I posted this pic on Monday’s post, Monday Rain.
Well, Lit’l Miss Bijoux from Bytes From The Burbs who I absolutely adore commented this –
Ok, don’t kill me, but is that a vibrator in your tea? LOL! The Monday Vibe with that oddly shaped green thing is throwing me!

But why in the name of all things vibrators and tea would I put a vibrator IN my tea??

Also, Bijoux I know the exact vibrator you’re thinking of.
Vibrators aside. Altho they’re not much use there…
No, that was not a vibrator in my tea it was, of course, a tea infuser!
You can get them as a whole set if you want to.
And Bijoux, you can get a whole set of these kinds of “tea infusers” too.
To be fair to tho, I can see how you might get confused.
Soooo, I missed posting this on Wordless/Wordy Wednesday so it’s a twofer Thursday.

Yesterday I ran errands with my beautiful friend Miranda and today, I’m just happy to be alive!
For some reason, Miranda felt the need to glide thru every yellow light that could have potentially caused a t-bone crash into the passenger side of her vehicle where coincidently enough, I was sitting!
But, but, but… Wait. Miranda did STOP at one yellow light…
Yeah. The light that could have put the driver’s side – HER – in harm’s way of a t-bone crash.

Also. When we went to Costco, Miranda wouldn’t buy us those delicious peanut butter cookies so we could both ditch our stupid diets…
And she says she loves me.
Today I’ve got nothing going on except getting these big ass donation bags over to the Idaho Youth Ranch and out of the dining room and now living room!
After that, I’ll be doing some kind of crafting. I don’t know what just yet.

What’s happening with all of you?
We have some nice weather coming up so I’m hoping to spend some time on the back patio repotting some house plants. I so cannot wait for spring!

It’s almost the weekend?
Plans anyone?
Is the weather holding up for everyone?

Summer’s coming up fast too, is anybody planning an awesome summer vacation?
Personally, I wouldn’t get on a plane right now if it was free but a road trip is always fun and free of deadly flu viruses.
Share in the comments!

20 thoughts on “2020 – WORDY WEDNESDAY ON THURSDAY – Tea Vibes

  1. Weather is pretty nice here and we’re heading to the boat tomorrow for the weekend. Looking forward to that. It’s been a while. Nothing much else going on.

    You already read about our summer trip and we’re looking forward to that. Lots of boating to do too. We’ll be busy during all the great weather.

    Have a fabulous day and watch out for those vibrators. Love you. ♥


    • Oh, yay, yay, yay for your weekend!!! I’m always so happy for you when you can get on the water. I know how much you and your hubby love it. 🙂 – Yes. Your summer trip will be absolutely wonderful! Here’s to many, many days of fun in the sun! – Love you bunches, Sandee. Enjoy your weekend. ❤

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  2. My big plan for the day is to get my hair cut. It’s really bad and needs it sooooo much.

    Some people should not be allowed to drive. Or, at least not with anyone as a passenger. Glad you made it home alive.


    • I just got my hair cut and it is heavenly. Sometimes I go too long in between cuts and it really drives me bonkers. – Oh, Miranda is my dear friend and I just tease her about the yellow lights. 🙂 She really is a safe driver ESPECIALLY with someone else in the car. I have nicknamed her Danica Patrick tho. 🙂


  3. Bahahaha, okay I see what it is now!!! My tea infuser is just an old fashioned metal basket with a screw-on top. You are Miss Fancy Pants to me!!!

    I’m busy planning a summer vacation on which I will have to board a plane. Actually getting on another one in a month to go somewhere warm! Should I buy one of those masks like Asians love to wear? I asked my new daughter-in-law about that a few months back and she claimed it’s a fashion statement or way to look cool rather than for health reasons. Considering the news, maybe it was a good idea after all.


    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe it’s time you upgrade that screw-top!!! Hahahahaha. – Yesssssssssss. Wear a mask. A real one not the fashion statement ones. These viruses going around and coming in from foreign countries are no joke. Also, just in general, people are so rude on planes with their colds n’ crap. Aaaannnd. NOBODY COVERS THEIR MOUTH. Ugh. I’m always that random voice on the plane when some lets go with a tsunami sneeze, “Hey, cover!” So gross. – Yay for getting to warmth! We’ll be at 50 today and near 60 tomorrow so that will be reeealllly nice but then boom. Down into the 30’s we go. – I am soooo ready for spring AND summer.


  4. Vibrator in the tea? LMAO! I never would have thought of it. The purple ones look like fun, though. 🙂 Glad you survived the trip to Costco! It is a perilous place when you’re dieting. I try to avoid the bakery section. Good for Miranda, steering you away from temptation. 🙂 Sometimes, I wonder, why bother? Sigh…Nothing exciting going on here this weekend. Dog duties, chores, winter doldrums. Glad it’s the end of January. That much closer to spring!


    • Hahahaha. I should get one of those purple ones to stir my tea and freak my family out! Hahaha. – Miranda is an amazing friend. She does great with her temptations. I’m like you, why bother? Ugh. – It’s an unplug weekend for me so feet up, book in hand and tea vibrator in my cup! 😀


    • Omgosh. I know, Dora… I WISH I had some hidden somewhere but I guess I’ll join you in a shot of whiskey. That’s not hidden at all! Hahahaha 😀


  5. Karen is my favourite character from the Will and Grace series. I think a combination tea infuser/vibrator might be a good idea, switch it on and it will stir the tea for you.


    • Hahahaha. I think Sandra Bullock had a tea vibrator in Practical Magic. 🙂 – Omg. I love Karen on W&G. That character is my little sister brought to life on the tv screen. Just hilarious.


  6. That comment was funny, i thought it was some kind of infuser but i’m glad you showed how it works. That would be nicer than the one i have that is all metal and gets too hot to touch.

    Some people’s driving scares me enough that i bring out a reader and bury my nose when riding with them, it saves me from having my heart in my throat the whole time.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    • That comment *was* funny. 😀 – My daughter-in-law got me a monthly tea club membership for Christmas – which I LOVE – and the infuser came in the first box. 🙂 I drink tea mainly on the weekends but I really should drink it more. Tea just puts me in a totally different place emotionally. No stress just calm. 🙂 – Omgosh. Whenever I ride with one of my kids I’m looking down at my phone because I just can’t look at the road! Hahaha. Miranda is my great friend tho and a wonderful driver. She would never put anyone in harm’s way. I just tease her. 🙂 – My weekend will be unplugged and the weather will be spring-like so I’ll be outside enjoying that temporary warmth and sunshine because soon it will drop like a rock back down into the 30’s. – Enjoy your weekend, Mimi. 🙂


  7. You know what, that tea infuser does look like a vibrator LOL!! Rainy and crappy weather here but at least it’s not too cold. Love Mimi’s thought for the day. Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂


    • Hahahahaha! Another twisted mind. I love it! 😀 – My weekend wasn’t unplugged but it was a good one. I hope yours was too. Here’s to a lovely week ahead!



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