I get it. Grocery shopping is one of those necessary evils in life.
I don’t have to like it and surprise! – I don’t.
So many people don’t have their shit together at the grocery store and it’s super annoying to those of us that do.

Top of the list?
The “no list” shoppers!
They bob about aimlessly like a grocery store zombie with ZERO in their cart scanning every single shelf up n’ down every single aisle.

And speaking of aisles…
There should be a GIANT sign that reads…
People with lists.
People like me would like to get their fucking shopping done and get home.
Is it really too much to ask?
And while we’re at it…
I saw these in the cracker/cookie aisle.
Entertainment Crackers… Seriously?
There is nothing entertaining about “Entertainment Crackers” so let’s just leave those off of the holiday entertaining list.
They’re like little discs of concrete that people spread shit on and call it an
appetizer. They’re disgusting AND one bite – if you can bite it – and it’s a mess.
I don’t like messy foods especially at a party or get together.

And speaking of messy foods.
Here’s another do not add it to your entertaining list.
GIANT strawberries with that hard ass waxy chocolate shit on them!
Have you ever just watched people try to bite into those things???
You’d have to have a flip-top head like a fucking Pez dispenser!

Also… To the salad bringers.
I come across these in salads ALL.THE.TIME!!
No pickle butts people!
That’s my photo. See. I cut the pickle butts off then I do this really crazy thing…
I throw them the fuck away. Why??? Because they’re pickle butts.
I’ve been battling computer issues for most of the day. Specifically, my printer. It’s not even a year old. The ink is new, I ran all of the tests, removed and reinstalled and it still won’t print in black. I had this problem once before and I can’t remember what the fix was.
Whatevs… I’ll try again tomorrow.
Cleaning up my craft area today and I realize I have at least 4 glue guns and a MILLION glue sticks!
Also, a BAZILLION buttons!!!
It’s confirmed. Yes, I do have S.T.A.B.L.E Syndrome.
Altho truth be told. I’d much rather have Stabler syndrome…
Totally miss this guy.
Holy crap what a nonsensical brain dump. All my complaining about shit I almost forgot it’s ‘Thankful Thursday.’
3 things I’m thankful for today.
– This blog so I can bitch n’ moan.
– Buttons because ya’ never know when you might need one or a bazillion
– Water because it’s good to be hydrated!
I hope you’re all having a great day. One more day til the weekend!
I’ll be spending my weekend sewing. At least that’s my plan but plans are always subject to change.
Be well.
❀ MiMi ❀

22 thoughts on “AND WHILE WE’RE AT IT… Brain Dump

  1. Grocery shopping, now you’ve hit my cranky bone. Why do people leave their cart in the middle on the aisle while poking around looking for how many carbs are in each loaf of bread? Also when checking out, why do people (ok, women) wait till the final tally before pulling out their purse, and rummaging through for the closest possible exact change all the while holding up the next person in line…MOVE to the right!!

    Anyway, nice rant, funny stuff!


    • Thank you. I’m happy so many people can relate. – I just don’t get it tho. The aisle is big enough for two carts. I pull my cart as far over as it will go and then I grab whatever I’m looking for and move on. I don’t understand that last-minute crap either. I always have my card ready.


  2. I throw away pickle butts too, and the stem ends. I used to have a stash of buttons, now I just have a teeny container of pretty ones that I haven’t even looked at in years. I think I’ll send them to the local thrift shop. Stabler was a cutie, wasn’t he.


    • Yes, pickle butts, stem ends. There are a lot of stem ends too off of a lot of crap in the salads. When I make things I sift thru my veggies like a gold miner panning for gold. Also. Eggshells. That’s another one! – I’ve been looking at button art. I may try some of that but who knows. Mine too will probably end up at the thrift store. – I looooovvveed Stabler. I wish he would come back. The show looks like it’s going to run for the next 20 yrs.!


  3. I am dying here! Hahahaha!!! Omg, I can so relate to the grocery store annoyances. What’s with the people who park their damn cart in the middle of the aisle and just stand there? And then act all surprised when I come up behind them and try to get by? Do they really think they have the whole store to themselves? It boggles the mind how freaking UNAWARE they seem to anyone else around!

    Pickle butts are just gross. I don’t eat burgers anymore, but I noticed some restaurants tried to slip them by, under the bun. So rude!

    I had the printer issue once. I will see if I wrote down the fix and get back to you later today. Happy Weekend!


    • Right??? How does it not register that they’re in a grocery store with dozens of other fucking people who might just want to come down the fucking aisle??? Assholes. – Oh. Thank you on the printer issue. I’ve seriously tried everything and I know I’ve had this issue before. – Happy Weekend to you as well! Ours is starting out very fallish and I am loving it.


  4. You and I are so alike. Yes we are. Here’s a couple more that pisses me off at the grocery store. We’re all lined up to check out and someone forgot something and they are ahead of you. Yep, you’re and asshole.

    The checker rings up the last thing and now you take out your wallet to start the ATM process. You’re an asshole.

    Oh wait, there is one more. The coupon queens. They argue over the expired coupon for five minutes while the rest of us fume. You’re a colossal asshole.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Big hug. β™₯


    • Omg. YESSSSSSSS to all of those!!! Coupons should have their own checkout! And the people who wait til the very last minute to get the crap out of their wallet, cash, ATM card. It’s not like they didn’t have bag after bag after bag to pull that shit out! And the people who forget shit on their list???? What is with those people?? If I forget something I stop at another store on the way home or get it the next time I’m out. You’re right. People are assholes. Colossal assholes! πŸ™‚ xoxo

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  5. Ok, this fix worked for me when it says the cartridge is full but won’t print: take out the cartridge, wet a tissue/paper towel and press down on bottom of cartridge. It should show a thick black line. If it doesn’t, that’s the issue. Turn cartridge upside down so bottom is up. Leave for a few hours. Repeat the tissue thing again until you see a black line. That means you’re good to go,


  6. I never have a shopping list. And I like to just look sometimes. But I do have a mental list that I’ve tied to my mental layout of the store, so I remember what I need as I go up and down the various aisles. When I’m lookie-looing, though, I stay over to the side so you can totally get by me. I don’t like getting stuck behind someone who is just not paying attention.


    • Right! The normal human pulls their cart over to the side and lets people go thru and then there are those aisle blockers that drive me nutso. And you’re right. They’re not paying attention.


  7. I’m with you on the grocery store annoyances. SO many inconsiderate assholes out there! Definitely don’t want pickle or any other kind of butts in a salad. I do love chocolate-covered strawberries, though. πŸ“πŸ“ Never tried Entertainment crackers, but they sound awful. Thanks for the tip. I hope you got your printer issue resolved. Happy sewing!


    • Or any other kind of butts in a salad… Hahahaha. – Chocolate covered strawberries are good when they’re chocolate-covered strawberries. Normal-sized strawberries dipped in chocolate. Those are appetizers. Strawberries the size of apples dipped in plastic chocolate are not. Hahahahaha. – Those Entertainment crackers are so gross. It’s like a cracker of bird see concrete. – Haven’t even touched my printer since it irritated me. Just kickin’ back doing some knitting and watching movies. Relaxation.


  8. Pickle butts LMAO!! Nobody wants them in salad or anything else for that matter. Agree with you about shopping and I always have a list even if it’s just a few items.

    Karen, I can truly emphasize with you on computer issues! Would you believe that after I bought a brand new laptop when my old computer quit working, the new laptop quit working after just 2 weeks! Turns out it was a compatibility issue with an external backup drive and a Windows update but it took several days to get things sorted out. Good luck with your printer, I hope the problem gets resolved quickly!

    About S.T.A.B.L.E Syndrome, yep, I’ve got that one too. And SVU was so much better when Stabler was on it. πŸ™‚


    • I’m so happy you got your computer issues worked out. It really is frustrating when things don’t work like they’re supposed to. – I am an extreme sufferer of S.T.A.B.L.E Syndrome. Hopefully I can make a dent in it this weekend. πŸ™‚

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