MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Alone again naturally…

“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.ASIAN MARKET
I saw you at the new Asian Market. We made eye-contact several times, I thought you were really cute and attractive. I wanted to come talk to you, but you were with someone. You had long black hair, petite, and kept smiling at me. I was the tallish white guy looking at the soba noodles. If you see this please hit me up I would love to get together sometime
***Pssst. She’s Asian. All white guys are tall to her. Enjoy those soba noodles.

You wearing pijamaa around lunch time. You were buying some six pack. Looked like had a long day. If you reading this, and want to grab coffee after work.
Let me know.
***Okay. Lemme’ get this straight. She’s out in public in her pijamamas as opposed to her cakejamas, buying some six-packs and she looks like she’s had a long day…
AT LUNCHTIME??? The day hasn’t even begun!

She must belong to that Less family and I’m guessing her name is Job Less.
Not to be confused with her brothers,
Home Less and Tooth Less.

Looks like you’ll be drinking that nasty ass gas station coffee…

Chevron McDonald’s drive thru, Sunday morning the 15th, across the street from the hospital on eagle. To the beautiful woman who bought my breakfast, wow that is the single most outgoing thing a girl has ever done for me. That didn’t make my day or week or month or year, that made my life, you have no idea. I would love to get to know a person like you. I’m 100% single if you see this and want to connect.
***To the beautiful woman, you may want to go have coffee with this guy, in the daylight with friends nearby but don’t let him see your vehicle or tell him where you work or what side of town you’re from and don’t mention your friend’s names either because he can look those up and make connections back to you and if he’s a nutjob you definitely don’t want that.
Honestly, tho, if you buying him breakfast made his life this seems like a low key, easy to please guy to me. If you’re single. It’s worth a shot.

I know, I know. I didn’t give my standard “run” advice to the “beautiful woman” but sometimes ya’ gotta’ give a guy a chance. They’re not all serial killers…
Yeah… I can’t believe I wrote that either. Seriously. Anybody else feel like that weekend just flew by???

I had plans for sewing but my son texted me and asked if I would make some hats for his friend that was diagnosed with lymphoma and is starting chemo.
Absolutely! I’d be honored. Comfy, warm chemo hats trump Halloween sewing hands down without question!

I text my son back and ask what her favorite colors are and how old she is.
“Oh, thanks, mom. Purple and blue are her favorite colors and she’s 21.”

Just in case I haven’t said it enough in my life and on this blog let me say it again.
Not to be “Debbie Downer…”
How was your weekend???
Have any of you started checking off your fall bucket lists?
I’ve been enjoying spending time outside in the fall weather so that’s one thing on my list. I’ve still got a whole list to go tho!

What’s your favorite fall thing to do?
I like the corn mazes or I like to bitch about going thru them I don’t remember “witch.” – See what I did there?
I wrote about going thru the corn maze once before. If you missed it you can read about it here. Apparently, no child left behind doesn’t apply to moms in corn mazes…

Here’s to the new week ahead! May it be filled with nothing but sunny days, blue skies and warm fuzzies all around!
Be well.

24 thoughts on “MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Alone again naturally…

  1. What does 100% single mean? You either are or you’re not. Just asking for a friend.

    We had a great weekend. We went to the boat and took our little runabout out on Saturday and had a wonderful cruise up and down the sloughs. It was most fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love and hugs. ♥


  2. Oh, cancer does suck, it has taken too many.

    Yes, it was Friday a few minutes ago, but i go clean my mom’s house and poof, the weekend is gone.

    You are right that not all guys are serial killers, i married one who isn’t. Then again, i met him before Craigslist.


  3. Fall bucket list. Well I’d love to go up to NH or VT or ME to see some foliage. It’s still hot right now though which sucks. I just want to see stuff and check it off my local bucket list. And we’re planning a trip to OH again but hoping for December.


    • I would love to go to all of those states as well. New England in the fall or winter would be fine by me. And speaking of winter. You’re awfully brave to be driving to Ohio in December but I know you’d go thru blizzard conditions to get to those grandbabies of yours! 😀


  4. One of my daughter’s college roommates had lymphoma a few years ago at age 26. Froze her eggs and they were lost in that stupid hospital malfunction. She’s cancer-free now, but can you imagine?

    I like to go apple picking in the fall with my middle child. Our fave is yellow delicious. I also like to eat donuts . . . Is that a fall thing? LOL! Have a great week!


    • Omgosh. I cannot for one moment imagine but I am very thankful your daughter’s roommate is cancer-free now. 26 is too young… Any age is too young.- Yessss! Apple picking! I don’t know that I have a favorite apple. Probably the honey crisp. And NO!!! Donuts are a must in the fall with apple cider preferably at a cider mill which Idaho doesn’t have a clue how to build one apparently. I miss the Michigan cider mills. I hope you’ll make your apple picking donut eating a blog post. 🙂


    • I haven’t but I’ll check it out. I’m surprised anyone complains about any harsh word to describe/react to cancer. There isn’t a word harsh enough in my opinion. It has taken too many family members from me and it almost took me.


  5. Amazing that people actually leave these love notes! Your comments after each one are priceless! LMAO about the note to the lady wearing PJs (pijamamas as opposed to cakejamas LOL!) out in public buying a 6-pack at lunchtime ‘cause she obviously had such a hard day she couldn’t even get dressed to go out…at noon to buy a 6-pack! And this is what attracts the guy who wants to grab a “coffee” with her?!! OMG just too funny and pathetic.

    Karen, I love that you’re making hats for your son’s friend who’s starting chemo, but it’s really so sad that she’s only 21. Cancer does fucking suck, big time!!

    I spent a good part of my weekend doing yard cleanup. It’s time to start taking down the garden. The tomato plants are almost done for the year, but two of my pepper plants are still producing. Many of the herbs like basil and dill are done now. But my sage and rosemary plants are still growing strong. I think my favorite thing about fall is seeing the trees in their vibrant fall colors, and hot apple cider on a chilly fall day.

    Hope you have an awesome week! 🙂


    • The changing colors get me every time… There is nothing like it in the world. It’s a lit’l sad when gardens wind down for the season, isn’t it? I always used to pray for just one more tomato. 🙂 – I’m glad you got my pi/cake jamas groaner. 🙂 – Still looking for you to post… ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wearing pyjamas in public? Sounds like another winner! As does the guy who wants to meet her. They deserve each other. 😄 For a beautiful woman to buy a guy breakfast, she must be interested in him. That one could work out! As you said, not everyone is a serial killer.

    Cancer definitely sucks and it doesn’t discriminate. Male, female, young, old…💔 I hope the young woman can beat it! She will surely love your hats.

    Yes, the weekend flew by much too fast. We had high summer heat, which I love, but it’s cooling down again. Sigh….Well, that’s inevitable. Early/mid fall is lovely to walk or drive around town, looking for brightly-coloured leaves to photograph. The last few years, it’s been warm until mid-October, so they mostly went from green to brown – no good photo ops. Not complaining, mind you! I’ll take warm as long as I can get it. Dreading winter, as always!

    Have a good week!


    • Oh. I hope you can get some pics of the leaves changing in brilliant colors rather than just brown. Fall is always so beautiful but I don’t blame you for dreading your winters. Your winters are brutal. Enjoy your sun and warmth! 🙂


  7. I think the girl who bought breakfast for the guy was just having a “pay it forward” moment and probably doesn’t want to meet up for coffee or even remember him.
    Those ads make me laugh.


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