NOVEMBER TWO – Birthdays and School and Pumpkins, oh my!

I am thankful for my loves.  The kiddos, not my crafting. Okay, I guess I’m thankful for that too but I’m eternally thankful for my children and grandchildren. They are my reason for being. Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful fall weekend wherever you are. Any special plans for today? I’m taking Halloween down, putting up fall and working on Christmas projects.
I might have a busy day ahead.
Ask me how I did with day 1 of my Weight Watchers Free Style Plan.
Epic fail that’s how I did! I was doing great until I decided to fix sloppy joes n’ fries for dinner! Ugh! It was such a wonderful chilly fall day and a big ‘ol pot of sloppy joes just sounded so good…

Today I’m on track and I WILL be successful today!

Anybody else trying to shed a few pounds just in time for the holidays when we’ll all eat our weight in turkey and pumpkin pie??? Probably not the best time to start a diet but is there ever really a great time to start one? If you are, know that I’m cheering you on and I will accept any and all cheering from all of you!
Be well.

14 thoughts on “NOVEMBER TWO – Birthdays and School and Pumpkins, oh my!

  1. Lovely family photo collage! 🙂 I’m ALWAYS trying to lose weight. Problem is, we like to eat. 😛 German/Italian couple. And the metabolism slows down with age. UGH! We’re putting away our outdoor furniture this weekend, sad to say. The good weather switch has apparently been turned off for the season. 🥶


    • Thank you and oh Debbie do I feel your pain. I too am aways trying to lose and I too love to eat. At some point I may give up on trying so hard. My mom was 84 and STILL trying to lose 10lbs. Not it. I’m pretty sure my weight won’t be listed in my obituary and if my kids do it to be funny, who cares, I’ll be dead! 😀 – We’ve got some good weather for the moment but this may be our last week for sunshine and temps in the 50’s. Hopefully it will extend a bit longer.

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  2. Fun to see pictures of your family! We volunteer on the first Sat. Night of the month at church doing hospitality (coffee, etc. and pizza). Afterwards, we have a business dinner at a new seafood restaurant which I’m looking forward to. I’m just trying to maintain my same weight during the holidays. I have a physical in January, so that’s my motivation!


    • Thank you. Your Saturday sounds full and that seafood sounds soooo yummy. I wonder how many WW points it is. Hahahaha. I have a physical coming up too and I just want to go in with at least some improvement! The holidays may do me in tho.


    • I did neither this year. Busy, busy with other things… You are so right about losing weight. It is a long hard road but it will be worth it!


  3. I’m trying (not hard enough) to lose weight and thought I was at least maintaining, then I got on the scales and discovered I’m 10kg heavier! Yikes!! That’s just a bit over 20 pounds and of course it has to be all the chocolate I ate over winter.
    I’m thankful for my children and grandchildren too, my sister has no children and my brother only one daughter and one grandson, so I’m the one keeping the family going, sort of, with my four and four.
    We mostly don’t do seasonal decorations here in Australia, with even our winters being warmish, it doesn’t seem necessary.


    • It feels like losing weight takes forever but I swear I could gain weight just by looking at food! I am determined to lose it tho! I suppose if I exercised more than crocheted or crafted that would make a huge difference but um.. No. I’m already giving up my chocolate! 🙂 – That’s interesting that you don’t do seasonal decorations. I’m so used to see all of the decorations I never thought about anyone not decorating. Does Australia have 4 seasons?


    • Thank you. So far, so good! 🙂 And we’re still in the high 50’s so I’m loving that but I’m heading to the mountain tomorrow. I’ll pack my winter gear because I’m sure there’s snow.


    • Yay. I’m happy I made you smile. Now I too am in the same boat. Behind on just about everything! I’m happy you had a great weekend. 🙂


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