IT’S FEBRUARY! Spring is just around the corner!

One month closer to warm sunshine, blue skies, and beautiful flowers everywhere!
I am SOOOOO ready!
Who’s with me???

Soooo, you may have noticed, I ducked out for a few days… Nope, I didn’t lose my blogging vibe again BUT… I did get another vibe going…
I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to sell my handmade crafts or if I’m being all fancy-schmancy, my artisan creations. I’ve lined up my testers/models for honest reviews/feedback and I’ve secured my Etsy name, which of course, no brainer here, Magical Mystical Mimi. Don’t go there just yet. It’s empty. I’m working on my inventory but when I’ve got things headed that way you’ll be the first to know. I’m SO excited!


I set myself up on a schedule because I will be making a variety of things so something different for each day of the week.
Tuesdays are for Christmas projects and today’s project is Christmas ornaments. I made quite a few last year for family and friends and I sold a couple of sets so I thought I would continue with those.

This set was one of the favorites, especially for the littles. They loved singing the Rudolph song while hanging the ornaments on the tree.
Rudolph’s nose is more glittery than shiny but no one seemed to mind.
So tonight I’m working on another set just a little bit different.
Here’s the exciting progress at the moment. Of course, when they’re finished I’ll update.

I’ve been watching that crazy weather going on out east and thinking of you bloggers tucked away in that little corner of the country. Holy smokes! I hope you’ve all remained safe n’ sound! From the sound of those winds out there you needed sandbags tied to your waists! Geesh. Here’s to Fuxatawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow!

I hope everyone has been staying healthy and far away from that Covid ho, Rona. She just really needs to find herself another corner!

Oh! And to my football fans out there! Holy shit! Who saw the Chiefs going down??? NOT ME but hey, kudos to the Bengals. I think this Superbowl is going to be one heck of a game, and the half-time show with Eminem and Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar? Holy hell. It’s my, “you can take the girl outta’ Detroit but you can’t take Detroit outta’ the girl” moment fo’ sho.

In other football news, in other football news?? I’ve never written so much about football in my life! Anyway. Raise your hand if you think Tom Brady has really retired from football??? I think this is another I’m going to retire for a moment then I’ll come out of retirement for a couple of billion dollars in a few years. 

Okay. I’m out. So much left to do before I give in to the call of my comfy bed.


Be kind ~ Be thankful ~ Be loving
Be you!

❤️ mimi ❤️


20 thoughts on “IT’S FEBRUARY! Spring is just around the corner!

  1. Best of luck with your Etsy shop! My oldest has bought some really cute baby things on there with her kids’ names. Omg on this storm that starts here tonight. I’m most worried about losing power, but ice dams on the roof are also a concern. Ugh! I’m not a football fan, but I can sure sing Snoop Doggy Doooooog!


    1. You know I’ve been following that storm… So much snow. I was face timing with my granddaughter today and she showed me the snow coming down. I couldn’t even see her dad’s pickup it was coming down that fast and big thick flakes. It looked beautiful and of course, everybody got a snow day and tomorrow too, maybe all week! You be safe over there!!! Do you have a generator?


  2. I’m so ready for spring, but being a boater we like the fair weather.

    Love your projects. You’re so talented.

    We don’t follow football here. When sports went political we left.

    I linked this post to Wordless Wednesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥


    1. Thank you, Sandee. 🙂 I swear I’m just a kindergartener trapped in an almost 60 yr. old body gluing shit together but I’ll take talented. Hahahaha. 🙂 – I’ll be watching this game for my Detroit roots, Matthew Stafford, and of course, Eminem at halftime. I watch my Detroit teams but usually not anyone else. I believe the Lions will make a comeback like the southerners believe the south is gonna’ rise again. We both know it’s never going to happen but it’s nice to dream. Hahaha. – Love you right back! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck with your Etsy shop. My one bit of advice is to peruse Marmalead. They’re great with finding keywords for your listings, and their blog has lots of good advice for new shops opening up. (My Etsy shop is rather dormant at the moment.)


  4. Brady is not coming back. Quitting on the top…smart. I hate the Super Bowl halftime show, I’ll watch the puppy bowl during halftime…bring back marching bands!


    1. Really? You think so? I think he’s got at least one come back in him, maybe. We’ll have to see what Gisele has to say. 🙂 – I don’t think the majority of halftime shows are worth watching but this one I just gotta’ see. 🙂


  5. Karen, it’s fantastic that you’ll be selling your beautiful handmade crafts on Etsy!! Best of luck and I know you’ll do really well. You are so talented and creative!

    The weather here has been so cold, windy and miserable brrr! I am so looking forward to spring.

    I was amazed about the Chiefs losing that game, never saw that coming either. But yeah, kudos to the Bengals and now I’m rooting for them! I’m not a football fan in general but I like watching playoff games and I always watch the Super Bowl. Seems that Brady has actually retired this time but we’ll see. I find most halftime shows boring but from the video you posted, looks like this one ought to be really different and worth watching.

    Mimi’s thought for the day gave me a good laugh and reminded me of the time I ate paste in first grade LOL!



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