SEEK & FIND – #4

Do you guys ever check the stats page for your blog? I do occasionally but I’m not overly interested in a lot of the feedback there.
– I’m not a numbers counter –
I do, however, check the “search terms” section, mainly, because some of them are so fucking bizarre that not on your wildest crack pipe night do they have anything at all to do with my blog posts!

Here are just a few…
PS – I’ve omitted the search terms that made me want to vomit and had absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with my blog.

1.) now bring us a sticky pudding
I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of anything sticky.
Not sticky hands, not sticky seats, not sticky tables and NO sticky pudding!
2.) girl sleep his armpit in love
Noooooooooo. Being in love has NOTHING to do with armpit sleeping!!!
I’ve blogged about this smelly sleep position before.
Read “Reality vs. Romance.”

3.) tgif titties
‘Thank God It’s Friday’ titties??? Really???
I wouldn’t get too excited.
It’s Friday. That means it’s the beginning of the weekend.
That means all bras are off!
4.) ann curry lips
I like these smug “fuck you Matt Lauer” lips.
5.) massage mit happy end
I wonder if this is what they were searching for…
6.) big ass mom
7.) people’s opinions on rocky mountain oysters
If they’re good enough for Captain Kirk…
8.) bitch romantic night
Nerd alert!
I got this when I searched for “bitch romantic night.”
9.) snoopy watching tv
I feel ya’ Snoop. Somedays it be like that.
10.) i take titty tuesday very seriously
I didn’t know about “titty Tuesday” but I do have my very own, “Tough Titty Tuesday.”
Last year at this time Mariah Carey was the star!

11.) wabbit
12.) xmas ball horror
I’m so happy it was just something as harmless as this…
And not something freaky like this!
Aaahhhh… I can hear you all now…
“We sure missed that Mimi…”
Never fear. As always, Mimi’s blog posts come with a complimentary bottle of eye bleach.
You’re welcome.
Well, that’s somewhat frightening given what people were seeking throughout this whole post… Freeeeaaaaks
Time – 7:52pm
Temp – 28 degrees F
Mood – Crafty jokester. Everything is funny today.
Bitch, bitch, bitch – People who know nothing of parking lot courtesy or how to back up in the parking lot… What a stop sign means..
Best thing – Pictures of my grandbabies are better than the best they’re the greatest!

Be well.

2-0-1-9 – JANUARY GOALS – #2

No kidding!!! Get the fuck outta’ here 2018 WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME 2019!!!!
If this could be a year without any major illnesses or death!
holy hell…
No resolutions for me. I make personal contracts and the only contract I have with myself in 2019 is to be healthier than I was in 2018 and to keep breathing!
That’s all I’m looking for in the coming year.

I don’t care if I accomplish this in a box with a fox, in a house with a mouse or on the train in the fucking rain.
I will not get sick. No sir. No, ma’am.
I’m going to live. Oh yes, I AM!
I was thinking I wouldn’t come back to blogging but here I am. Turns out I just needed a break and most importantly, all of you sent me messages or left me sad faces when I said I was closing the blog.
Funny thing about having your own blog. You can close it and open it as much as you want. Much like your legs…
So. Go me and thank YOU!!!
Here in the blogging world we always pick a “Word of the Year.”
I’ve never thought about it before but I wonder how many people outside of our crazy world choose one as well.
If anyone outside of our blogging bubble can fill me in please drop it in the comments below.
Ooooookaaaaayyyyyy…. Drum roll, please…

I use my WOTY as a personal compass. My beacon of light shining upon my path in the New Year.
This year I’ve been going back n’ forth on a couple of words but I couldn’t choose! So, to hell with it. I’m picking two words for my wordsssssssss of the year. Because I can.

First up –
Inhale. Exhale. One foot in front of the other.


Next up –
Truly, I just need to get my shit together.
Too many proverbial irons in the fire, emotionally and physically.
Raise your hand if you’ve been there??
I need to rein some things in.
2018 was a rough year for me. I felt like I was in a human taffy pull.
A word of advice to 2019, hands off. No pushing or pulling or tugging. In fact, in the words of John Lennon, just “let it be.”
Let me be…
Raise your hand if you’re standing tall facing day two of 2019 with a smile on your face and a fire in your soul!

Raise your hand if spent New Year’s Eve at home, crashing at a friend’s or waking up next to a stranger thinking you’ve chalked up yet one more questionable life decision.
Raise your hand if your head still feels like it’s exploding and you can’t find your shoes or bra.

Raise your hand if you’d like to share all of those down n’ dirty details in the “Mimi Zone” where your questionable decisions and self-inflicted stupidity will be laughed at and judged accordingly.

It’s 2019, people!!!!
Time to get “jiggy with it!”
Speaking of questionable decisions…
Why yes, yes I did just quote Will Smith on my blog…
What the fuck is the matter with me??? It’s too early and I need coffee… LOTS of coffee…
Time – Too early!
Temp – Fucking cold.
Mood – Ready for spring!
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Politics. I just can’t deal with anymore…
Best thing – IT’S A BRAND NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!
Be well.



Thank you all so very much for reading along for all of these years.
I appreciate you all.

I don’t know if I’ll be back but I’ll visit bug the shit outta’ you as much as I can.
You’ve all been so wonderful.

I have a couple of you penciled in for a fun-filled cocktail hour or two or three or ten. You know who you are.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m wishing you all a grand Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

Thank you again.
Love, Mimi…


This was my favorite focus of the day.
RAIN! Beautiful wet leaves and the smell of autumn.
I had one of these the other night and I felt like a kid again trick or treating back in Michigan.
Every Halloween it rained. Every Thanksgiving the Lions played the Bears. Those two things a kid could count on.

I’m really digging this tea right now. If you haven’t tried it you should. It is delicious!
Day 2 of no coffee. A slight headache but I think I’ll live.

On the craft table tonight. I’m finally getting around to fixing my crestfallen $2 thrift store angel. I saw her a million years ago and I just couldn’t leave her trapped in that stuffy store. Not to mention, she’s crocheted and I know the time and work that went into making her.
Stay tuned for her big reveal.
It’s been a bit of a busy day thus the late post.
I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a beautiful fall weekend.
Looks like rain all week for us and I am more than okay with that!

Who’s got plans this weekend? Mine are boring errands for most of the day and then playing the rest. Hopefully in the rain!

Whatever your plans, be safe and be well.
Happy Weekend!
This is the second 8 I’ve drawn. 8’s are all about success.
My 4 children and 4 grandchildren = SUCCESS!
Of course, they do. I didn’t need a card to tell me that!

The apprentice card. This is a card of new paths to be taken and adventures to be had. It’s about learning, commitments, focus (Friday Focus) and boundaries. All of which are pulling me and have been pulling me.

It’s my “everything old is new again” moment in time. Finding my way back to me via new paths and new adventures.
Commitment to self. Learning of self. Focus of self and boundaries of self.
I’m okay with that and apparently, Spirit is too.
So mote it be.
What about you?
Are any of you feeling a commitment to self?
Is there a “pull” to spend some extra time with yourself,
focused only on yourself?
Leave your thoughts in the comments, please.
(Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras/Barbara Moore)


NO – vember Goals –
1.)  NO to creepy crime shows.
***YES to real books.
2.)   NO to coffee.
***YES to tea.
3.)   NO to junk foods.
***YES to healthy foods.
4.)  NO to online streaming/TV.
***YES to fresh air and long walks.
5.)  NO to negativity.
***YES to all things uplifting and encouraging.
6.)  NO to overwhelming sadness.
***YES to joy, joy, joy, joy, joy!
7.)  NO to darkness.
***YES to the light!
8.)  NO to late nights.
***YES to restful sleep.
9.)  NO to bad vibes and the people and things that carry them.
***YES to all the high vibes.
10.)  NO to anything and anyone that no longer supports the greater good in my life.
***YES to old souls and new ones.
Thanksgiving will be a “free” day.
Fall is in full swing here, including rain I can’t fucking believe it and I am loving it! The colors are popping and I am embracing all that is autumn in Idaho.

What about where you live?
What are the changes you’re seeing?

Our temps are steadily dropping out this way and I do so love my sweater weather.
Are you welcoming the cooler weather and possibly snow or are you running for the sun or a cozy spot next to a nice, warm fire???

Ready or not for us, snow is most definitely on the horizon and I am curious to see if we’ll have Flaky Freddie or Blizzard Bettie.
I’m hoping for Bettie. Sssh. Don’t tell anyone.

Happy November, folks!
Get those fat pants ready!
And, if you’re like me, crank up those Christmas tunes!
A very interesting card for me to start my day with.
The 8 of cups represents leaving behind those people, places, things, (the past) that no longer serve you. This card tells you it’s time to move on either emotionally, spiritually, physically, or all 3.

You can see from my “NO-vember” list that I had already made the choices to move on from that which was no longer serving me.
Personally, I will take this card as a confirmation that I am setting my soul aright with the Universe.
So mote it be.

Are any of you feeling the pull to leave anything behind and move forward?
I would love to read your thoughts on this.(Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras/Barbara Moore)