 When I don’t drink tons, I get headaches, lethargy, low moods, back ache, etc etc etc. Water is like jet fuel for me.

    Loved the music vid – that presenter – imagine presenters of today being so calm. They all seem like they are on speed talking to profoundly deaf people. That guy’s voice is like treacle! Very calming. I love watching the dancers on these old shows – our main one was called Top of The Pops and I love watching the old 70s shows with the sound off. The audience dancers are hilarious – look like they are trying to chew toffees between their butt cheeks.

    And today’s young performers take note – you DON’T have to take your clothes off to have a good time!

    Better go before I write a book here – am trying to get back in the swing too🥴.


    • Hahaha. I am doomed when it comes to chocolate cake! Water is pretty easy tho. 🙂 – I love those old videos too and you’re right. The presenters today don’t have a clue… They missed out on smooooth radio. 🙂 The dancers ARE funny but I dig the clothes still. I wish they’d make a comeback! 🙂



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