What a great day!
It’s October AND it’s “Taco Tuesday!”

October for me means all of this… ❤
And lots of soups, stews, chili, anything and just about everything you can put in a crockpot!
Since it is “Taco Tuesday” and October AND chilly outside I thought I’d share a very October, “Taco Tuesday” chili recipe with all of you!

courtesy of The Diary Of A Real HousewifeTaco Chili
Taco chili is always a fall favorite at my house served up with a topping of sour cream and a big ‘ol piece of cornbread!
Do any of you make taco chili?
Do you take part in “Taco Tuesday?”
What’s your favorite taco meal?

I know. A ton of questions but… as always…
I’m a nosey bitch and all of you know that!
Aaannnd more questions!
So, what did everybody’s weekend look like?
Anybody in the path of all of that rain and snow?

My friends in Montana got walloped of course and Miranda was sitting in her hot tub this morning enjoying the snow falling on her up in our mountains.
Down here in the valley we had wonderful rainy days.
Oh. One more question. Is anybody watching the 31 Nights of Halloween?
Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch around Halloween?
Okay. That was two questions…
My favorite is…
I love, love, love this movie and honestly I watch it year-round but it is the movie that kicks off the Halloween season for me.

This movie comes in a close second…
Okay. It’s back to my creative bubble for me.
Happy October!
Be well.
❤ MiMi ❤

13 thoughts on “OCTOBER ONE

  1. I love crock pot meals, too! I don’t usually eat ground beef, but make a lot of chicken chili type soups. My fave taco is fish tacos, but there is a wide difference between good and bad ones, so tasty ones can be hard to find.

    I made dinner on Saturday for my husband’s team at work. Seven couples came. I spent Friday making my homemade meat sauce and then made meat lasagna and veggie lasagna. Took all day, but everyone seemed to like it. I made herb butter to go with the bread, salad, and some easy appetizers.


    • Wow! You ARE the hostess with the mostess! 😀 Your lasagna sounds delicious, especially the veggie one. In fact, the whole meal sounds delicious! My daughter-in-law makes white chicken chili and it’s yummy. My sister and her family were vegetarians for yeeeaars so meatless meals are okay by me. You’re right about those fish tacos too! My daughter loves them too but she’s picky about them as well.


  2. Never tried taco chili, but it looks good! 🙂 Yesterday, we had over 100 degrees with the humidity and today, it’s about 60 and pouring buckets. Go figure! Glad I don’t live out west with all the snow. Way too early for that! 🥶 Practical Magic is a favourite movie of mine, as well, Love that “Lime in the Coconut” margarita-making scene! 😀 Hocus Pocus is fun, too. We don’t do Halloween anymore, though. Too chaotic with dogs around. 😛 Plus, we live on a side street and never got that much foot traffic, anyway. Happy crafting!


    • Holy smokes! 100 degrees??? That’s crazy! That rain sounds nice tho. 🙂 – Yessssssssssss. Midnight Margaritas! I could totally go for those! – I agree with Halloween being too chaotic with dogs around. One dog is okay most of the time but more than one is a great big nope and I don’t blame you. We don’t get any beggars at our door and anymore there are planned activities around town and private parties at home. I think a lot of parents are toning it way down for kids now which, I don’t blame them.

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  3. Oh yummy and thanks for the recipe. I love all things taco. I make a mean taco dip. Layers with all kinds of goodness. Fall and winter is filled with all kinds of wonderful comfort foods.

    I’m not a fan of Halloween. I’ll be hiding on our boat on Halloween. I don’t watch any of the movies either.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love and hugs. ♥


    • I love taco dip but I find myself only making it during football season. Isn’t that weird? – That’s a fantastic hideout plan for Halloween! Hahaha! And tell everybody your boat is haunted! 🙂 xoxox

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  4. I do love Practical Magic, too. We’ve actually cooled off, which is not a given for October necessarily. In prior years we’ve had 90 degree weather and of course this is fire season. I keep hearing that Santa Anas are coming, so fingers crossed…


    • We were fortunate this fire season and I hope you’re fortunate as well. I don’t mind an Indian Summer but not if it’s in the 90’s! – Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed for you!


  5. Two of my favourite movies 🙂
    I don’t do chili anything, nor tacos. I’m not a fan of Mexican foods, the taste doesn’t appeal to me. something in their spices range I think. I do like my slow-cooker, though I don’t use it much.


  6. I love anything you can make in a crockpot! I’ve never made taco chili but that looks really good. I like beef or chicken tacos with lots of cheese and big dollops of sour cream.

    My cousin in Missoula, Montana, got walloped with a ton of snow too. Where I am in Maryland we’ve had temps in the 90s and actually broke a record for high temps in early October! Now it is finally starting to cool down and feel more like fall.

    For Halloween movies, I love Hocus Pocus too. Other Halloween favs for me are Psycho, The Sixth Sense, and the original Ghostbusters. 🙂


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