“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it – ‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.
Hey. I wanna be with a mechanic. I think it’s super hot. Please send a photo of yourself and I will return the favor. Let’s talk.
Any sort of man in uniform works. Not just a mechanic.
Here’s a few guys in uniforms…
Your a female passenger and I’m a male driver who gave you a ride the other night not sure if you where hitting on me or not. If you where sorry I missed the signs tell me the color of my car so I know it’s you.
***Okay. FYI, nobody is hitting on an Uber driver. Also.
NOBODY is hitting on an Uber driver.
Here’s your “sign…”
You, 40ish runner who runs near (…) HS: Every time I see you out running, I feel like I should stop you and talk, but as a runner myself, I know you wouldn’t appreciate that. I hope you see this and respond, Maybe we can go on a few runs together. I also like to bike…maybe you do too.
***Dear Lady Runner, KEEP RUNNING!
Hi everybody! As you can see I started this post on Monday and for whatever reason – life – I didn’t finish but here I am today with a blended Monday and Tuesday post.
I hope everyone is doing well.

I recently learned – again –
(sounds like your post Redneck Latte Ravings about history repeating itself…)

Back on point… I recently learned again that my dog cannot have people food.
Not anymore. Not at her age.
The same could be said of me.
I’m bummed. She’s bummed and I’ve got bedding in the wash. Ugh.

Thankfully it’s not a big mess. It was tummy not tail and she is currently sleeping on clean, comfy bedding and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with possibly more bedding to wash…

So. This will basically be my day today, all eyes on my pup because I’m a nervous Nell when anything isn’t right in her world. I’ll get some crafting in I’m sure. It’s a lovely rainy day and there is always something to be done indoors.
Fall has arrived and I am loving it.
How has your week started out? What about your weekend?
Anything exciting to report? 🙂

On a side note. So sorry to read about Cokie Roberts dying. I really enjoyed watching her on the news.
Also. Cancer sucks.
Cokie Roberts and Eddie Money both gone because of it and now Alex Trebek’s is back.
I’m not sure what the people are doing that are supposed to be working on a cure but they need to hurry their asses up. Forget about making money and think about saving lives.
Be well.

20 thoughts on “MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY ON TUESDAY – Because I can…

  1. Do people REALLY do that? I guess they do. Your responses are brilliant – made me laugh right out loud with the prison uniforms😂 There are some really sad people out there inviting a whole lotta trouble. Sorry about your dog having an upset tummy again – hope it clears up quick for both your sakes. Yep cancer does suck – another relative has just been diagnosed – just don’t know what to think anymore except that it’s called the Cancer Research INDUSTRY for a reason. Big money to lose if we were ever free of that scourge. I’m hugely sceptical. Gradually catching your fall excitement – making myself accept summer has gone! Lots to look forward to.


    • People do place those ads and I agree, they’re just asking for trouble. I can only surmise that they’re idiots. Hahahaha. 🙂 – My pup is snug as a bug in bed and ate her own food and is drinking without incident. I just can’t give in to her begging anymore. – I’m sorry about your relative. Ugh. When will that wretched disease just be gone?! I hate it. – I’m happy you’ve caught the fall excitement a lit’l bit. It’s just a fun and beautiful time of the year. I love every moment of it. 🙂

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  2. Well, I just got good news that my diagnostic mammograms were stable that I had done today. I had 4 biopsies done in Jan/Feb that were benign, but still category 3. So yes, even though I haven’t had cancer, it’s still a worry every 6 months. Glad to hear you are a survivor!!!

    One of my husband’s co-workers had an uber driver text her the next day asking her out. Pretty creepy since he now knew where she lived. Fortunately, she just blocked his number and nothing came of it.


    • Wow. That is GREAT news! And I know that worry… I try to let go of it but my cancer was back in 2006 and I still get nervous when they draw my blood or if I lose weight or cough or sneeze or blink… 🙂 Cancer is scary stuff and I’m happy that you’re diligent with your dr. appts. My sister and brother were not and they are both gone now. – Uber drivers are creepy. Cab drivers, bus drivers… They’re all just creepy and I feel bad for the people that rely on their services. I’ve had to a time or two but I already had an escape plan in my head. Hahahaha.


  3. Your commentaries to those Craigslist “love notes” are hilarious and spot on.

    While we have had a break in the extreme heat, i can tell you that autumn is not as right around the corner in the swamps as it is in your area. We generally wear shorts around Thanksgiving.

    The poor pup, i hope she gets over her tummy trouble quickly. It’s so difficult not to give them little treats.

    Have a fabulous Tuesday!


    • Can you believe people actually post those love notes tho?? Seriously. Who does that? – Wow. I can’t believe you’re wearing shorts on Thanksgiving. That’s crazy. – My lit’l pup is fine. 🙂 Thank you. I just really, really have to be strict and not give her any more people food. It is super hard not to… –


  4. Forget about making money and think about saving lives. And, therein lies the problem! I hadn’t heard about Cokie Roberts; the news was bad enough about Eddie and now, Ric Ocasek, too (although his death was heart-related, I think.) And, poor Alex! Sad few days. 😦

    It’s incredible anyone would be stupid enough to respond to those Craigslist ads, but the world is full of idiots. I’ve never met an Uber driver. Maybe some of them are hot; you never know. 🙂

    I hope your pup is feeling better, now. A day without food usually works, or a bit of cooked rice.


    • Hahahaha. I have met Uber drivers and they are not hot. Hahahaha. – My pup is much, much better. I kept her food away all day and then just put a bit down for her and she ate it right up. She’s drinking fine and now she’s all snuggled in for the night. It’s my fault and I feel bad I made her sick. No more people food.

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  5. I’ve had one I would have kept running from, but I didn’t and boy did it cost me. Monetarily that is. I love it when you do these posts.

    Not much going on here right now. Got our flu shots and mailed in our applications for new passports even though we don’t travel. Go figure.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥


    • I think every woman has at least “one” that we should have kept running from. Thus, I’m single. 🙂 Hahahaha. – Oh. I’m so glad you mentioned flu shots, I need to get mine! Thanks for the reminder. I also need to do the whole passport thing. The only place I foresee myself traveling to would be Canada on one of my trips back to Michigan. Other than that I’m good to keep my feet planted on U.S. soil. Big, big hugs to you too. ❤

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  6. Hope your pup is better, they’re like babies, they don’t really know what is wrong, scary for them too.

    Love your Missed Connection Monday…MORE please!


    • Thank you Dora. I appreciate that. 🙂 Yikes. I don’t know if I’d want a quilt with blood on it. So creepy. Makes you wonder where it came from.


  7. Sorry to hear your pup can no longer enjoy treats that aren’t specially for him/her. I had one I should run from, and I did run, but had him arrested first (he hit me) to spend the weekend in jail, so I had time to pack my stuff and get out.


    • My pup is back to her chipper self. 🙂 – Good for you! Jail is where those types belong! I’m happy you were able to move on safely. ❤


  8. This is why I don’t look at Craigslist. Some of those are really creepy.

    Sorry to hear about your pup. Hopefully the stomach ick has passed.

    I had not heard about Cokie Roberts. I’ve been huddled in with my own very minor cold so far this week.


    • I hope you’re feeling better and I hope it doesn’t turn into a big cold. It just sucks being sick. My pup is fine now just changes to make as we all grow older. – Feel better. 🙂


  9. So sad about Cokie Roberts. She was good. Interesting, and fair. Good one. I was not able to comment on much this past week as I took my phone but no computer. Some sites would not let me in from the phone. I’m catching UP.


    • Very sad. I wish more female anchors would follow her lead. She was assertive without being aggressive. – I knew you were on vacay. 🙂 I’m surprised there were posts from you at all. Happy you’re back. I hope you had a phenomenal time. 🙂


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