DECEMBER THREE – Tough Titty Tuesday – On the menu

I haven’t done a TTT in sooooo long! I really should do more of these because there is absolutely no lack of people bitching and moaning about total bullshit.

This week’s Tough Titty Tuesday award goes tooooooooo….
Gabrielle Union!!!!
I seriously had to look this person up because I didn’t have a clue who the hell she was. I’d seen her face but I thought she was just another one of those “famous for being famous” morons.
I guess she’s an actress. Who knew.

Most recently she’s been a judge on the show America’s Got Talent.
Jay Leno a COMEDIAN was also a judge on this show.
Apparently, Gabrielle Union wasn’t aware of the fact that sometimes comedians do these little things called JOKES and she was…
All together boys and girls…

Via People magazine here’s the atrocity committed by that damn racist Jay Leno!
(That too is a joke, Jay Leno is not a racist.)

“According to Variety, Leno allegedly joked about a painting on the wall that featured Simon Cowell — who serves as a judge and executive producer — surrounded by his dogs. Sources on the series told the outlet he joked the dogs looked like something one would find “on the menu at a Korean restaurant,”alluding to the stereotype that all Asian people eat dog meat.”

Yeah, I can see where that “alludes” to ALL Asian people eating dog.
According to this ad that’s not even true!
They eat cats too!!!
Hey Gabrielle!

Happy Tough Titty Tuesday everyone!!!
Raise your hand if you’re offended by all of these so-called offenses.
Much like they’re bringing back paper straws and paper bags, they need to bring back thick skin, a spine, and most of all a sense of humor!

Here’s hoping your TTT is filled with lots n’ lots of laughter.

Be well.