❤ The beginning of every year is when a lot of people make resolutions and/or choose a word for the year to guide them and keep them focused on personal goals throughout the New Year.

❤ I am not a resolution maker but I do choose a word to keep me on task for the upcoming year.

❤ This year my guiding alphabetical star is RETURN.

❤ It’s time to return to me and to be me.
No holds barred. Unapologetically, ME.

❤ I’m peeling back the layers and getting back to the heart of who I am. I’m taking stock of what serves me and what doesn’t and quite honestly, totally putting me first! It’s been a long time coming and I am soooo ready!

❤ Adventures await!

❤ No more munching on the appetizers of life. I want the full 8-course meal and I’ll get it even if I have to cook it myself!
Especially, if I have to cook it myself!

❤ I’m in it to win it and I will win.

*** How about all of you?
Yay or Nay on the Word Of The Year??


MONDAY’S POST – Missed Connection Monday

*** My weekends will be totally unplugged. No phone. No computer. No t.v.
If anyone needs me, they can find me at home, feet up with a book in my hand and a cup of tea by my side.

18 thoughts on “2020 RETURN

  1. I love your word and women of all people tend to put everyone else before themselves. Enjoy YOU. Take care of you.

    My word is kindness. With all the hate flying around I’m going for kindness this year. I’m not joining the hate group.

    Have a fabulous unplugged weekend. I pretty much do the same on the weekends anymore. Big hug, Karen. Love you. ♥


    • Kindness is a great word as well. This world is definitely in need. I am vowing to show more kindness and less judgment, which you from reading my blog is a challenge for me. 🙂 – Also. You are the reason I chose to unplug. You don’t blog on the weekends, you relax and enjoy. I choose the same. So, thank you for inspiring me to live a more peaceful life. ❤

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  2. Wow on the Unplugged Weekends! I love it. You go, girl! I am unplugged on every trip I take (I do take pics with my phone and text kids if needed) and I’m able to sustain that for a few days when I get home. I have to say, it’s totally freeing!!!!

    Enjoy Returning to you!


    • It is really freeing! It’s weird at first but then it’s just so nice… And thank you, I plan to enjoy every nanosecond of my return. 🙂


    • Calm is another great word and describes the onset of my weekend perfectly. I hope you get to experience the calm of your weekend as well. 🙂


  3. My word is restraint. Less spending, more saving. Less “yes I can help with that” and more “No I’m sorry you’ll have to ask someone else”. I need more downtime this year.


    • Good for you! I want more me time this year and I’m taking it. I love your word “restraint.” I use it often when dealing with idiots. 🙂


  4. Happy New Year! 🙂 Your unplugged weekends sound ideal. I was semi-unplugged (still visited Facebook and watched a lot of movies) for most of the holidays and truly enjoyed it. I don’t do the word thing anymore, but always resolve to lose the weight packed on in December. (And hopefully, more) Cheers to your “RETURN.”


    • Happy New Year to you Debbie! We’ve all missed you. ❤ – My unplugged weekend was amazing and I'm going to do it every weekend. Getting healthy is just an ongoing process and as long as we're moving we're making progress!

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