Look, we’ve all had enough of your hot flashes, okay? We’re done. Turn down the fucking heat or I swear I will strip down naked and start running thru the fucking town stopping at every business that has a pool and/or a walk-in mother fuckin’ freezer!
It won’t be pretty Mother Nature. Trust me, nobody wants to see a curvy 60-year-old woman with her tits-a-floppin’ and her once firm, gorgeous skin justa’ flappin’ in the wind! No, Mother Nature. Nobody fucking wants that!

And, now, after my mother nature vent, I must ask you. Are you guys still happy I’m back??

Holy hell…  When will it end?

Oh. I wanted to share with you that I learned something very important about myself this summer…
ANY volunteering that involves witnessing – NOT FUCKING TOUCHING – any kind of bodily fluids is a big fucking hell no for me! DO NOT put my name on that list!
In the words of Meatloaf…

And speaking of Meatloaf did you know he had his own clothing line???

Okay, real-life stuff. It’s Labor Day Weekend. Does anybody have plans or recipes they’d like to share for those family bbq’s?

I’ll share a photo of our favorite dish to pass but please don’t ask for the recipe. It’s a family secret.

Oh. Sorry for the blackout spot but it sorta’ gives away the secret ingredient to our secret recipe.

(Cue laughing Karen Walker…)

Alright, it’s after 9pm and I need to get around to read and comment on some of your posts! Thanks guys for your kind words. I’ve missed all of you too!




In my head and all around. Just a few things…
More on that another day.
Today it’s Saturday and I’m just gonna’ leave some Saturday humor with you.
It really does. Unfortunately, due to Satan’s warming trend, there will be no relaxing outside anytime soon.
It’s true, we do. All day and all night if we can.
Nothing replaces the love of Saturday morning cartoons.
My favorite was The Jetsons. I SO wanted to be living like that!

Did you have a favorite cartoon?
Do you still have a cartoon Saturday at your home?

I confess I don’t do the new cartoons. They’re too much real life stuff now.
The old school cartoons used to be all about the fun and funny.
AND, we had better commercials back then!
Cool toys and sugary, unhealthy, delicious cereals! Yes!
This one was my favorite cereal. It never got soggy n’ slimy. It didn’t rip the roof of your mouth off AND it had a record on the back!

Did you have a favorite cereal to go along with your favorite cartoons??
Well, friends, it appears that if you live anywhere in the United States you’re getting those temps from hell too, or worse, tornados and monsoons.

Wherever you are I hope you’re staying cool and safe and enjoying every nanosecond of your life because…
Well. You know why.

Much peace and love to you all and thanks for still being here.
You are much appreciated.
And that’s okay by me!


Happy July! Let the heatwaves begin!
 In my last post, I mentioned having new neighbors upstairs, next door and a few doors down.
Well, suddenly we have an issue. An issue we didn’t have with our old neighbors..
First up. I keep my blinds open all day because I choose not to live like a vampire. The day the new neighbors moved in was no different. I’m sitting there crocheting and watching my British shows and out of the corner of my eye, I see this empty cardboard box go flying thru the air from the new neighbor’s direction.

In my mind I’m thinking, I know they’re not just gonna’ let that shit go flyin’ around and not pick it up.  – They didn’t.
A kid I’d never seen before went running after it and started kicking it around.
Cool. Whatever. Moving is boring for kids. I get it.

Then I look up and this same kid is walking back and forth in my part of the backyard looking in my windows! What the hell?? Can I just tell you? It’s a little more than annoying to have some weirdo kid staring at you all day. I so wish I had been naked. That lit’l peeping Tom would’ve needed eye bleach for a year!

Fortunately, when I got up to go outside he scattered and I haven’t seen – key word being seen – him since. Clearly, he’s doing his thievery at night or when we’re not home. And honestly, it’s not so much that he’s taking shit off of my patio as much as it is that he’s coming onto my patio.
Where I come from that’s a good way to get shot.

I would mention this to his parents but they don’t speak English. They’re refugees from I don’t know where but they’re very colorfully wrapped from head to toe.
Did I mention that they don’t speak English?

To date, their klepto kid has a total of 4 lighters and one ink pen left there on purpose to see if he’d take that too. He did.
Can’t wait to see what he does with them and when.
On the plus side, they don’t have a dog.
That would be the other neighbors that moved in..
In other news – I’d just like to be like everyone else and whine about the heat.
It’s flippin’ hot!
Again, this weekend. Let’s be kind to our animals and veterans alike.

I hope all of you have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.
Happy July and stay cool my friends!
Mimi’s quote for the day –