I am a stage 4 lymphoma survivor.
My older sister is currently fighting stage 2 gastric esophageal cancer.
She has a tumor at the very top of her stomach that is blocking the bottom of her esophagus. She can get very little liquids and soft foods down via her mouth. Because of this, she had to have a feeding tube that goes directly into her stomach for as long as she can tolerate it going there. If not, she has a tube going into her small intestine as well.

So far, she has gone thru 5 weeks of radiation Monday thru Friday and 5 weeks of chemo on Mondays only. She stayed with me during this time and now that this part of her treatment is complete, she’s home and it’s time to heal before her surgery to remove the tumor in August.
Last month we received a phone call telling us our brother had stage 4 stomach cancer. We were fortunate to be able to talk with him before he died a week later.
My sister and I are meeting with geneticists to find out whether or not we carry some kind of cancer gene. Neither of our parents had cancer so we think it’s a little odd that 3 siblings all have some form of it.

I’ll be updating this page as progress is made.

PS – Prayers are always welcome and much appreciated.