cma-20-dayssnowflake-gray-lineGrowing up there were two Christmas movies we watched every year.
One was ‘White Christmas’ to which every song and dance number was memorized and acted out in the middle of our living room at least once every Christmas season.
cma-white-christmassnowflake-gray-lineThe other movie we always watched was ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ This became my most favorite Christmas movie of all time. I can’t remember a year of my life when I haven’t watched it at least once. In fact, I will watch it as many times as it comes on tv!
I should probably purchase the DVD.
cma-wonderful-lifeThis is such a feel good, cheer for the underdog, warm n’ fuzzy kinda’ movie. I just love everything about it and no matter how many times I watch it I always, always find myself saying out loud with Zuzu (George Bailey’s little girl),
“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”
Side Note – This is the first movie that got me really thinking about life. How just one person missing from your life, whether it’s you or someone else, would make such a huge difference.
Think about it for a moment. Take yourself out of the equation of all things that you know to be your life. How would life be different for those around you? How many of those around you now would even be here?
Interesting, huh?
snowflake-gray-lineMy second favorite Christmas movie came along in 1983, the year my oldest was born. Yikes!
‘A Christmas Story.’
cma-christmas-storyThis movie just brings back great memories of big, puffy snowsuits and being bundled up so tight you can only move in a robotic state. There was definitely no running and God help you if you fell down. You’d lay there like a turtle on it’s back waiting for a friend or sibling to take mercy on you and help you up! Not even kidding.
And the whole touching your tongue to a flag pole? Nope. Not this Michigan girl. You learn early on not to fall for that triple dog dare.

Side Note – I would totally own one of these lamps and display it proudly in the middle of the living room window WITH the matching stocking close by.
You can see the stocking here.
snowflake-gray-lineHappy Monday!
Go me, I got a post done early in the morning! Woo hoo!
My Monday is all about spending the day shopping with my boy. Always a great way to spend a day.

We still have no snow. We may, in fact, have a green Christmas down here in the valley. It just seems to fluctuate between too cold to snow and too warm to snow. It’s a little crazy.

What’s on tap for your Monday? Shopping? Snowstorms?? Or just snuggling in??
Here’s to a great week ahead!
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote for the day –


snowflake-gray-lineI remember Christmas stockings being so basic when I was a kid. Red fuzzy sock with a white fuzzy cuff with your name written out very carefully in Elmer’s glue and sprinkled with glitter.
Tada! You had a stocking.
It’s a little bit different today…
snowflake-gray-lineWe hang stockings for our dogs…
And for our cats…
Sometimes we hang our dogs IN our stockings…
I wouldn’t advise this.
And sometimes we hang our cats IN our stockings…
I’d like to see how they pulled this off.
I like the personalized stockings.
For the G.I. Jor or G.I. Jane in your life or if you happen to be married to a “doomsday prepper” or Sylvester Stallone.
For the lit’l buck-a-roo.
Girls night out?
Guys night out?

I think this one is super cute.
But you wouldn’t get much stuff in it.
This one is kinda’ cool for the wine connoisseurs..
Or just the wino.
Then there’s this guy.
He’s got the right idea.
And my all time favorite stocking???
cma-st-christmas-storyLove, love, love this movie!

snowflake-gray-lineAnother late post which means I’ll be making my blogging rounds late but I’ve got the coffee brewing and I’m heading your way!

I had plans to do some shopping today and got as far as Joann Fabrics and their forever long and winding road of a line and said screw it. I made a quick stop at the grocery store, which really was super quick, and then I came home.
I’ll head out again tomorrow as soon as everything opens and try this whole day all over again.
Best laid plans, eh?

I hope your weekend has started out much better than mine. I feel sooooo stinkin’ behind!
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote of the day –