A funny thing happened over the weekend. Our temps dropped down into the 70’s! Now, the temps have leveled out to what should be their normal this time of year which is 80’s and low 90’s and I am so, so thankful! Our summer was brutal with triple digits.

Another funny thing? While I was out n’ about this weekend I passed so many people walking their dogs who looked like their dogs! Or their dogs looked like them. Seriously. It was the whole hair/fur thing. 

If the guy was fuzzy his pup was fuzzy. If the woman had short n’ sassy hair, her pup had short n’ sassy fur. It was crazy and got me to thinking. I wondered how many people actually have pets that look like them and vice versa. 
Well, apparently A LOT of people do!

I couldn’t take pics of the people I was seeing because that would’ve been weird but fortunately, there are other people who don’t find this weird at all.

One of the guys I passed was walking a full-size poodle just like this one below only the guy’s hair was 3 times bigger and curlier on his head and he had a wild beard going on. I wish I could’ve gotten a pic of him. 
I know, I know. This last one isn’t a dog but it’s an adorable and beautiful photo and they do look alike!
I was happily surprised to draw this angel card this morning.
This card brings about all things positive and truly life changing. Moving forward with luck on your side!
It’s so true to what is happening in my life right now and I am so thankful my angels are right there with me every step of the way.
PS – Guess what? Yours are too!
(This angel deck brought to you by Doreen Virtue and her band of angels.)
I hope your Monday was a fantastic beginning for a wonderful week ahead!