“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Whatever happened to meeting someone at the bar and going home with them? Does that still happen? I haven’t had a drink in over a year and I never go to bars anymore. I’m a 39-year-old single male missing the good old days. Miss the thrill of waking up next to someone and thinking “Maybe this is the one. She’s cute! She must have had beer goggles.”.
***Dear 39 year old single male. You can still have those “good old days” but you’ll probably have to, um, I don’t know…
Climb into a fucking TIME MACHINE and have them drop you at the first DISCOTHEQUE you fly over.

“What happened to meeting someone at the bar and going home with them?”
Hhhmmmm… Let’s see…
Any other STD. 
Every creepy crime show on cable or streaming on wifi which documents that “thrill” of NOT waking up next to someone… Freak.
Oh, and dating apps.

Also. You’re talking one night stands and beer goggles? You’re not 39 creeper.

First, I wish I could have a Paczki from back home.
Second, yaaawwwnnnn… I’m still waking up. Today is a twofer post, the Monday/Tuesday combo because I literally stayed in bed all day yesterday. Not even kidding. I felt like I was coming down with something and spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping. Apparently, I needed it. Since having cancer I have learned to listen to my body.

Not much going on out here. My pup is finally gaining weight again after being so sick so I am over the moon about that.

I’ve been adding to my crafting inventory and finishing up a few personal projects.

My grandson Aidan turned 13 this month.
He loves knives so I got him this one. I know nothing about knives I just thought this one looked cool.
He loves it. So, score one for Mimi.

❤ Finally catching up on Law & Order SVU.
Meet “Sonny Carisi” my new crime show crush.
His real name is Peter Scanavino. ❤
An exquisite example of the finest Italian hottie quite possibly on the planet.
Who doesn’t love an Italian stallion?

Okay. Jumping off to get on with my real life of whatever the hell it is that I do. Today I have zero planned and I’m okay with that. I’m still trying to shake the cobwebs outta’ my head after an early morning and that all day sleep coma yesterday. Geesh.

I’ve been around to visit with all of you and just so you know, you’ve made me laugh and cry this morning so that’s a balanced start to my Tuesday.
I hope you’re all having a great day.
Lemme’ know what your week looks like in the comments below pleeaase.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Sesame Street Edition

❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Looking for an old friend. He used to work at Hillcrest. Bert. He was an arborist.
***Umm… Bert moved a looooong time ago.
Apparently, he’s in the Sesame Street witness protection program.
I was with arm sling. You were Checking out. I commented on ankle tattoo. You kept looking at me when sitting in car. Shoulda gave number. Here’s the second chance…you had beautiful smile and eyes too.
***You were with arm sling?? Who the hell is arm sling?
You sound Asian. Are you Mr. Sling and Arm Sling is your wife???
Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Asian, American or Vulcan. No number. No second chance.
NO arm sling!
Who is Ted Bundy? A serial killer who was “with arm sling” to lure his victims to their deaths!

we pulled up next to each other and glanced at each other. this is a total shot in the dark but im trying to reach out and see where things could go.
***Dear M4F, you’re a fucking idiot. Where things could go??? You’re getting on the freeway you freak! She wasn’t glancing at you she was trying to see if she could merge on over but your big ‘ol drooling head was in her way!
You’re trying to reach out? Try reaching out to a psychiatrist.
Happy Monday! Happy February!!

So much happening on the world stage and all of it makes my head hurt.
On the plus side, the impeachment hearings have ended.

Spent all morning and afternoon in my car bouncing around like a pinball all around Boise!
BONUS : I showed up for an appt today that isn’t until tomorrow. So that’s where my head’s been all day.

So stinkin’ tired. I’m pretty sure I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and it wasn’t all at once.

What have all of you been doing? Everybody have a nice weekend?
Weatherwise, we had a little bit of everything, some snow, lots of rain and then beautiful sunshine which was a bit deceptive as it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra!

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can complain that it’s hotter than two squirrels fucking in a wool sock!

Okay, I’m out of here and on to catching up on your posts until my eyelids slam shut. Hope you’re having a good start to your week.



I posted this pic on Monday’s post, Monday Rain.
Well, Lit’l Miss Bijoux from Bytes From The Burbs who I absolutely adore commented this –
Ok, don’t kill me, but is that a vibrator in your tea? LOL! The Monday Vibe with that oddly shaped green thing is throwing me!

But why in the name of all things vibrators and tea would I put a vibrator IN my tea??

Also, Bijoux I know the exact vibrator you’re thinking of.
Vibrators aside. Altho they’re not much use there…
No, that was not a vibrator in my tea it was, of course, a tea infuser!
You can get them as a whole set if you want to.
And Bijoux, you can get a whole set of these kinds of “tea infusers” too.
To be fair to tho, I can see how you might get confused.
Soooo, I missed posting this on Wordless/Wordy Wednesday so it’s a twofer Thursday.

Yesterday I ran errands with my beautiful friend Miranda and today, I’m just happy to be alive!
For some reason, Miranda felt the need to glide thru every yellow light that could have potentially caused a t-bone crash into the passenger side of her vehicle where coincidently enough, I was sitting!
But, but, but… Wait. Miranda did STOP at one yellow light…
Yeah. The light that could have put the driver’s side – HER – in harm’s way of a t-bone crash.

Also. When we went to Costco, Miranda wouldn’t buy us those delicious peanut butter cookies so we could both ditch our stupid diets…
And she says she loves me.
Today I’ve got nothing going on except getting these big ass donation bags over to the Idaho Youth Ranch and out of the dining room and now living room!
After that, I’ll be doing some kind of crafting. I don’t know what just yet.

What’s happening with all of you?
We have some nice weather coming up so I’m hoping to spend some time on the back patio repotting some house plants. I so cannot wait for spring!

It’s almost the weekend?
Plans anyone?
Is the weather holding up for everyone?

Summer’s coming up fast too, is anybody planning an awesome summer vacation?
Personally, I wouldn’t get on a plane right now if it was free but a road trip is always fun and free of deadly flu viruses.
Share in the comments!


  I didn’t watch the Grammys. I was and still am in shock about the Kobe Bryant (and everyone else) copter going down. I have, however, seen some of the outfits from the “Red Carpet” and honestly, they just make my head hurt!

My questions are always the same…
Who dressed these people???
Stevie Wonder???
Are there no mirrors in their homes??

Maybe the better question is, who DIDN’T dress these people???

Here are a few of the “Best Dressed” according to Braille Magazine.

❤  Singer, Lizzo…
One review called this look stunning…
Stunning? She looks like a giant marshmallow that got too close to the campfire!
Good lord…
Model, Chrissy Teigen, married to singer, John Legend. This is another, who wore it better. Chrissy Teigen or…
Billy Porter. Not a clue what he does but he makes a great floor lamp!
And apparently the BIG winner of the night with 5 Grammys is singer, Billie Eilish. I’ve never heard of this chick. I YouTubed a couple of her songs and totally not my cup of weirdness…
Also. What is up with this monstrosity she calls an outfit??? What’s with all that green???
She looks reptilian…
I know… “Mimi, you’re such a judgmental bitch.”

Hey, this list could go on forever! I didn’t even get to most of the guys!
Here’s the singer, John Legend. He’s married to the Kool-Aid chick up there, Chrissy Teigen.

Um, John… First of all, really shitty suit but since you’ve got some extra hangin’ off the side there, go ahead and cut that off and give it to your wife. Her dress is missing a few pieces…
My least favorite look of the night? Priyanka Chopra.
One review called this sexy and it is… I love the belly button gem and the fringe on the sleeves. I’m just a little perplexed…
I’m trying to think of any other place I would wear this…
Ohhhhhh, I know…
AT HOME! With my husband…
While the kids are at grandma’s!

And speaking of husbands… That’s her 12 yr. old husband, singer, Nick Jonas, standing next to her. On what planet does a husband encourage (notice I didn’t say, let) his wife to go out in public dressed like this??

Also, that’s Duchess Yoko’s BFF. Clearly, she too is a part of that “I don’t want any attention” crew.

So. As I was writing this the sky opened and decided to drop buckets of rain and a thunderstorm is brewing so I’m going to jump off of here before we lose power.
Happy Tuesday!!



I feel like I haven’t even been to bed!

I’m thinking about how much I love my pup but I wish she wouldn’t behave like a cat! Sleep all day. Up all night. Which means I’m up all night because she doesn’t jump down from the bed or up onto it.
It’s my own fault. She’s 14 and I worry about her joints and bones. I just really want to baby her for however much longer we are blessed to have her.
In the meantime, I bitch because ya’ know, that’s what I do.

We’ve got a rainy week ahead with temps in the 40’s. I’ll take it. It’s too late in the game for snow now. The Snow Miser had his chance.
Nope. Not this year you weren’t. No white Christmas for us. Loser…

I started intermittent fasting. I’ll let ya’ know how that goes. You have an 8-hour window to eat and then 16 hours of fasting. It’s supposed to be really healthy for you. You can read about it here.

Seriously wish I could go back to bed but I can’t.

Thinking about heading outside as soon as it gets daylight. I need to wake up!

Trying to ignore the sirens so early today… Hoping everyone is okay.

On my hook. A Christmas present. A super-soft blanket. I work on it while binge-watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime but since there’s only 2 seasons available right now and I’m on season 2 I may have to find another show to binge on.
On my loom is a simple winter hat for next year.
Under my needle is a Halloween project.
Listening to Eminem’s new album, Music To Be Murdered By. Specifically, the song Godzilla that beats his supersonic rap speed record on an older song, Rap God.

Eminem knocks out 229 words (containing 339 syllables) in 30 seconds on the song – “Godzilla”. He raps 11.3 syllables per second. He out-performs ‘Majesty’ and “Rap God” on this verse in rapping speed by 1.0 and 1.7 syllables per second respectively. That’s a new world record!

Okay. That’s a rap god for me!

What are all of you up to on this fine Tuesday morning?
Whatever you do, wherever you go, enjoy!
I’m scoopin’ up my pup and heading outside!



❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –

“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Custom white Dodge Ram. 🔥
You held the door for me.
Told me you liked the color of my Lincoln (in a sexy soft voice)
You ride a motorcycle. Nice sunglasses! 😎
Like at 1st look!
I wrote the color of my car on a piece of paper with my phone # to put under your wiper, and then you were gone! 😢
I would love to chat!
*** Dear Ms. Lincoln,
Ya’ know, I’ve had a lot of guys hold the door for me and I’ve heard, “you have beautiful eyes,” “love your smile,” and occasionally the “nice rack” comment but not a one of ’em ever mentioned the color of my vehicle.

I’m curious. Did you have sunglasses on?
Were you not smiling??
Maybe you’re the President of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee???

I may be wrong but I’m gonna guess if Mr. Dodge Ram told you he liked the color of your Lincoln in a sexy, soft voice he probably plays for the other team.

This is the way I’m feeling today, how about you?

I spent a lot of time outside this weekend and stayed up waaaay too late. I may have enjoyed one too many cups of hot cinnamon tea compliments of Fireball Whiskey but it was chilly outside and a girl needs a warm-up!
Omgosh… So, so good.

Something else that’s so, so good? My unplugged weekends. I got some reading in AND some sewing. Working on some Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.

I only have 3 crochet projects in the works and those I take out when I’m binge-watching Jack Ryan on Amazon.
Who knew the goofy guy (John Krasinski) from The Office would transform into hottie Jack Ryan??If you can watch it, you should. It’s a great show.

Okay. Here’s the part where you share with me what all of you did over the weekend and what your week ahead is looking like.
You know the drill. Share, share, share in the comments below!