I am soooooo thankful we’ve made it to these “ber” months. It’s my most favorite times of the year!
December, of course, being my most very, very, very favorite “ber” month.

This month it’s all about prompts for me.
I know, a cop-out but I’ve got so many things going on I need to keep it simple.
I’d love to read your answers to these prompts too so feel free to join in!
*****Wow this one is a tough one because I think all things fall are “the best.”
I guess if I had to pick one it would be the changing colors of the leaves.
They’re so vibrant and just absolutely beautiful.
(Photo by Pure Michigan FB, location, Old Mission Peninsula up by Traverse City.)

Yes! Hello September and welcome!!
And hello to all of you!
Happy September!
Happy Tuesday!

Geez o’ Pete it seemed like we’d never get to this point in the year and since it is my goal and desire to enjoy the rest of this year I’m ditching the news until 2021.
The “ber” months are months of beauty, gratitude, miracles, and magic and that’s what they’ll be in my home and I wish the same for yours.

I hope you’re all staying healthy and muddling thru this never-ending Twilight Zone episode.
It’s been a crazy ride, hasn’t it?
I’m still mentally exhausted from it all but it’s definitely been a learning experience.
For me, I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to just be kind.
No matter what. No matter who. Just be kind.

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned that’s important to you.
And please do tell me all about your favorite fall things and your take away thru this crazy pandemic.

Be well, friends, and be kind.


16 thoughts on “2020 – WELCOME THE “BER” MONTHS

  1. I’m trying to lead a Romans 14 life, whether it’s politics or mask/Covid conspiracies. That’s been my takeaway. I’m not a fan of Fall, but I do love pumpkin anything.


    • A Romans 14 as in Biblical? If so, that is a goal we could all follow and I will try to lead that life as well, especially now. – Fall is my 2nd favorite “ber” time of year and I too, love all things pumpkin. 🙂 It’s amazing how many drinks and foods are made with pumpkin in the fall. Speaking of which, my fall baking and cooking begins this month and that has me doing the happy dance!


  2. I love fall. I’m so ready for some cooler weather, and all these wildfires to be out so we can have some clean air.

    Fall is time for many wonderful comfort foods. I’m ready.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥


    • Omgosh. I bet you are Sandee. When we get air-quality alerts from those fires over here I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you there. Idaho has its fair share of wildfires but man, California just explodes and it’s so awful to watch. You and your love keep safe over there. Gather in your kitchen and breathe in the wonderful scents of comfort foods and stay out of that smoke-filled haze out your front door. – I pray for you, Sandee. – Love you. ❤

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  3. Fall is kind of weird here. We kind of cool off, but then we get the mid fall heat wave, usually around October (along with Santa Ana winds which aren’t good for fires). Plus school. And then this year. . . I’m glad I’m working again, but I kind of miss being off.


    • Boy, I really don’t know how you guys deal with those fires. They’re so scary! I was wondering how you would be doing the school year this year. In-person or zoom? Both? – Be safe out there and good luck with the school year.


    • I totally agree Mimi altho our weather is so wishy washy. Yesterday we have a wonderfully cool day that really made it feel like fall and now today? Back into the 90’s. Hopefully, very soon we will level out on the temps and literally just chill.


    • You are welcome to it Dora! There are more on Pinterest. The prompts come in handy when you draw a blank or are super busy and can’t get a post up in time. – Are you guys expecting any snow up there?? I know it’s close by. Snow, rain, whatever, we need the water and so does California! The fires are heartbreaking.


  4. Happy September to you too, Karen! The best part of fall is the changing colors, I agree. And the end to mosquito season. In the ‘ber months, I look forward to apple cider, hot chocolate, and making crockpot dinners. What I don’t like about the fall, however, is that it’s the worst time of year for my hay fever and seasonal allergies. Otherwise, it’s really a lovely time of year, and the best ‘ber month is December.

    It really has felt like we’re living in a never-ending Twilight Zone episode these days, definitely mentally exhausting. I really love what you wrote about being kind no matter what, no matter who.

    What I’ve learned during the pandemic is how to be patient when hubby is working from home all day and cramping my style! I’ve also learned I love Klondike ice cream bars way too much lol! I think the most important thing I’ve learned is how much we are all connected as one human race, and how we all need to care for each other.


    • Yes! The best “ber” month is December! 😀 – I do love all of the colors of fall tho and all of the things you mentioned, especially the apple cider and crockpot dinners. I miss going to the cider mills and watching the cider being made and having cider and fresh-made warm donuts while sitting on a straw bale surrounded by pumpkins not minding one bit that the straw is poking me in the ass! Hahahaha. – I’ve learned that I like all the foods too much! Altho, that may have been true before the pandemic. 🙂 – You are absolutely right about all of us being connected and needing to care for each other. It’s so evident but the political waters churn and muddy everything. I like to think that if we broke it all down we all just want the same things, love, peace, and justice for all.

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