I thought I better make an appearance since it’s been nearly a week since I’ve written. It’s been super hectic around here. Lots of running around and scheduling. We have several people flying in for the wedding in October. 

Here’s some fun news. They’re all flying in on the same day. 
More fun stuff? They’re not coming in at the same time. 
We’ve got some arriving early in the morning and some arriving late in the evening but ya’ know what? 
I’m just happy they are all able to make it and we will make it work!

Oh, and PS, they’re all leaving on the same day too.
Now would be a great time to own about 7 vehicles.

I don’t know everyone’s arrangements as far as hotels and/or BNB’s but I do know we’ve got 6 young men staying here. Once upon a time, I may have counted myself one lucky girl to have 6 handsome young men hanging around the house but alas, tick, tock, time marches on. Now I’m feeling more like a frat house mom. My only concern at this point is keeping them all fed!

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for those of us who were able to witness the total solar eclipse. I had no idea the temperature would drop so noticeably but for a minute it really was chilly. 

I didn’t take any photos but thankfully other people did and they shared! There are so many phenomenal photos on the social media sites.

How cool was it that across the country we all found a moment to pause and look to the sky in wonderment. I think we need more moments like that.

In between the business of the days I’ve been crocheting. Some of it for gifts, some for charity, others for sale, and more just to keep my sanity. It’s relaxing and gives me time to watch my British crime shows. 

I’m all caught up on ‘Midsomer Murders’ and I think I may have a problem. Seriously. There are 19 seasons and 116 episodes available on Netflix from 1997 – 2018 and I’ve watched them all!

While I wait for season 20 of ‘Midsomer Murders’ to make it’s way to Netflix I’ve been flipping back n’ forth between ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Happy Valley.’ I had no idea there were so many different English dialects. I thought all British people sounded like ‘Doc Martin,’ another fave of my British viewing but ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Happy Land’ are difficult to understand in some places and I feel like I should have subtitles on! 

Still, I love them all but I am curious how the British detectives are able to catch so many criminals with nothing more than a “billy club.” And I’m equally as curious about the criminals who have no available weapons other than the occasional knife. Surely this is not the norm for everyday crime in England. A “billy club” and a knife wouldn’t have much of an impact over here.

I haven’t been hanging out in blogging land so I haven’t been around to visit everyone but I will. I know I have much to catch up on. I think I just need to move a comfy chair to the desk, grab a pot of coffee and make a day of visiting and comments!

Now that all of the hoopla over the eclipse is settling down. What’s on tap for everyone’s week ahead?? We are finally cooling off over here and that makes for nice early mornings and late evenings. 

I hope you can all take a moment throughout your week and just pause and look up.