Seriously? The weirder this year gets the more I just want it to be 2021 already.
This world has gone absolutely nutso. 
And yet… There’s a part of me that finds the whole idea of ringing in 2021 somewhat frightening.

It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop only you don’t know if it’s really a shoe you just know that whatever it is, it’s going to fucking drop.

Fleeting thought – What’s Time Square going to look like this year?
What are all of the New Year celebrations around the globe going to look like??

THURSDAY – October 15
*****Thankful Thursday
1.) I’m thankful for my eyesight to see the beautiful colors of fall
2.) I’m thankful for snuggly hoodies for being outside walking in the wind watching the leaves fly.
3.) I’m thankful that we haven’t turned our heat on yet. It’s like a contest in our family. Who turns their heat on first.
4.) I’m thankful for pizza.
5.) I’m thankful for phone calls with my brother that always make me laugh so much AND we can discuss politics and still hang up the phone with “I love yous.”

FRIDAY – October 16
*****More birthdays…
Happy Birthday to my oldest grandson, Seth. 
He’s 14 today!
And to my mom who never could seem to remember Seth’s birthday even tho, he was born on her birthday.
I’m pretty sure she did it just to piss me off. It worked.
She would’ve been 91!
Our relationship wasn’t easy but I loved her very much…
Happy Birthday, mom!

SATURDAY – October 17
*****Around the house.
An Etsy find that I absolutely L ❤ VE 

SUNDAY – October 18
*****Sundays are for pajamas, tea, a comfy chair, and good books.

MONDAY – October 19
*****Me, today.

TUESDAY – October 20
*****Taco Tuesday! 

WEDNESDAY – October 21
*****Wordless Wednesday

Another virus-free week in the books for myself and those I hold near and dear.
I hope the same holds true for all of you.
My allergies are kicking up a bit but I’m good with that. It’s annoying and I feel like crap most of the time but as far as I know, at least for me, they’re not deadly.

Fall is here in full swing and the temps are dropping like a rock but still, we have yet to turn on our heat. It’s a small victory and a bit of a challenge throughout our family. Who can go the longest without turning the heat on.

I don’t know who started it or why, I’m sure it started out with someone calling someone else a pussy because they didn’t like the cold, which, being Michiganders is pretty much a sin. So, here we are, a family waiting to see who can freeze first!

How about where all of you are? Beautiful fall temps or temps dropping like a rock? OR… Who’s got snow??? I-CAN’T-WAIT!

Everyone, please, be safe when you’re out n’ about. They say this virus is getting worse. You know what to do. Keep yourselves safe and those around you.



***** Ten Things Of Thankful
It’s always so difficult to just pick 10 but here goes…
First, I have to say, I am always and forever will be thankful for my God, my kiddos and grands, and my family and friends so they make the list every day.

Ten things I’m thankful for specific to this day are…
1.) My crockpot. Thank you, Irving Nachumsohn.
If you click on Irving’s name it will take you to a page aaallll about him and his awesome invention.
(Omg. I wonder if Paul over at Redneck Latte Ravings just had a power surge. I feel like I just took a page from his blog!)

2.) Fresh, clean water anytime I want it or need it.

3.) Yarn, because, well… Yarn.

4.) My eyesight for watching how-to videos on YouTube and reading.

5.) Off buttons. I appreciate them so much, especially now.

6.) I’m thankful that I live in America. As crazy as it is right now it’s still the greatest country in the world.

7.) Amazon. – Dear sweet Amazon, it’s like Christmas every day with you!

8.) Blogging because I’ve met the coolest people here.

9.) Chili and cornbread cuz’ that’s what we had for dinner tonight and it was delicious!

10.) I’m thankful for the chill in the house when I get up in the morning. In the middle of the night when I have to pee? Not so much.

***** Curious
If people are going to be on tv giving interviews with face masks on why can’t they find one that fits? So many of them talk, talk, talk, and the mask slides further and further down their face.

Altho, maybe not this one…
Or this one…
I hope those are clean, fellas…

***** Great find.
Butter soft leggings. Perfect fit and 2 pairs for only $19 and free shipping on Amazon.
**They come in long style too not just the capris shown.

Gnpolo Women’s BlackHigh Waisted Leggings Pack
Soft Slim Tummy Control Trousers Yoga Pants

***** Why do vitamins have to be the size of submarines?!

***** Happy Columbus, Indigenous People, or whoever the hell it was that discovered America, Day!!!!

So happy I was able to score a few Amazon deals and shorten my Christmas lists.

***** Wordless Wednesday

Here we are in the middle of October. I feel like it should be all about kids and costumes and trick or treating but the Coronavirus and politics are hanging in the air so thick. It’s so depressing…

I just heard on the news that the doctors are advising against big Thanksgiving dinners with extended family and friends.
That’s depressing too.
What next? They’re gonna’ tell us Santa isn’t real???

Just recently a family member was possibly exposed to Covid thru work. It’s not probable but it’s possible and just the thought of them getting it and passing it on to the rest of the family is frightening.

No word yet on canceling Halloween out here. What an adjustment school-aged children have had to endure. What an adjustment we’ve all had to endure.

Here’s to finding a safe and effective cure SOON.
Be safe. Be well. Be kind.

(Note to self)


What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
October, the beginning of all things pumpkin spice and all things scary.
FYI, I am not one of those people who dig the scary stuff, especially scary movies.

This is a perfect example of me watching anything even slightly scary.
I do aaalllll of these things and I may do them a hundred times in one night!
The scariest movie I’ve ever seen I first saw when I was about 7 yrs. old.
It terrified me then. It terrifies me now.
What were my parents thinking??  They thought it was so funny that I was so scared. I remember my mom telling me repeatedly that “it’s fake, it’s fake” – thru her laughter – and then she asked me,
“Oh, what are you afraid of???”
Seriously? I’m fucking 7!
This is what I was afraid of!
I grew up in Michigan. We had birds lined up on wires every day!

***** What’s your favorite NOT scary movie?
Well, it being the Halloween month I’ll go with a few I watch every year.
My all-time favorite not scary movie is this one and I watch it a bazillion times a year. It’s just a cool movie.

***** Happy 3rd Birthday to this sweet girl, Miss Evelyn Rose.
And Happy Anniversary to these two lovahs… Tommy & Laci.

***** Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl.
Also, thoughts floating thru the universe for my sister who passed away 2 yrs ago today making for a bittersweet birthday for my daughter…

***** In the crockpot.
Pork chops and tomato soup.
I’d never eaten this before my DIL made it and at first, I was all, eeewwww. Then. I tasted it and I was all yummmm.

Here’s a recipe that I found on Pinterest closest to how my DIL makes it.
(Minus the onion and tapioca.)
Mom’s Crockpot Tomato Soup Pork Chop Recipe

***** Something around the house.

And on the 7th day, Mimi rested…

I hope all of you are well.
Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report?

I’m taking a break from my personal FB and Instagram – again. So much nonsense going on and lately, I’ve had enough crap in my own day to day real life.
I’m still on Twitter but mostly just craft stuff now. I was getting politically out of hand over there and I just had to stop and shift my focus, which is what I’m doing at this very moment.

Since my sister died 2 years ago this week the whole beginning of October is an emotional rollercoaster for me now.

I love the start of fall but my sister died.
It’s my granddaughter’s birthday but my sister died.
My son’s wedding anniversary but my sister died.
Then, my poor daughter…
Happy Birthday, your aunt died this morning.
My daughter also got rear-ended in traffic that morning.
She was okay but talk about shittiest birthday ever…

It’s a tough time for me. I don’t do well with death at all.
Physical pain I can take.
Pain in my heart and soul? Not so much.

I hope you’ve all had a great week and I’ll be coming around to catch up!



PROMPTS 26 – 30

26.) What have you learned today?
*****Actually, it was a refresher of something I learned a loooong time ago.
“Measure twice, cut once.” – Totally screwed up the measurements on a gift I’m working on BUT, thankfully, I fixed it. I think…

27.) The best restaurant in your town.
*****Hhhmm. I like Tocanos (Brazillian Grill) for their mango fish and their Brazillian grill atmosphere. ($$$)
I like Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlour for the every day “grab a bite” place to eat. It’s been around forever and started out as a farmhouse on an
80-acre dairy farm owned by a local family that I believe has since sold it. No matter, it’s still a great place with that mom n’ pop feel, yummy food, and of course, a bazillion and one flavors of ice cream! ($)
28.) One thing you wish you could do.
*****Be in two places at once.

29.) Your best quality.
*****I can make people laugh.
30.) One thing you say you think, but really don’t.
*****I think people are assholes.
For 99.9% of the people on this planet that is absolutely not true.

SIDE NOTE: It’s my little sister’s birthday today!!! So much of my life I wouldn’t have gotten thru if not for her. She is kind and caring, intelligent, incredibly sarcastic and the funniest person I have ever met or ever will meet.
After my kids and grandkids, she is the person I love most in this world.
(She will hate that I said that. She’s not that huggy, warm fuzzy
kinda’ person like me.)
Happy Birthday, muh, muh, muh, my Sharona!

So, that’s a wrap, folks! So long September, hello October!
For a year that was draggin’ ass, it sure picked up some speed!


2020 – SEPTEMBER 20 – 25


20.) What really matters?
21.) A way to relax

22.) One thing not to worry about
*****Triple-digit heat!
23.) Three good thoughts
*****Faith. Kiddos. Dreams.

24.) The best part of a rainy day
*****All of it!!!
SIDE NOTE – My Thankful Thursday today is that modern medicine is an amazing thing. My son has issues with abrasions on his corneas.

He’s been to the optometrist and the ophthalmologist. He’s had prescription eye drops, anti-biotics, visual bandaging via a contact lens, and far too many scrapings of his corneas and now the doctors have reached another level of treatment.
Drum roll, please…

Serum tears. They’re making eye drops from my son’s blood!
How crazy is that??? Maybe it’s just crazy to me because I’d never heard of it but holy modern medicine Batman!

I don’t know how it all works but the eyedrops made from your own blood has healing properties specific to you and you’ll heal much faster.
I know. It’s nuts. It’s also amazing and I truly am thankful.

25.) A simple pleasure

It’s been a week to be sure… But here we are.
We all made it and that’s a big deal! Hugs all around!
Let’s do the same thing this coming week!


2020 – SEPTEMBER 14 – 19

PROMPTS 14 – 19

*****People will only hear what they want to hear. See what they want to see. Believe what they want to believe.

*****Not things but people. My children and grandchildren.

*****Boise Public Library


***** Say a prayer for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and be ever mindful and thankful for the work she has done on behalf of me, my daughter, my granddaughters, and all women and men across this country.

To be able to see family and friends freely.
For this whole political shit show to be over and done.
For our country and all countries to get back to normal.
For people to be healthy, working, prosperous, and loving once again.


2020 – SEPT. 8 – 13 – BIRTHDAY WEEK

PROMPTS 8 – 13


*****Seeing how my children are raising their children.

*****I am the world’s greatest cheerleader, always in your corner cheering you on.
A sneak peek at the reading pocket shawl I’m making. Can’t wait to finish it!

*****Today I am celebrating America’s resilience. I’m celebrating the bravery of all of the New York police officers, firemen, EMTS all of those who were on the front lines on September 11th, 2001.
Today I’m celebrating being an American.

*****Actually, it’s 4 times that I made a great choice and then I named them all!

*****Well, tonight’s favorite meal is the birthday boy’s choice and he chose Red Lobster.
Crab legs, coconut shrimps, scallops, steak, fish, and those awesome biscuits!
Happy 27th birthday to my baby boy.
His wife made his cool cake.

Be well, stay safe, and breathe.

2020 – SEPT. 2 – 7

WEDNESDAY – 9/2/20
If you haven’t seen the movie A Walk To Remember, I highly recommend it.
It’s a wonderful love story inspired by author Nicholas Sparks’ sister and her husband.
Without giving away too much of the storyline for those of you who haven’t seen it, one of the main characters is a young woman named Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) and Jamie has cancer.
She, like me, like a lot of people with cancer, made a list of things she wanted to do before she dies.
#4 on her list is resonating deeply with me this month as my grandchildren start school in the classroom and at home and I know that my kiddos could use an extra set of hands. It’s not easy to juggle regular school, homeschool, after school activities, and daycare all while working full time during normal times. During a pandemic? I can’t even imagaine. That’s a lot of balls in the air and I wish I could be there to help, which leads me into prompt #2 on the Sept. journal prompt list.

*****Back east helping out my kiddos with my grandkids and this ridiculous schooling setup. Thanks Covid.

I remember what a pain it was to get teenagers to do their homework when they got home from school. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have to go to work and leave them at home alone to do the whole school day online and not just online but on YouTube! Youtube can suck adults into a black hole of non-stop video watching but these kids are expected to be so focused that they only watch videos pertaining to their school work?? Riiiiggghhht…

Yes, there’s a lot of great information on YouTube but there’s also a lot of trash and time-wasting crap on there. I honestly don’t know how parents are pulling this off but kudos to the ones that are because this would be enough to turn me into an alcoholic.

THURSDAY – 9/3/2020
*****My beautiful angel Luci just snoozing away while I crocheted next to her…
It’s been almost 2 months and I still cry every day.
You are loved and missed my sweet girl.

The highlight of my day was a really nice surprise visit with my friend “Miranda” and her littlest one who’s not so little anymore! Geez o’ Pete. I think kids really do grow like weeds!
It’s always so great to see them. We even snuck in a hug. Ssshhh. Don’t tell the Covid nazis.

“Miranda,” beating me to the seasonal baking brought us some homemade zucchini bread and it is sooooo delicious. I’ve been enjoying a slice or two every morning with my coffee.

FRIDAY – 9/4/2020
*****Bungee jumping.
Okay, so I used to want to try bungee jumping but that was before turning 57, before my fear of heart attacks, and before I realized I could use my hooters as bungee cords!

Sooo, a little bit of real-life sneaking into this post… Not sure when we switched gears but suddenly we were catapulted into the “we put the fun in dysfunctional” mode.
Nothing I’ll post about but holy crow families are just the weirdest little colonies, aren’t they? How can siblings raised in the same house with the same rules all turn out so different??
Fortunately, the dysfunction is not my kids or theirs this go-round so I’ll just get on with posting because seriously. It’s been a day.
Later in the afternoon, there was no more fun in dysfunctional.
My car decided to either blow a radiator hose or the whole radiator. I have no idea. It was running hot but no bells and whistles were going off, no flashing lights on the dash. I let it cool for a minute, should have been longer than a minute… I lifted the hood and it looked like green slime everywhere. I let the hood back down, went inside, made myself a cocktail, and proceeded to watch a whole season of Charmed. Not sure when I’ll take the vehicle in but I’ve got other things going on so when I do I do.
That’s pretty much where I’m at with that.

SATURDAY – 9/5/2020
*****Getting to visit with Miranda and her littlest, then I made some curtains, finished 2 hats, got halfway thru a sweater, and started a reading shawl w/pockets.
Oh. And got all of my son’s birthday shopping done! That was a big success.
Here’s a couple of the hats I made.
Super chunky and super warm!

SUNDAY – 9/6/2020
*****Okay… I’ll share my first memory of my very first friend, my best friend in kindergarten. Her name was Meemo and I thought she had the coolest name and she had the coolest pixie cut. My hair was so long I could sit on it and I wanted a pixie cut sooooo bad but that was a big fat no from my Catholic dad who believed a woman’s hair was her glory. As I got older I believed my long-ass or ass long hair was a pain in the ass, not to mention sooooo boring! Eventually, I did get a pixie cut. Thanks, Meemo for the inspiration way back when.

MONDAY – 9/7/2020
*****Don’t burn your bridges.
It’s been my experience that some bridges need to be burned and/or blown up and that’s okay.

Today we started decorating the house for Halloween. It gets spookier every year which is surprising since I do not like to be scared at all. I watched a couple of episodes of Goosebumps with my daughter-in-law. How have I not seen these?? That’s about as spooky as I get.
Also. Disney+ has Halloween Town. One of my favorite Halloween movies. I’ll be watching that soon.

On this day 2 months ago…
❤ ❤

My sweet Luci is gone. I will love her and miss her forever.

I really, really do!
So many of you are on my mind and I am praying that you are all safe and continue to remain safe. It’s such a crazy world out there and now Mother Nature is following suit.

I know school is happening all over. How many of your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews are actually back in school?? All of my grandkids are on a split schedule I believe. Two weeks in school, two weeks out. I think that’s how it’s happening. Who knows… Everything changes so much anymore.

Okay. Jumping off of here and making the reading/commenting rounds. I really need to see what you’ve all been up to!
Please be safe. ❤



I am soooooo thankful we’ve made it to these “ber” months. It’s my most favorite times of the year!
December, of course, being my most very, very, very favorite “ber” month.

This month it’s all about prompts for me.
I know, a cop-out but I’ve got so many things going on I need to keep it simple.
I’d love to read your answers to these prompts too so feel free to join in!
*****Wow this one is a tough one because I think all things fall are “the best.”
I guess if I had to pick one it would be the changing colors of the leaves.
They’re so vibrant and just absolutely beautiful.
(Photo by Pure Michigan FB, location, Old Mission Peninsula up by Traverse City.)

Yes! Hello September and welcome!!
And hello to all of you!
Happy September!
Happy Tuesday!

Geez o’ Pete it seemed like we’d never get to this point in the year and since it is my goal and desire to enjoy the rest of this year I’m ditching the news until 2021.
The “ber” months are months of beauty, gratitude, miracles, and magic and that’s what they’ll be in my home and I wish the same for yours.

I hope you’re all staying healthy and muddling thru this never-ending Twilight Zone episode.
It’s been a crazy ride, hasn’t it?
I’m still mentally exhausted from it all but it’s definitely been a learning experience.
For me, I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to just be kind.
No matter what. No matter who. Just be kind.

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned that’s important to you.
And please do tell me all about your favorite fall things and your take away thru this crazy pandemic.

Be well, friends, and be kind.



If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me it’s the importance of relationships.
Seriously… My Amazon shopping history for the last 6 months looks like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweepstakes! And today I’ve got Christmas presents arriving for my grandkids.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just order shit. Last night was one of those times.
I sleep with my windows open and between Life Flight helicopters and the military doing middle of the night exercises with their helicopters I always get woke up. So, what’s a girl to do?
Well, this girl placed an order on Amazon…
Sweet dreams to me!

Current relationship status?
Some summers the heat doesn’t bother me. This is not one of those summers.
My mindset is that I cannot wait for fall and yes this is me.
Or will be… Trust me I am on 24/7 lookout for that first leaf!

Some other relationships that are getting me thru the pandemic…


One of my faves…
It’s just the best.

Hulu and Amazon Prime.

And of course, my daily go-to.

No reason for this. I saw it and had to post it.
You’re welcome.

Sooooo…. Happy, happy Tuesday everyone!
What’s everybody up to?

For me, it’s all about staying cool and waiting for the Amazon truck.
It’s Christmas in August at Mimi’s!
I’ll get some sewing done, some crocheting and I’ll be repotting some plants as soon as the sun gets it’s hot ass rays away from my back patio.

And my exciting evening ahead???

What’s your Tuesday looking like?
You know the drill.
Share in the comments below.

MIMI’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY is actually a Facebook status I posted.

“Ya’ know what. At what point when you’re peeling a million hard-boiled eggs for some egg salad do you just say fuck it, we’re just gonna’ call it yolk salad.”


2020 FAST FORWARD – August

Are you there blogging world? It’s me, Mimi.
I’m alive and doing okay.
I’ve been trying to get back into the vibe of posting for sooo long…
I wrote this last month.

Wordless Wednesday

Dear July, don’t be an asshole.

This is my wish for July.
And August.
And September, October, November, and December.
And please oh please to the powers that be…
Let 2021 be the dullest, most boring, humdrum, ordinary, uninteresting, tedious, commonplace, monotonous, routine, prosaic year ever!
Except for that part where I win the lottery.

I’m with you John…

Sooo… This happened…
My son and his boyfriend got engaged at Lake Michigan today and I am over the moon for them! And for me! And for the whole family! They are such good, kind, and hysterically funny people.
Image may contain: Bear Moore and Michael Ludeman, people sitting and drink

Oh, and this happened too!
Both events cause for fireworks!
Both signs of freedom.


Happy Birthday to my 1st born!!!
Somehow my oldest boy will always be my baby boy…
So proud of the man he has become.

And then the rest of the month was just the rest of the month…
Plus or minus a few hundred tears and a few broken hearts.

Our cups runneth over…

And so, here we are. August 2020.
But just your heart because I’m pretty sure singing with your mouth is no longer allowed.

We’re in the middle of some heatwaves out here but not many wildfires so that’s a bonus.
I’m definitely ready for some cooler temps but the sunshine can stay as long as it wants.
I wish it was the medicine to make this Covid crap go away!
Super, super done with this whole mess.
The virus, the politics, masks, no masks, rioting, and just all of the hatefulness…

There’s no way I can catch up on a month’s worth of blog post readings but I’m definitely going to do what I can.
When I drop out of the blogging world I really drop out of the blogging world and I always miss you guys so much.

I hope you’re all doing well. Surviving the heat and the virus.
I’m doing okay.
Missing my lit’l Luci. I swear I see her and hear her all the time. Sometimes it feels like she’s still sleeping with me.
It’s moments like those that turn me into a puddle of tears… I miss her so much. ❤

Anyway, Happy August. Stay safe.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Who was that masked man?

 “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

I’m not sure how old you are or if you’re single but wow was I attracted to you right away even with that cute mask you had on.
*** Dear Maverick, I think you need to get your eyes…

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m looking for my missed connection. I matched with a man named Peter who is 24, 6’3″ and goes to the U of I. We really connected and I accidentally unmatched with him. If any of you know him, please help me find him again!
*** Dear Lindsey, get in line. A lot of women/men are looking for a peter…
And if he happens to be 24 and 6’3″… BONEus! 
Better to rob the cradle than the kennel.

That quote up there really says it all for me!
To be honest, I think we could all use a new month and a new mindset.
I don’t know about any of you but emotionally I am wiped out!

It’s time for some…
Can I get an amen??!!

How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re all healthy and I hope none of you got caught in the protesting and riots.
It’s a crazy time to be sure. I’m happy to say that Boise had a peaceful protest of about 300 people.
Granted, we don’t have a large black community but racism is, unfortunately, in every community.

We’re at Phase 3 of 4 for reopening Idaho. The pools, water parks, bars, and movie theaters have been added to the list and I think that about wraps up all of the businesses.
Phase 4 is just increasing how many people can go here, there and everywhere while still following the CDC guidelines.
So, basically, it’s your life. Do what’s right for you.

For me, due to my compromised immune system, I will continue to avoid crowds, I’ll continue social distancing, and I’ll be wearing my mask when I go in most places.
However, if it doesn’t rain and temps aren’t in the 90’s or triple digits I’ll be putting my new trek poles to work on the trails and NOT wearing a mask but I’ll have one just in case a ginormous marathon of trailblazers come storming up behind me!
Aren’t they pretty? They really help with steeper inclines and they do help you get a bit further on down the trails.
I can almost hear Roy and Dale now…
It’s okay, you can groan.

Needless-to-say, I’ve been getting a lot of crafting in.
Cross stitching, crocheting, and making sparkly bows for my granddaughters.
Anything to keep my mind off of the chaos.
I listen to a lot of jazz music while I craft. I listen to the BGM Channel on Spotify but it’s on iTunes and YouTube (free) as well.
About the only time, I’m not listening to music is when I’m reading. Some people can listen and read at the same time and I have no idea how they do it.
My kids used to listen to super loud music while they did their homework and since none of them failed I’m guessing the music didn’t interfere.

Speaking of reading, this is the book I’m starting tomorrow.
I try to start a new book at the beginning of every month. I have no idea what this book is about but it looks creepy.
I guess I’ll see.

What are your thoughts on getting out n’ about?
Are you going all-in or are you approaching with caution?
What have you been doing to pass the time during the pandemic?
Are any of you doing some crafting or DIY projects?
What about reading? What books are you reading?
Please do share with us because ya’ know, we really are in this together.

I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Be safe and be kind.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Criss Cross Applesauce

 “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Side note: These first two “missed connections” took me by surprise because it’s rare that a real-life crossover connection is posted.

Looking for someone to help crossdress me, and go out and experience the fun
***Don’t really have an answer. Good luck I guess.

To the young girl that works there you need to leave married men alone!!
***Wow. Not sure why this confrontation didn’t happen face to face but damn. Way to air that dirty laundry.
You were headed toward Kuna in your little green Lexus. You were parked behind me putting on lip gloss in the mirror – I was intrigued! Blonde hair and slender. Love to meet for a drink when this is all over. Look forward to hearing from you.
***Dear blonde hair and slender… DO NOT meet this jughead for a drink! He was intrigued EXCLAMATION POINT by a woman putting on lip gloss.
This guy has the IQ of an Idaho Sex Stone.
What’s an Idaho Sex Stone???
Okay, say it with me… Just a fucking rock!

older male wll give foot rub
That is so gross. I don’t like anyone touching my feet let alone some old horny coot sittin’ in the middle of bum fuck Idaho.
This post has Deliverance written all over it.
Here, old man here’s some feet you can rub…

And here’s some you can eat!

I’m not sure why this person is doing this with their toes but don’t they look like little penises?
Oh, c’mon. I can’t be the only one who thought that.

This foot…
I cannot believe I was denied this foot at birth.
It’s SO me.

❤ Aaaannnndddd… Here we are again, folks.
Happy Monday!

Everybody have a safe weekend???

I think most of us, our states, are opening up quite a bit.
Anybody get out n’ about to the beaches or parks?
Are you making hair appts. again?
How about hitting up the bars???
Or restaurants?

How are you getting your life back to normal?
Share with us in the comments below.
It’ll be interesting to see how we’re all experiencing this whole new world.

Keep safe. Keep well.
And if you can get tested. Please get tested.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Isn’t that what dating apps are for???

 “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

❤ ISO active female friend with positive personality
Hi, I’m looking for an active/positive female friend to go fishing, play pool, go for walks, bicycle rides, long talks with, and etc. in the blah, blah, blah area.
Please provide any questions you may have in your reply.
***Dear ISO, 
I have a question??? Isn’t this moment of humiliating loser online begging what dating apps are for???
You’re never gonna’ meet this “female friend” you’re begging for because guess what?
She’s out fishing with that hot guy she met at the lake and they’re out playing pool and going for walks and bike rides and they’re having long talks about how they can do all of these things naked and/or whilst fucking. 
PS – I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.
And by talk we mean eat which explains the next pic.
If only we were back in the Rubenesque era of life.
All fat women would be goddesses in the arms of super hot guys.

I may or may not have had one or more of the following dating situations…

Um… Just to set the record straight. Ryan Gosling does, in fact, know I exist and I’ve got the personal protection order to prove it.

Seriously tho…
Not so much anymore but ya’ know… The 80’s…

❤ Happy, Happy Monday everybody!!!
First, to all of the moms out there and I mean every single mom. If your kids have fur or don’t have fur. If you’re a bonus mom or if you find yourself mothering every kid on the planet without suffering one single stretch mark or two saggy breastfeeding boobs. I’m talking to you!
I hope you all had a great day and hopefully, you were able to roam free this past weekend.

Second, in my corner of the world, we had 87 degrees yesterday which is crazy to me because my family back east had snow.
I stayed in and did phone calls and face timed with my kids and grandkids which is always the highlight of my day no matter what the day.
THEN… I lounged the day away like a Queen AND shopped online with all of the gift cards the kids gave me!
It was my second most favorite part of the day. I also did some sewing, had a great dinner that included chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert and pretty much just chilled the rest of the night.
It really was a great day.

I didn’t roam free because where am I going to roam?
Are your states opening back up?? Ours really isn’t so much and when it finally does it’s going to be so different…
I think social distancing and wearing masks is going to be around for a while.

❤ Okay, what was your weekend like??
Anybody get that freak snow back east??
Any backyard barbeques happening?
Did you go visit anyone?
I know they say stay home but sometimes ya’ gotta’ go see family even if you stand outside a window and wave.

Share with me down in the comments and as always, stay safe however you choose to do that and take care of you and your loved ones.

PS – If you follow the Rubenesque link it will take you to a really funny post by one of our fellow bloggers, UP at Redneck Latte Ravings.
Seriously. I laughed all the way thru. You should give it a read.

I probably did tell him that but I am soooooo not worried about it.


I started this post yesterday and my day got away so it has now become a “twofer” post except Wordless Wednesday will not be very wordless.

No reason for the title of this post other than I just wanted to change up the name because I know there are a million and one – I counted – posts titled Cinco De Mayo floating around the web today. And speaking of mayo. Do you guys remember the commercial jingle, “Bring out the Hellman’s and bring out the best?”
This commercial is from 1973.

***Falling under the “and now you know” and “useless information” categories of life…

Something I discovered while looking for the Hellman’s commercial is that Hellman’s Mayo is also Best Foods Mayo and they both have the same jingle. The proverbial killing of two birds with one stone. Marketing 1 product with 2 names with 1 jingle.
Very clever… I see what ya’ did there Best Foods.

This comment was below this commercial on YouTube. Fact or fiction I don’t know but it sounds legit.

Originally seen in 1966. “Hellmann’s” is sold as ‘Best Foods’, “west of the Rockies”, because the “Hellmann’s” trademark doesn’t extend across the entire United States. An alternate version, using the “Hellmann’s” jar, was also filmed.
Thanks Barry!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! And for the first time since this quarantine, I’m super happy I won’t be in any grocery store coming across a big ‘ol fucking cow head in the meat section! So gross. As is cow tongue and chicken feet! Who is eating this shit and whhhhhyyyyyyy?

And speaking of gross shit. My mom used to buy beef brains and put them in my dad’s scrambled eggs. Also gross. Us kids tried them because when Sgt. Ray said, “just try it, it’s not poison.” We believed him. My dad was always bringing home stuff for us to “try.” Chocolate-covered insects, octopus, caviar.
All gross, gross, and disgustingly gross.

I’m also super happy I won’t be in any stores seeing pig head in the meat section either. Also gross.
I went to a pig roast one time and after the pig was roasted and everybody had had their fill someone cracked open the skull and people started scooping out the brains on crackers.
Miraculously, I didn’t vomit at least not at this party.
I remember trying it “just to be polite” but I was told I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol at that pig roast so I don’t really know if I liked it.
My days of being polite at pig roasts and basically everywhere else are over.

I started my day with my grandson Aidan calling to thank me for the masks I made for him. That was really sweet and then he actually wants me to make more! Yay. They must’ve been a success. That makes me happy. That also makes me sitting at my sewing machine for most of the day and that’s okay by me!

My granddaughter, Aidan’s sister Kiernan, called me on Duo today and read me a Pinkalicious book which was really sweet of her!
The call from my grandson and having a book read to me by my granddaughter plus beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and doors and windows wide open to catch the breeze…
What more can a Mimi hope for?!

This post got away from me too because you know, I was at the sewing machine! I hope you’re all well. I like to check in with all of you. I think it’s good that we check in with each other. I hope the next catastrophe that we face doesn’t take our computers down because then what??? Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy


“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist and this week by fellow blogger Joe over at ‘Cranky Old Man because he said he missed these ‘Missed Connection’ posts.
So, thank you, Joe, for the encouragement! Enjoy!

These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

You was such a beautiful dark skin short angel you had on a sexy dress and a mask. Hopefully you see this and we can talk more and go shopping I will get the items on the top shelf for you. If this is you reply with the color of dress you was wearing!
***Okay, Mr. Cheetos…
First, THIS! Second, THIS!
And NO this does not qualify as social distancing…

Was at your place this afternoon replacing something defective. U owe me a beer. Let me know what I was doing and my name. Would love to have a beer and maybe more?
***If she’s smart she’ll be replacing something else defective… YOU!
“Let me know what I was doing and my name.”
Hhhhmmmm. What you were doing…

Oh, and your name??? That’s easy.

How’s everybody doing?
What fun things did you do this weekend?
Is everybody in lockdown mode or were you able to get out n’ about?

We had a rainy weekend so I was in at the sewing machine.

I shared with you in my last post that since sheltering in place I’ve been doing a lot of online purchasing. My go-to shopping fix is Amazon but lately, Etsy and eBay have been thrown into the mix as well and it has been so fucking frustrating!

I always make it a point to check the USA box on all sites. I want all of my shops here so I’m not waiting a bazillion years for my shit. Well, as I learned, some of these shops are just out n’ out shysters! – Hey, there’s a word nobody uses anymore. – But seriously. They’re shady as hell. I waited almost a month for elastic and interfacing even tho both sellers on Etsy and eBay stated their shops were located in the U.S.
The shops are located in some other country. The warehouses they ship to are in the U.S. I know because when I was tracking all this crap it was sitting in warehouses in Seattle, WA. and Los Angeles, CA for almost a whole fucking month. I was so fed up I told the seller I wanted a refund which surprisingly was done the next day, in fact, the very day everything arrived! Ugh. After that, I now send all sellers messages. I want to know if the product is at your home or out in your garage. Can you physically touch it? If the answer is yes I place the order and I don’t care if it’s more expensive. I’ll pay extra just to get my shit in time.
Can you tell how fucking irritated I am?

Next up, Amazon. To be fair, Amazon has never let me down… Until… I purchased the biggest piece of shit vacuum I’ve ever seen! Not even kidding! Every bit of it was cheap plastic! The suction was great thru a 3″ inch slit!!! No roller on the bottom, no belts, just a plastic vacuum head with a 3″ inch slit. – Omg. Sounds like some people I know! – What’s really stupid is that I checked the reviews before I bought the piece of shit and it had thousands of 4/5 stars and really great written reviews. Totally makes me wonder what the hell people are vacuuming with this thing?? On the plus side, it came early. Also on the plus side. It’s going back.

Have you guys ever had any online buying horror stories?
I really miss just being able to go into a store and pick up what I actually need locally.

❤ As you all know I love to craft. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing but I was totally ready for a change so I started embroidery by hand and I totally suck at it but I’m not giving up.
Holy hell. The many, many, many things that are wrong with those leaves… That one that’s half done on the left? Every tip of every leaf is supposed to have a french knot.
Yeah… Well, obviously that didn’t happen but I’m not done, and no matter what I’m not giving up. I refuse to allow a little hand embroidery to kick my ass.
My goal is to have one embroidery done a month. I started last month and managed this…
I’m following some YouTube tutorials.
I’ve also got a cross-stitch project going but I won’t be sharing that until it’s complete.

Okay well, it’s been another blog post the length of ‘War and Peace’ and I’m certain I’ve bored you all to near death but I’m here and I’m blogging and I’m just really trying to get back into and stay in the blogging groove.

It’s the beginning of the week so you know I want to know what you have planned.
Lemme’ know in the comments below.
Take care of yourselves. Be safe and be well.



❤ I suspect we’ve all been doing this during this peculiar moment in time.
Adjusting our focus, our work schedules, sleep/wake schedules…
Feel free to insert anything you’ve been adjusting. For me, it seems to be everything!

❤ So. I’ve been away again and I have to say, I never know how long my “comeback” post should be. Should it be a hi there and hello or should I share what’s been happening over the last month?

I usually start out with a super long one and then I ditch it for something short n’ sweet. I sorta’ do the same thing in stores. I’ll load up my cart with a bunch of shit and the more I roam around the stores the more I realize I don’t need half of the shit in the cart so I’m that crazy person you’ve seen in the stores putting shit back on shelves and not necessarily where it goes.

❤ What’s been happening??? I feel like we’re living in the Twilight Zone!

❤ I’ve been trying to follow the White House bouncing ball but who can keep up with the ever-changing campaign speeches/temper tantrum/briefings coming forth from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I don’t think we need those briefings every day and if we do for God’s sake let someone else do the talking!

I wish Sgt. Joe Friday from Dragnet was one of the so-called “3rd rate reporters” at those “briefings.”

❤ I’ve been making masks. Here’s a pile of ’em already shipped out. I think this batch was 50+.
I imagine everyone with a sewing machine is making them. I know I’m making more because I don’t think this is going away anytime soon. So, if you or someone you know is in need hit me up.

❤ Today our state is doing a Phase 1 open, whatever the hell that is. I’m tired of listening to it all. Anymore these political briefings are much like the weather. Wait 5 minutes and all the rules will change. I hope everyone doesn’t run around like they’ve just made a prison break altho I suppose I couldn’t blame them. Being cooped up totally blows.

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve had one car ride out n’ about since quarantining became a way of life and I felt like I just landed on the planet. There have been buildings built and buildings torn down, all of the flowers and trees are in bloom. The gas prices have dropped below two dollars, all of the stores have caution tape and one-way signs. I feel like I’ve literally spent the entire spring season indoors and again, it totally blows.

❤ I haven’t been blogging because I just wasn’t feeling it. We’re all doing the same lockdown life. On the plus side, I haven’t tried to cut my own hair. On the not even close to positive side, I started watching The Real Housewives of New York. I know. What the hell, right? This is how I know my brain is turning to mush.

Fortunately, I didn’t even make it thru one show because I couldn’t deal with all that nitpicky, high school bullshit from grown-ass women. I don’t even know who those housewives are but they really need to back away from the plastic surgery. Holy hell… They look like skeletons with fruit roll-ups for flesh!

❤ How have all of you been? Everybody still healthy? We’re all holding up here but my cousin in Chicago has the virus and that’s very scary. Prayers and positive vibes for her would be much appreciated.

❤ So, I discovered this about myself via quarantine. Apparently, I’m addicted to Amazon now. Actually just online shopping in general. Granted, the things I’m ordering are things I need but still, it’s like an every week thing. I’d go to overspenders anonymous but I’m pretty sure they’re not an “essential” business,  like gyms and tattoo shops… Insert eye roll here.

❤ Today is my very best day of quarantine because it’s my son’s 29th birthday!! So a great big Happy Birthday to him!

Thank goodness he’s in Michigan. They’re not opening until the 15th so I don’t have to worry about a bar scene with a bunch of “maybe they’re infected maybe they’re not” non-mask wearing partiers.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my son who has taught me so much about acceptance, thinking outside the box, and most of all unconditional love.
College grad. 2019 with his beautiful sister.

❤ Wow. So apparently I opted for the long-ass blog post. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll be writing my post for tomorrow later this morning and I promise it won’t be that long.

❤ As always, I’ll be visiting all of you and catching up. Please stay safe. Keep your distance and as goofy as they look, wear a mask. I’ve got you all in my prayers. ❤


2020 SELF ISOLATION – Things I’ve Learned

I now have a favorite pair of pajamas, a favorite nightgown, a favorite pair of slippers and a favorite sleep mask.

I can wear my hair up or down, straight or curly, spiked out or greased flat.
I can put on a wig, long or short.
I can dry shampoo, regular shampoo or shampoo not at all!

I can do my make-up like the Joker in Batman or like a really hot hooker with lashes for days, smokey eyes and luscious lips.

Unfortunately, I can also eat an entire pie, cake, a dozen donuts, two dozen cookies, a bag of Tostino pizza rolls, 3 boxes of hot pockets and every granola bar we have in the house PLUS all of the chocolate milk and ice cream!
Basically, anything sweet and/or filled with carbs. I’m there.

That being said, unless there are men out there – other than the ones who go for the Kartrashians and their big ‘ol construction-grade, silicone injected fat asses – who like a little more A LOT MORE cushion for the pushin’ it doesn’t look like my lashes for days, smokey-eyed, luscious lipped hooker gig will be a go.

Needless-to-say, my low carb lifestyle has gone out the window but not before I lost 15lbs. Now, I’m afraid to get on the scale… It’s so much safer on the couch. The couch doesn’t judge me or weigh me!

I hope that all of you are staying in – if you can – and staying healthy. I hope the coronavirus’ tentacles haven’t reached too far into your families, certainly not health-wise and hopefully not employment wise.

In the midst of all of this chaos I am finding much to be thankful for and I hope that you are too.

I’m thankful that my family and friends are healthy.
I’m thankful for all of the people who are out there working daily among this virus to take care of us in every way. Those people truly are the heroes.
And I am so very thankful for my faith and the gift of being able to believe without seeing.



“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Whatever happened to meeting someone at the bar and going home with them? Does that still happen? I haven’t had a drink in over a year and I never go to bars anymore. I’m a 39-year-old single male missing the good old days. Miss the thrill of waking up next to someone and thinking “Maybe this is the one. She’s cute! She must have had beer goggles.”.
***Dear 39 year old single male. You can still have those “good old days” but you’ll probably have to, um, I don’t know…
Climb into a fucking TIME MACHINE and have them drop you at the first DISCOTHEQUE you fly over.

“What happened to meeting someone at the bar and going home with them?”
Hhhmmmm… Let’s see…
Any other STD. 
Every creepy crime show on cable or streaming on wifi which documents that “thrill” of NOT waking up next to someone… Freak.
Oh, and dating apps.

Also. You’re talking one night stands and beer goggles? You’re not 39 creeper.

First, I wish I could have a Paczki from back home.
Second, yaaawwwnnnn… I’m still waking up. Today is a twofer post, the Monday/Tuesday combo because I literally stayed in bed all day yesterday. Not even kidding. I felt like I was coming down with something and spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping. Apparently, I needed it. Since having cancer I have learned to listen to my body.

Not much going on out here. My pup is finally gaining weight again after being so sick so I am over the moon about that.

I’ve been adding to my crafting inventory and finishing up a few personal projects.

My grandson Aidan turned 13 this month.
He loves knives so I got him this one. I know nothing about knives I just thought this one looked cool.
He loves it. So, score one for Mimi.

❤ Finally catching up on Law & Order SVU.
Meet “Sonny Carisi” my new crime show crush.
His real name is Peter Scanavino. ❤
An exquisite example of the finest Italian hottie quite possibly on the planet.
Who doesn’t love an Italian stallion?

Okay. Jumping off to get on with my real life of whatever the hell it is that I do. Today I have zero planned and I’m okay with that. I’m still trying to shake the cobwebs outta’ my head after an early morning and that all day sleep coma yesterday. Geesh.

I’ve been around to visit with all of you and just so you know, you’ve made me laugh and cry this morning so that’s a balanced start to my Tuesday.
I hope you’re all having a great day.
Lemme’ know what your week looks like in the comments below pleeaase.


2020 MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Sesame Street Edition

❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Looking for an old friend. He used to work at Hillcrest. Bert. He was an arborist.
***Umm… Bert moved a looooong time ago.
Apparently, he’s in the Sesame Street witness protection program.
I was with arm sling. You were Checking out. I commented on ankle tattoo. You kept looking at me when sitting in car. Shoulda gave number. Here’s the second chance…you had beautiful smile and eyes too.
***You were with arm sling?? Who the hell is arm sling?
You sound Asian. Are you Mr. Sling and Arm Sling is your wife???
Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Asian, American or Vulcan. No number. No second chance.
NO arm sling!
Who is Ted Bundy? A serial killer who was “with arm sling” to lure his victims to their deaths!

we pulled up next to each other and glanced at each other. this is a total shot in the dark but im trying to reach out and see where things could go.
***Dear M4F, you’re a fucking idiot. Where things could go??? You’re getting on the freeway you freak! She wasn’t glancing at you she was trying to see if she could merge on over but your big ‘ol drooling head was in her way!
You’re trying to reach out? Try reaching out to a psychiatrist.
Happy Monday! Happy February!!

So much happening on the world stage and all of it makes my head hurt.
On the plus side, the impeachment hearings have ended.

Spent all morning and afternoon in my car bouncing around like a pinball all around Boise!
BONUS : I showed up for an appt today that isn’t until tomorrow. So that’s where my head’s been all day.

So stinkin’ tired. I’m pretty sure I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and it wasn’t all at once.

What have all of you been doing? Everybody have a nice weekend?
Weatherwise, we had a little bit of everything, some snow, lots of rain and then beautiful sunshine which was a bit deceptive as it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra!

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can complain that it’s hotter than two squirrels fucking in a wool sock!

Okay, I’m out of here and on to catching up on your posts until my eyelids slam shut. Hope you’re having a good start to your week.



I posted this pic on Monday’s post, Monday Rain.
Well, Lit’l Miss Bijoux from Bytes From The Burbs who I absolutely adore commented this –
Ok, don’t kill me, but is that a vibrator in your tea? LOL! The Monday Vibe with that oddly shaped green thing is throwing me!

But why in the name of all things vibrators and tea would I put a vibrator IN my tea??

Also, Bijoux I know the exact vibrator you’re thinking of.
Vibrators aside. Altho they’re not much use there…
No, that was not a vibrator in my tea it was, of course, a tea infuser!
You can get them as a whole set if you want to.
And Bijoux, you can get a whole set of these kinds of “tea infusers” too.
To be fair to tho, I can see how you might get confused.
Soooo, I missed posting this on Wordless/Wordy Wednesday so it’s a twofer Thursday.

Yesterday I ran errands with my beautiful friend Miranda and today, I’m just happy to be alive!
For some reason, Miranda felt the need to glide thru every yellow light that could have potentially caused a t-bone crash into the passenger side of her vehicle where coincidently enough, I was sitting!
But, but, but… Wait. Miranda did STOP at one yellow light…
Yeah. The light that could have put the driver’s side – HER – in harm’s way of a t-bone crash.

Also. When we went to Costco, Miranda wouldn’t buy us those delicious peanut butter cookies so we could both ditch our stupid diets…
And she says she loves me.
Today I’ve got nothing going on except getting these big ass donation bags over to the Idaho Youth Ranch and out of the dining room and now living room!
After that, I’ll be doing some kind of crafting. I don’t know what just yet.

What’s happening with all of you?
We have some nice weather coming up so I’m hoping to spend some time on the back patio repotting some house plants. I so cannot wait for spring!

It’s almost the weekend?
Plans anyone?
Is the weather holding up for everyone?

Summer’s coming up fast too, is anybody planning an awesome summer vacation?
Personally, I wouldn’t get on a plane right now if it was free but a road trip is always fun and free of deadly flu viruses.
Share in the comments!


  I didn’t watch the Grammys. I was and still am in shock about the Kobe Bryant (and everyone else) copter going down. I have, however, seen some of the outfits from the “Red Carpet” and honestly, they just make my head hurt!

My questions are always the same…
Who dressed these people???
Stevie Wonder???
Are there no mirrors in their homes??

Maybe the better question is, who DIDN’T dress these people???

Here are a few of the “Best Dressed” according to Braille Magazine.

❤  Singer, Lizzo…
One review called this look stunning…
Stunning? She looks like a giant marshmallow that got too close to the campfire!
Good lord…
Model, Chrissy Teigen, married to singer, John Legend. This is another, who wore it better. Chrissy Teigen or…
Billy Porter. Not a clue what he does but he makes a great floor lamp!
And apparently the BIG winner of the night with 5 Grammys is singer, Billie Eilish. I’ve never heard of this chick. I YouTubed a couple of her songs and totally not my cup of weirdness…
Also. What is up with this monstrosity she calls an outfit??? What’s with all that green???
She looks reptilian…
I know… “Mimi, you’re such a judgmental bitch.”

Hey, this list could go on forever! I didn’t even get to most of the guys!
Here’s the singer, John Legend. He’s married to the Kool-Aid chick up there, Chrissy Teigen.

Um, John… First of all, really shitty suit but since you’ve got some extra hangin’ off the side there, go ahead and cut that off and give it to your wife. Her dress is missing a few pieces…
My least favorite look of the night? Priyanka Chopra.
One review called this sexy and it is… I love the belly button gem and the fringe on the sleeves. I’m just a little perplexed…
I’m trying to think of any other place I would wear this…
Ohhhhhh, I know…
AT HOME! With my husband…
While the kids are at grandma’s!

And speaking of husbands… That’s her 12 yr. old husband, singer, Nick Jonas, standing next to her. On what planet does a husband encourage (notice I didn’t say, let) his wife to go out in public dressed like this??

Also, that’s Duchess Yoko’s BFF. Clearly, she too is a part of that “I don’t want any attention” crew.

So. As I was writing this the sky opened and decided to drop buckets of rain and a thunderstorm is brewing so I’m going to jump off of here before we lose power.
Happy Tuesday!!



I feel like I haven’t even been to bed!

I’m thinking about how much I love my pup but I wish she wouldn’t behave like a cat! Sleep all day. Up all night. Which means I’m up all night because she doesn’t jump down from the bed or up onto it.
It’s my own fault. She’s 14 and I worry about her joints and bones. I just really want to baby her for however much longer we are blessed to have her.
In the meantime, I bitch because ya’ know, that’s what I do.

We’ve got a rainy week ahead with temps in the 40’s. I’ll take it. It’s too late in the game for snow now. The Snow Miser had his chance.
Nope. Not this year you weren’t. No white Christmas for us. Loser…

I started intermittent fasting. I’ll let ya’ know how that goes. You have an 8-hour window to eat and then 16 hours of fasting. It’s supposed to be really healthy for you. You can read about it here.

Seriously wish I could go back to bed but I can’t.

Thinking about heading outside as soon as it gets daylight. I need to wake up!

Trying to ignore the sirens so early today… Hoping everyone is okay.

On my hook. A Christmas present. A super-soft blanket. I work on it while binge-watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime but since there’s only 2 seasons available right now and I’m on season 2 I may have to find another show to binge on.
On my loom is a simple winter hat for next year.
Under my needle is a Halloween project.
Listening to Eminem’s new album, Music To Be Murdered By. Specifically, the song Godzilla that beats his supersonic rap speed record on an older song, Rap God.

Eminem knocks out 229 words (containing 339 syllables) in 30 seconds on the song – “Godzilla”. He raps 11.3 syllables per second. He out-performs ‘Majesty’ and “Rap God” on this verse in rapping speed by 1.0 and 1.7 syllables per second respectively. That’s a new world record!

Okay. That’s a rap god for me!

What are all of you up to on this fine Tuesday morning?
Whatever you do, wherever you go, enjoy!
I’m scoopin’ up my pup and heading outside!



❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –

“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Custom white Dodge Ram. 🔥
You held the door for me.
Told me you liked the color of my Lincoln (in a sexy soft voice)
You ride a motorcycle. Nice sunglasses! 😎
Like at 1st look!
I wrote the color of my car on a piece of paper with my phone # to put under your wiper, and then you were gone! 😢
I would love to chat!
*** Dear Ms. Lincoln,
Ya’ know, I’ve had a lot of guys hold the door for me and I’ve heard, “you have beautiful eyes,” “love your smile,” and occasionally the “nice rack” comment but not a one of ’em ever mentioned the color of my vehicle.

I’m curious. Did you have sunglasses on?
Were you not smiling??
Maybe you’re the President of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee???

I may be wrong but I’m gonna guess if Mr. Dodge Ram told you he liked the color of your Lincoln in a sexy, soft voice he probably plays for the other team.

This is the way I’m feeling today, how about you?

I spent a lot of time outside this weekend and stayed up waaaay too late. I may have enjoyed one too many cups of hot cinnamon tea compliments of Fireball Whiskey but it was chilly outside and a girl needs a warm-up!
Omgosh… So, so good.

Something else that’s so, so good? My unplugged weekends. I got some reading in AND some sewing. Working on some Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.

I only have 3 crochet projects in the works and those I take out when I’m binge-watching Jack Ryan on Amazon.
Who knew the goofy guy (John Krasinski) from The Office would transform into hottie Jack Ryan??If you can watch it, you should. It’s a great show.

Okay. Here’s the part where you share with me what all of you did over the weekend and what your week ahead is looking like.
You know the drill. Share, share, share in the comments below!



❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
“Your local serial killer hunting ground.”

Was doing sone work on your new house and we made eye contact and you smiled. You seem lonely and I think there may have been something there. You were a beautiful blonde bombshell. If you think this is you tell me where you were building
***The only thing I have to say about this is…
Next on ID, Nightmare In Suburbia.

Seriously, this one gave me the creeps for real. The guy knows what this woman looks like, where she lives AND the layout of her home. Bonus. He’s already making up some psycho imaginary scenario about her seemingly lonely life.

This would be my response…
you were at fred meyers today,your ecclectic fashion sence and wild hair drove me crazy,if you read this and want to chat or something please reply.
Dear Random Guy at FM,
It’s very sweet of you to notice. I did just get my hair cut but I’m really not into the whole “serial killer hunting grounds of Craigslist.” Thanks anyway.
Sincerely, Mimi.
PS – I drive a lot of people crazy.

Happy Monday, everybody! How was your weekend?
Mine was unplugged for the most part. I did have to check on kids back east and Miranda up on the mountain.

The photo below is at Miranda’s ranch yesterday.
We got about 3″ of snow here in the valley and they’re calling for a week of snow. It’s still not cold enough to keep it around for very long which is fine by me. I love the snow but January is usually such a frigid, gray month that seems to drag on forever.

Totally missed posting on Friday because I started decrapifying my bedroom closet. Why is that everything seems to grow tenfold once it comes out of a closet??? Seriously, cleaning closets make the biggest cleaning messes! I’m surprised at how much crap a person can get into a closet!

Anyway, so the decrapifying continued on and consumed my whole weekend because I may or may not be a hoarder of dresses, socks and crafting/sewing shit. I’m well over 100 on my decrapifying challenge.

❤ Aaaand, speaking of decrapifying… Seems we need to decrapify our beloved Luci. The vet did a complete head to toe exam… again… plus blood work, x-rays, and an ultrasound.
$184 later…
Our dog is full of shit.

With age (she’s 14) her spine has curved and that curvature combined with her just not being nearly as active as she once was, plus, a recent round of anti-biotics, it appears that Luci’s “plumbing” has gotten clogged. She’s taking a 1/4 tsp of Miralax twice a day. It’s a slow go but at least it’s a go!

❤ How are all of you surviving the crazy weather?? My kids in Michigan all got different weather. The one up north got dumped with snow (of course) and the other two down state, one got ice and rain, the other got nothing. Go figure.

Okay. I need another cup of java joe and then I’m heading to all of your blogs to catch up!


2020 WORDY WEDNESDAY BONUS THURSDAY THOUGHTS aka I didn’t get my f#%cking post up in time yesterday!

This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday and this was going to be my photo…
But you know me… Judgmental bitch that I am, there was nooo waaay I was letting this slide.
Eeewwww. C’mon Duchess Yoko get it together.

And I know, I know…
“But Mimi everybody sweats.”

Yes, everybody does but you’re a member of the Royal family for fuck sake!
You don’t have better wardrobe people than this???
They have pads you can put under your arms so you don’t have pit stains!
Royal or peasant, it’s just gross.

But wait. One more…
Again, I have to ask. Where the hell are her wardrobe people??
And again, yes, yes, yes. I’m a judgmental bitch but really???
Even us peasant chicks know how to remedy this.
Duchess Yoko really needs to get her shit together.

A lit’l light discussion to kick off my day.
“Mom, did you see what President Trump tweeted?”
Yes, honey, yes I did and no, I’m not concerned. I think he’s got a handle on it.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Oh, hi. Good morning!
All that up there was from my unfinished Wordy Wednesday.

Not to keep beating the dead Royal horse but did anybody see the headlines?

Didn’t I tell you? Duchess Yoko is breakin’ up the band!
SOOOO happy they’re moving to Canada and not here!
Apologies to Debbie at The Doglady’s Den.

❤ Okay. Enough of them for a bit. I know you’re all thinking, praise Buddah!
It’s almost the weekend. Plans anyone?

Weather permitting I’ll be hangin’ with Miranda for her birthday. We got a few inches of snow in the valley so they may have gotten a few feet up on the mountain.
Then… It’s another unplugged weekend for me and I’m hoping to finish my book and get on to the next.

Today was all about laundry and more decrapifying. – Tossed 5 bras. Who tosses 5 bras in one fell swoop? – Tonight will be a lit’l bit of crocheting, a lit’l bit of reading and early to bed.

What about you guys. Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report?
Share it in the comments.
If you have plans share them in the comments too, please!


2020 TOUGH TITTY TUESDAY – Duchess Yoko

The first TTT award of 2020 goes to…
Duchess Yoko, aka, Meghan Markle.
Look! No Duchess Yoko! See the genuine smiling faces?

Now, here comes Duchess Yoko on the scene…
No smiling faces.

Just like The Beatles.
Before freakish Yoko.
Happy lads. Smiling faces, with teeth, which is going some for the English.

Slither on in freakish Yoko…
Now look.
No more smiling faces.

It’s the same for Duchess Yoko.
From the moment this minor Hollywood actress became involved with Prince Harry she’s done nothing but bitch and moan about her lot in life.
“I’ve tried the stiff upper lip…”
Blah, blah, blah…
But I’m a whiny ass and I can’t handle life as a Royal and now “H as I like to call him” is a whiny ass too.
Seriously? You went from a minor actress to a fucking Duchess, I’m assuming with eyes wide open and now you can handle all of the attention???  Really?
Oh, look, here you are as a minor actress…
Clearly, you’re trying to avoid attention…
Oh, and here too… Please don’t notice me.
And this one… My favorite.
No wonder it was so hard for you to get the hang of how a Royal should sit.
Get over yourself Duchess Yoko.
You can’t have it both ways. If you didn’t want the attention you should have been a dental hygienist and married a mailman.

Also. Stop trying to upset the Royal apple cart. The House of Windsor has been around a long fucking time and trust me, the Queen isn’t bowing down to your whiny ass.

❤ Happy TTT everyone!
Who would you like to say Tough Titty to??? I know there’s someone…
C’mon, drop it in the comments so we can all say…

❤ I hope each and every one of you enjoys your day today whatever you may be doing and please, let’s send some good vibes over to Australia. The devastation over there is heartbreaking.

❤ Busy day for me. Errands and an appt. for Luci at the vet. Hopefully, they’ll give her some medicine for her acid reflux and stomach issue. She’s lost so much weight.

She sleeps with me and it really is like having a baby again. I hear every noise she makes and I get up when she gets up which is A LOT throughout the night! But, then she’ll sleep throughout the day and now when I can, I’ll sleep throughout the day because that’s the only sleep I get. But… I also have shit to do during the day!

And just like that, I’m on my dog’s sleep schedule…

❤ Sooo. In between all of the running about today I’m hoping to get my hair cut off. I tried to let it grow long but it’s driving me nutso so today it gets chopped.
This is how chopped…
Not that color because that will be my color soon enough but I love short n’ sassy!

Dear Princess Yoko,

WEDNESDAY’S POST – Wordless or Wordy Wednesday


❤ “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it – ‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.

You were buying a few things and quickly walked off. I’ve always wanted to see what an older woman was capable of. You stared at me, are you interested? Tell me what you bought so I know it’s really you.
***I’ve always wanted to see what an older woman is capable of.”
What are older women capable of???
Say hello to Katherine Knight.

“When investigators searched her home, they found his head in a pot, boiling away on the stove with some vegetables.”

Still curious what older women are capable of???

It was good seeing you today. Wouldn’t mind catching up if you would like. If not it’s okay, you looked amazing in those green pants with the boots.
***Gee, thanks Tink. Now please step away from the crack pipe.

❤ Hey, hey, hey! Happy 1st Monday of the New Year! Not anymore special than any other Monday really but this one just kinda’ sets the year in motion. Everybody’s back to work, back to school, back to routines, keeping or tossing those New Year’s resolutions.

❤ I’m happy to say that my unplugged weekend was a success and wonderfully peaceful.
Reading, relaxing and enjoying a weekend of yummy teas.

My gently used book is really good so far!
‘Alaska Black Tea Whale Tail Raspberry’
A gift “Miranda” brought back for me from their trip to Alaska.
SO yummy!

❤ Currently, there are powerline tree trimmers in the back and I’ve heard things hit my window no less than 6 times so I’m hoping nothing comes crashing thru!

❤ On tap today is a continuation of my “decrapifying.” It’s a decluttering challenge from the Facebook group, Becoming Unbusy. Toss 100 things in a weekend.

I started on Dec. 27, 2019, and so far I have 90 things tossed so clearly, I’ve failed the weekend toss but today I’m going thru nail polish and all things nails and that will put me OVER 100 things. Go me!

UPDATE: The tree trimmers DID break my window! fuckers Not a hole but a crack from top to bottom! The glass guys are a week out so I hope our mild winter stays mild.

❤ Okay. Heading out to run some errands and then home to finish decrapifying!

What’s on tap for all of you?
Back to work, back to school, back to old routines, new routines???
Happy Monday!
Let’s all have a great week ahead, shall we??


TUESDAY’S POST – Tough Titty Tuesday


❤ The beginning of every year is when a lot of people make resolutions and/or choose a word for the year to guide them and keep them focused on personal goals throughout the New Year.

❤ I am not a resolution maker but I do choose a word to keep me on task for the upcoming year.

❤ This year my guiding alphabetical star is RETURN.

❤ It’s time to return to me and to be me.
No holds barred. Unapologetically, ME.

❤ I’m peeling back the layers and getting back to the heart of who I am. I’m taking stock of what serves me and what doesn’t and quite honestly, totally putting me first! It’s been a long time coming and I am soooo ready!

❤ Adventures await!

❤ No more munching on the appetizers of life. I want the full 8-course meal and I’ll get it even if I have to cook it myself!
Especially, if I have to cook it myself!

❤ I’m in it to win it and I will win.

*** How about all of you?
Yay or Nay on the Word Of The Year??


MONDAY’S POST – Missed Connection Monday

*** My weekends will be totally unplugged. No phone. No computer. No t.v.
If anyone needs me, they can find me at home, feet up with a book in my hand and a cup of tea by my side.


❤ Check. Check. And Check!
AND, I am thankful for this New Year!!
2020! WOW!! I’m blown away!!!

❤ And here it is, day 2 of 2020…
How’s everybody doing?

❤ How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you everything you asked for?
He was certainly generous to me and that’s surprising since I’m pretty sure I was born on the naughty list!

❤ Raise your hand if you traveled for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.
I did not but this may have been the year to do it. Not much snow anywhere. We were in the 50’s. We got a dusting of snow at some point in December and then nothing. For me, being raised with tons of snow, I have to say, not having snow for Christmas definitely takes a bit of the Christmassy mood away.

❤ I don’t know if there’s an etiquette rule about favoring one gift above another but I have to tell you, my DIL got me the coolest – well, I think it’s cool – subscription to a book club and it’s got a little twist. You get a book every month but it’s a gently used book.

I don’t know who came up with that idea but I love it! I absolutely refuse to throw a book away. I’ll pass them on to friends or I’ll donate them to smaller libraries but I will not throw them away and now that I know these kinds of book clubs exist I’ll be making donations to them too!

❤ My DIL also got me a monthly tea subscription. It’s like she knows me or something!

❤ Okay, your turn! Share, share, share!!! Your Christmas, your New Year, favorite gifts, goals, resolutions??
Obviously, I’m not clinging to that “New Year, New You” mantra because I’m still the same nosey bitch in 2020 that I was in 2019! Ha!

TOMORROW’S POST – Word Of The Year, Yay Or Nay?

DECEMBER THREE – Tough Titty Tuesday – On the menu

I haven’t done a TTT in sooooo long! I really should do more of these because there is absolutely no lack of people bitching and moaning about total bullshit.

This week’s Tough Titty Tuesday award goes tooooooooo….
Gabrielle Union!!!!
I seriously had to look this person up because I didn’t have a clue who the hell she was. I’d seen her face but I thought she was just another one of those “famous for being famous” morons.
I guess she’s an actress. Who knew.

Most recently she’s been a judge on the show America’s Got Talent.
Jay Leno a COMEDIAN was also a judge on this show.
Apparently, Gabrielle Union wasn’t aware of the fact that sometimes comedians do these little things called JOKES and she was…
All together boys and girls…

Via People magazine here’s the atrocity committed by that damn racist Jay Leno!
(That too is a joke, Jay Leno is not a racist.)

“According to Variety, Leno allegedly joked about a painting on the wall that featured Simon Cowell — who serves as a judge and executive producer — surrounded by his dogs. Sources on the series told the outlet he joked the dogs looked like something one would find “on the menu at a Korean restaurant,”alluding to the stereotype that all Asian people eat dog meat.”

Yeah, I can see where that “alludes” to ALL Asian people eating dog.
According to this ad that’s not even true!
They eat cats too!!!
Hey Gabrielle!

Happy Tough Titty Tuesday everyone!!!
Raise your hand if you’re offended by all of these so-called offenses.
Much like they’re bringing back paper straws and paper bags, they need to bring back thick skin, a spine, and most of all a sense of humor!

Here’s hoping your TTT is filled with lots n’ lots of laughter.

Be well.

NOVEMBER TWENTY ONE – The Randomness Of Me @3am

Seriously… So, I’m laying in bed and I know there are dishes in the sink. I toss, I turn, I sleep for a minute and dream about doing those damn dishes! I wake up and do the damn dishes.

Also. I was tossing and turning because I tweaked my back at some point and now it’s a nerve thing. Randomly I’ll feel like I’ve just been hit with a cattle prod in my lower back and that’s always a lot of fun.

Waiting to see the dr. yesterday I realized how shitty my blog looks on my phone. Which means it looks shitty on everyone’s phones. Ugh.

Same ‘ol same ‘ol at the doc’s. Nothing life-threatening. “Lose some weight…”
Trying to figure out why the media is so down on Lt. Col. Vindman. Of course, that’s the only part of all that political crap I watched so what do I know but he appears to be a stand-up guy.

I can’t believe we finally have snow in our forecast… It won’t stick because it’s been so warm but a few flurries would be very holiday-ish.

Why is everyone hating on Green Bean Casserole these days? Seems like for the past few holidays NOBODY wants the Green Bean Casserole. I remember a time when EVERYBODY wanted it… Admittedly, I have done my fair share of Wayne Gretsky grocery shopping snagging up the last of those French’s Fried Onions for my Green Bean Casseroles. My youngest loves it!

Another Thanksgiving mishap. My daughter was carrying two full glasses of iced tea to the table and she tripped over a carpet. Pro that she is tho she didn’t spill one drop of tea as she fell to her knees! She did, however, break two dinner plates that her elbows landed on! Tada! Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. Something else we laugh about at this time of year.

Alas. My randomness and weirdness have run out. Okay, just my randomness. What’s on your plates for the day? The week? The weekend? Anyone traveling for Thanksgiving? What’s happening in your corners of the world??
Please share.


Be well.


Seriously… I don’t know who took Idaho’s “normal” cold n’ snowy weather but I gotta’ say. Heading into the end of November with temps in the 50’s n’ 60’s is pretty cool. Even cooler? Driving around town, windows down, beautiful sunny day listening to Christmas music! The Grinch song is killer, especially when you pull up to the light and the car next to you, a whole stinkin’ family, mom, dad, and kids ALL sing along with you! That was fun.

I do love my snow but I sure could get used to this warm fall weather year-round!
If any of you remember in my last post a million years ago I mentioned sharing some recipes and horror stories about family get-togethers. Well… I don’t have a horror story but I do have a Thanksgiving prank I pulled on my brother-in-law.

We were all in the kitchen getting dinner and snacks made up and my brother-in-law had just poured himself a cup of hot coffee, black with sugar, no cream..
THEN he went out to get some firewood and FOOLISHLY left his fresh, steamy, hot cup of coffee unattended.

Soooooo. Wonderful sister-in-law that I am I dumped half of his coffee out and replaced it with black olive juice. The look on his face when he took that first drink was PRICELESS! You’d of thought I put acid in his mug! Omgosh. Still makes me laugh and still one of my favorite holiday pranks.
I know I’ve been away but I’ve been working on things, things that I cannot share here because they are gifts but it takes time to make things and eventually I will share all of the things!

I have a dr. appt. today and then it’s back home and back to all things holidays. I seriously cannot believe our beautiful weather. I used to put my Christmas tree up on the first snow of Boise OR if we didn’t get snow it went up the day after Thanksgiving. Looks like it’s going to be a Thanksgiving tree this year.

Parents must not be buying bikes for their kids for Christmas this year. My theory is that when parents don’t buy bikes we have no snow Christmases. If parents buy lots of bikes then we’ll get a ton of snow. That’s the way it usually worked for me. Santa would bring the kids bikes and we’d get hit with a snowstorm so the bikes sat until spring. No bikes and it’s dry as a bone outside.
I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your week. Raise your hand if you’re done with your Christmas shopping and are ready for the holidays. Not me but I vow to be every year so it’s another epic fail year for me. So, my yearly vow will roll into next year but if I don’t do it then either I’m just going to be Jewish! Jewish people go on cruises at Christmas.
Be well.

NOVEMBER THREE/FOUR – Simple Sunday/Manic Monday

This post is brought to you courtesy of
The Simple Woman’s Daybook‘.

Looking out my window – I see frosty rooftops.
I am thinking – Of all of the projects I need to finish up this month!
I am thankful – That Christmas music is now playing on the radio!
One of my favorite things –
Making things!
I am creating – Afghans.
I am wearing – A cozy flannel nightgown.
I am reading – The Bible. Not much time for reading.
I am watching – Motives & Murders on Prime
I am listening to –
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
I am hoping – To get everything finished in time for the holidays!
I am learning – That patience is not something I have in abundance.
In my kitchen – The Instant Pot is workin’ hard for me. It’s soup season!
***I made some squash soup yesterday and it’s delicious. I’ve been asked for the recipe and honestly, it’s really just whatever you want your soup to taste like and however thick you want it. I’m a “dump” cook so I just do what looks and tastes right to me.

– Cook your squash. – Add whatever seasons and meat you want.

Tada! That’s my dump recipe.
You can find a more “real” recipes on Pinterest or make up your own!

Under my needle –
This was the last project under my cross stitch needle and now he’s put away until next year.
On my hook – This actually is just off my hook.
A moment from my day –
Finally being able to take down these creepy towels that my DIL made.

UPDATE – This is a twofer post because somewhere along my day yesterday I got distracted… Shocking, I know.

Anyway, Happy Monday everybody!
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. You see what my weekend consisted of. All things mish-mash holidays! I suspect it will be much the same for the rest of the year but I’m not complaining. I quite enjoy the process.

Okay. Now that Halloween has passed is anybody looking forward to Christmas???
I know we have Thanksgiving first but still…

Seriously tho, Thanksgiving is coming up!
In the next few days let’s start sharing recipes and horror stories of family gatherings!

Wow. It’s after 11pm. I need to get this posted and head to bed.
I’m heading up to the mountain tomorrow but I’ll be back in the valley with plenty of time to catch up on posts!

Sweet dreams my friends!
Be well.

NOVEMBER TWO – Birthdays and School and Pumpkins, oh my!

I am thankful for my loves.  The kiddos, not my crafting. Okay, I guess I’m thankful for that too but I’m eternally thankful for my children and grandchildren. They are my reason for being. Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful fall weekend wherever you are. Any special plans for today? I’m taking Halloween down, putting up fall and working on Christmas projects.
I might have a busy day ahead.
Ask me how I did with day 1 of my Weight Watchers Free Style Plan.
Epic fail that’s how I did! I was doing great until I decided to fix sloppy joes n’ fries for dinner! Ugh! It was such a wonderful chilly fall day and a big ‘ol pot of sloppy joes just sounded so good…

Today I’m on track and I WILL be successful today!

Anybody else trying to shed a few pounds just in time for the holidays when we’ll all eat our weight in turkey and pumpkin pie??? Probably not the best time to start a diet but is there ever really a great time to start one? If you are, know that I’m cheering you on and I will accept any and all cheering from all of you!
Be well.



November is the month of thankfulness and this morning I have to top this list with the fact that I am thankful my pup has a vet check this week! It was another early morning of “Oh! Let’s change some bedding and do some laundry at o’dark-thirty!”

I feel like she might have a cold but I’m a horrible judge of dog illness because I think my pup is human. So, human to human, I think she has a cold. I’m sure the vet will tell me exactly how wrong I am about that on Thursday.

And not to make this whole post about my dog but last week she vomited and I think something got up her nose. I don’t know but she started snorting like she does sometimes when she’s sniffing stuff outside.
Then, she started doing her backward sneezing way more frequently than she has ever done before.
THEN, she started drinking her water super fast and every time she gulped it down she would walk around for a minute and throw it up.
So, no more water dish on the floor, we have to pour a lit’l bit in her bowl and then set it down in front of her. If she keeps that down we’ll give her a little more.

She does fine with smaller amounts of water and she’s eating and going potty normally and basically acting normal other than this water issue and her sniffles.
Ugh. Thursday can’t come soon enough!
Okay, I guess the whole post is about my Luci. Sorry. Didn’t mean to be “that” dog mom but she is old and I worry about her!
SOOOOO, raise your hand if you actually had trick n’ treaters last night? I did not. Zero kids and not many running around either. It feels like Halloween as I knew it as a kid is phasing itself out and a whole new Halloween is taking it’s place. I think it’s more organized now with gatherings here and there rather than just letting the kids run free. Maybe it’s for the best but I’m super thankful that I had the “real” trick n’ treating when I was a kid! So much fun.
In other news… I started Weight Watchers. Not the real one the other one online for Free99. So, I’m thankful to Pinterest for their knock off sites.

What are you thankful for today? My list is endless, today and every day!
Happy Monday! Let us give thanks for the week ahead!
Be well.

OCTOBER TWENTY NINE – Happy Tuesday – Royal Weirdness

“Post a funny picture.
Post a not so funny picture.
Post whatever weirdness you want. That’s it.”
Joining in with Sandee over at ‘Comedy Plus‘ for “Happy Tuesday.”
As most of you know, I love my Royals so when I came across these screenshots on my phone I thought these would be perfect for “Happy Tuesday.”
They’re definitely weirdness as are the faces around them…

Side note – I have no idea where I got these screenshots from but the Royal occasion was The Animal Ball at Clarence House.
I’m guessing Charles and Camilla are 3 sheets to the wind in ALL of these photos.
Next up…
Not only Charles’ face but oh look!
Another one of those “fascinating” hats I blogged about.

Camilla’s face says it all. Clearly, she feels the same way about the butterfly sanctuary living on the side of that woman’s head as I do. Also, check out the woman’s hat right next to Camilla. Creepy.
This one…
Not – A – Clue but creepy as hell.
How do you suppose she sees out of her left eye?
My favorite…
Enter the elephant man.
Not the elephant man.
This elephant man.
See him lurking in the background???
He looks thrilled to be there.
Upon closer inspection, he looks like his elephant is made of tin foil. Is this the Royal “doggy bag” version of the foil swan???
One more time with the elephant man…
Camilla kills me. She not only laughs but she points. I love it.
And the last weird photo of my screenshot Royals…
Charles and his SAUSAGE FINGERS!!!!

Move over Abe…
There’s a new sausage king in town!
So gross.
Just freaks me out.
So there’s my take on the ‘Happy Tuesday’ link up. I’m pretty sure it qualifies as weirdness and bonus, it gets these weirdo pics off of my phone!

I hope you’re all having a ‘Happy Tuesday’ and don’t forget it’s also “Taco Tuesday” which, for a person on the tail end of the flu doesn’t sound remotely appetizing, just FYI…
Be well.

OCTOBER TWENTY EIGHT – Missed Connection Monday – Mimi “Flu” the coop!

“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.
I saw you and wanted to talk to you, but was with my two young ones. I thought we shared a fleeting glance. Was I wrong?
You had a cart full and I felt like there was a possibility of meeting again.
If by chance you see this, tell me what was in your cart so I know it’s you.
***Hhhmm. What was in my cart? Bullets for my husband’s gun. ZERO possibility of meeting again and no, we did not share a fleeting glance. We shared an “I’m here to get tampons and chocolate and bullets leave me the fuck alone” glare. But thanks. And as they say at Walmart, have a nice day.

We danced a few times last night and really didn’t get a chance to talk much. I wanted to get your number when I went to ask you were already gone. I would love to talk more. If you see this let’s grab a drink. Tell me what I was so I know it’s you.. Hope to hear from ya!
Wow, what else can I say. We had a brief conversation at Barnes and Noble on Tues. We exchanged several glances in the store and waved and said goodbye when you left. You are short, dark hair. Super nice, great smile, and extremely hot! I definitely would have attempted to have more conversation but you were with someone. (I am pretty sure she knew I wanted to talk more) No idea, other than this, how to find you again. OR perhaps you will be in the same spot again? Tell me what section of the store we first met in and what color you were wearing.
***Super easy. We met at the coffee bar. I was wearing black and you can find me right here at my blog! Finally, somebody missed ME! 
Hi everyone… (Waving from the little known town of Flu-ville.) Holy smokes. When this flu hits, it REALLY hits! Man… I’m still kinda’ floating on the tail end of things but feeling SO much better than I was. My son was hit hard with it and almost hospitalized. Thankfully he’s nearly a hundred percent now.

Boy, I’ll tell ya’, this flu is no joke. I don’t know if it’s different than in years past or I’m just fucking old but once it gets a hold of you it’s a tough one to shake.
Also. I’d just like to state for the record that I did, in fact, have my flu shot so I think this is bullshit.

Also bullshit? This menu.
How have all of you been? I hope none of you have been down with this flu or a cold or anything else that makes you feel like total crap!

Anybody got any snow yet? No snow here in the valley… YET! I’m waiting. A dusting on the mountains and a town 45 minutes away got 4″. So weird.

It’s a brand new week. Who’s got plans? There is always much to do around here. Last night was pumpkin carving night. My DIL is the queen of all things horror and her pumpkin was very cool. She and my son LOVE the Stephen King movie, IT.
I made them a couple of IT Pennywise pics.
A lit’l too creepy for me but they dig it.

Also. Here’s the latest hats I’ve made. All super soft and warm.
It’s time to tie some hats and scarves to the trees for the homeless!
It’s getting cold!

Well… I think it’s time to hit up the B.R.A.T menu for those mouth-watering breakfast choices… What’ll it be?? Bananas, rice, applesauce or toast?? Hhhm.
It’ll be coffee. That’s what it’ll be!
Be well.


What a great day!
It’s October AND it’s “Taco Tuesday!”

October for me means all of this… ❤
And lots of soups, stews, chili, anything and just about everything you can put in a crockpot!
Since it is “Taco Tuesday” and October AND chilly outside I thought I’d share a very October, “Taco Tuesday” chili recipe with all of you!

courtesy of The Diary Of A Real HousewifeTaco Chili
Taco chili is always a fall favorite at my house served up with a topping of sour cream and a big ‘ol piece of cornbread!
Do any of you make taco chili?
Do you take part in “Taco Tuesday?”
What’s your favorite taco meal?

I know. A ton of questions but… as always…
I’m a nosey bitch and all of you know that!
Aaannnd more questions!
So, what did everybody’s weekend look like?
Anybody in the path of all of that rain and snow?

My friends in Montana got walloped of course and Miranda was sitting in her hot tub this morning enjoying the snow falling on her up in our mountains.
Down here in the valley we had wonderful rainy days.
Oh. One more question. Is anybody watching the 31 Nights of Halloween?
Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch around Halloween?
Okay. That was two questions…
My favorite is…
I love, love, love this movie and honestly I watch it year-round but it is the movie that kicks off the Halloween season for me.

This movie comes in a close second…
Okay. It’s back to my creative bubble for me.
Happy October!
Be well.

MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Alone again naturally…

“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.ASIAN MARKET
I saw you at the new Asian Market. We made eye-contact several times, I thought you were really cute and attractive. I wanted to come talk to you, but you were with someone. You had long black hair, petite, and kept smiling at me. I was the tallish white guy looking at the soba noodles. If you see this please hit me up I would love to get together sometime
***Pssst. She’s Asian. All white guys are tall to her. Enjoy those soba noodles.

You wearing pijamaa around lunch time. You were buying some six pack. Looked like had a long day. If you reading this, and want to grab coffee after work.
Let me know.
***Okay. Lemme’ get this straight. She’s out in public in her pijamamas as opposed to her cakejamas, buying some six-packs and she looks like she’s had a long day…
AT LUNCHTIME??? The day hasn’t even begun!

She must belong to that Less family and I’m guessing her name is Job Less.
Not to be confused with her brothers,
Home Less and Tooth Less.

Looks like you’ll be drinking that nasty ass gas station coffee…

Chevron McDonald’s drive thru, Sunday morning the 15th, across the street from the hospital on eagle. To the beautiful woman who bought my breakfast, wow that is the single most outgoing thing a girl has ever done for me. That didn’t make my day or week or month or year, that made my life, you have no idea. I would love to get to know a person like you. I’m 100% single if you see this and want to connect.
***To the beautiful woman, you may want to go have coffee with this guy, in the daylight with friends nearby but don’t let him see your vehicle or tell him where you work or what side of town you’re from and don’t mention your friend’s names either because he can look those up and make connections back to you and if he’s a nutjob you definitely don’t want that.
Honestly, tho, if you buying him breakfast made his life this seems like a low key, easy to please guy to me. If you’re single. It’s worth a shot.

I know, I know. I didn’t give my standard “run” advice to the “beautiful woman” but sometimes ya’ gotta’ give a guy a chance. They’re not all serial killers…
Yeah… I can’t believe I wrote that either. Seriously. Anybody else feel like that weekend just flew by???

I had plans for sewing but my son texted me and asked if I would make some hats for his friend that was diagnosed with lymphoma and is starting chemo.
Absolutely! I’d be honored. Comfy, warm chemo hats trump Halloween sewing hands down without question!

I text my son back and ask what her favorite colors are and how old she is.
“Oh, thanks, mom. Purple and blue are her favorite colors and she’s 21.”

Just in case I haven’t said it enough in my life and on this blog let me say it again.
Not to be “Debbie Downer…”
How was your weekend???
Have any of you started checking off your fall bucket lists?
I’ve been enjoying spending time outside in the fall weather so that’s one thing on my list. I’ve still got a whole list to go tho!

What’s your favorite fall thing to do?
I like the corn mazes or I like to bitch about going thru them I don’t remember “witch.” – See what I did there?
I wrote about going thru the corn maze once before. If you missed it you can read about it here. Apparently, no child left behind doesn’t apply to moms in corn mazes…

Here’s to the new week ahead! May it be filled with nothing but sunny days, blue skies and warm fuzzies all around!
Be well.


I get it. Grocery shopping is one of those necessary evils in life.
I don’t have to like it and surprise! – I don’t.
So many people don’t have their shit together at the grocery store and it’s super annoying to those of us that do.

Top of the list?
The “no list” shoppers!
They bob about aimlessly like a grocery store zombie with ZERO in their cart scanning every single shelf up n’ down every single aisle.

And speaking of aisles…
There should be a GIANT sign that reads…
People with lists.
People like me would like to get their fucking shopping done and get home.
Is it really too much to ask?
And while we’re at it…
I saw these in the cracker/cookie aisle.
Entertainment Crackers… Seriously?
There is nothing entertaining about “Entertainment Crackers” so let’s just leave those off of the holiday entertaining list.
They’re like little discs of concrete that people spread shit on and call it an
appetizer. They’re disgusting AND one bite – if you can bite it – and it’s a mess.
I don’t like messy foods especially at a party or get together.

And speaking of messy foods.
Here’s another do not add it to your entertaining list.
GIANT strawberries with that hard ass waxy chocolate shit on them!
Have you ever just watched people try to bite into those things???
You’d have to have a flip-top head like a fucking Pez dispenser!

Also… To the salad bringers.
I come across these in salads ALL.THE.TIME!!
No pickle butts people!
That’s my photo. See. I cut the pickle butts off then I do this really crazy thing…
I throw them the fuck away. Why??? Because they’re pickle butts.
I’ve been battling computer issues for most of the day. Specifically, my printer. It’s not even a year old. The ink is new, I ran all of the tests, removed and reinstalled and it still won’t print in black. I had this problem once before and I can’t remember what the fix was.
Whatevs… I’ll try again tomorrow.
Cleaning up my craft area today and I realize I have at least 4 glue guns and a MILLION glue sticks!
Also, a BAZILLION buttons!!!
It’s confirmed. Yes, I do have S.T.A.B.L.E Syndrome.
Altho truth be told. I’d much rather have Stabler syndrome…
Totally miss this guy.
Holy crap what a nonsensical brain dump. All my complaining about shit I almost forgot it’s ‘Thankful Thursday.’
3 things I’m thankful for today.
– This blog so I can bitch n’ moan.
– Buttons because ya’ never know when you might need one or a bazillion
– Water because it’s good to be hydrated!
I hope you’re all having a great day. One more day til the weekend!
I’ll be spending my weekend sewing. At least that’s my plan but plans are always subject to change.
Be well.


“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it – ‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.
Hey. I wanna be with a mechanic. I think it’s super hot. Please send a photo of yourself and I will return the favor. Let’s talk.
Any sort of man in uniform works. Not just a mechanic.
Here’s a few guys in uniforms…
Your a female passenger and I’m a male driver who gave you a ride the other night not sure if you where hitting on me or not. If you where sorry I missed the signs tell me the color of my car so I know it’s you.
***Okay. FYI, nobody is hitting on an Uber driver. Also.
NOBODY is hitting on an Uber driver.
Here’s your “sign…”
You, 40ish runner who runs near (…) HS: Every time I see you out running, I feel like I should stop you and talk, but as a runner myself, I know you wouldn’t appreciate that. I hope you see this and respond, Maybe we can go on a few runs together. I also like to bike…maybe you do too.
***Dear Lady Runner, KEEP RUNNING!
Hi everybody! As you can see I started this post on Monday and for whatever reason – life – I didn’t finish but here I am today with a blended Monday and Tuesday post.
I hope everyone is doing well.

I recently learned – again –
(sounds like your post Redneck Latte Ravings about history repeating itself…)

Back on point… I recently learned again that my dog cannot have people food.
Not anymore. Not at her age.
The same could be said of me.
I’m bummed. She’s bummed and I’ve got bedding in the wash. Ugh.

Thankfully it’s not a big mess. It was tummy not tail and she is currently sleeping on clean, comfy bedding and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with possibly more bedding to wash…

So. This will basically be my day today, all eyes on my pup because I’m a nervous Nell when anything isn’t right in her world. I’ll get some crafting in I’m sure. It’s a lovely rainy day and there is always something to be done indoors.
Fall has arrived and I am loving it.
How has your week started out? What about your weekend?
Anything exciting to report? 🙂

On a side note. So sorry to read about Cokie Roberts dying. I really enjoyed watching her on the news.
Also. Cancer sucks.
Cokie Roberts and Eddie Money both gone because of it and now Alex Trebek’s is back.
I’m not sure what the people are doing that are supposed to be working on a cure but they need to hurry their asses up. Forget about making money and think about saving lives.
Be well.

Rainy Days & Mondays – Brain Dump

It’s raining.
It’s Monday.
It’s 3:40am.
I’m in my nightgown.
My nails are painted in Halloween colors that sparkle. It’s hard to take a pic of your own hand.
I will change that/those colors a million times before Halloween.
I’ve got laundry going.
I’m deciding whether or not to cut my hair off again.
Maybe this will help.
Only one appt. today. Yay!
Thinking about making this awesomeness today.
Looks and sounds delish.
I’ll let you know how it tastes!
Omgosh. The weekend here was amazing. The temps dropped, it rained… And a few Halloween decorations may or may not have gone up… I know. I know.
Some people think it’s too soon and we’re rushing it. I just think we get to enjoy it longer!

How was your weekend? What’d everybody do???
Are any of you early decorators for the holidays?
What’s your favorite holiday?
Okay. I’m off to visit everyone and continue with the laundry.
Only one more load. Woo hoo!
I hope you have a great start to your week and that the whole week is filled with more highs than lows. More smiles than frowns. More laughter than tears.
Be well.


I thought this time of year would NEVER get here!!!
Nevermind that it’s going to be 95 degrees today. I will be celebrating this September 1st with a pumpkin spiced latte from one of our local baristas and it.will.be DIVINE!
I know. I know. You’re all thinking, “calm your tits, Mimi, we could have an Indian summer.” Agreed and that’s fine. Even I would enjoy said possible Indian summer but it still doesn’t negate the fact that September is the month fall officially begins and thereby it is officially pumpkin spice season!

So, please don’t piss in my…..
And let’s all embrace this pumpkiny, spicey, time of year!
So hey! Happy September!!!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist this hokey take on “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice.
❤ On a serious note. My thoughts are with all of you in the wake of the hurricane and the recent shooting in Texas. Mother Nature and sadly, mankind, seem to be our greatest adversaries. ❤
Tomorrow is Labor Day in the U.S. and the end to our final long weekend of summer. I hope it’s been a weekend filled with fun in the sun, BBQs, and lots of great memories made with family and friends.

Anybody have any great summer recipes they’d like to share? Just because it’s September doesn’t mean we’re in a sudden deep freeze. Summer yumminess still applies!

Here’s one of my favorite summer salads.
This really is so delicious and I don’t miss the potatoes one bit!
Also. You really didn’t think you were gonna’ get outta’ this post without at least one pumpkiny spicey recipe, did you???
Here’s one I haven’t tried but I can’t wait to make!
Okay. I really need to wind this up and get it posted before it gets much later. Currently, I am drinking coffee and I’m “in search of” a specific package of DMC floss that has obviously sprouted feet and walked the fuck right outta’ my tote of all things cross-stitchy.
So irritating when things aren’t where you thought you left them.
Getting old sucks.
Happy September, Happy Labor Day, Happy Monday and Happy Almost Fall!
Cue Beyonce…

Be well.


Seriously. I’ve been awake for hours and the only thing I’m ready to do is to drink more coffee!

Late nights and early mornings…
In the words of Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) in one of my all-time favorite movies, Lethal Weapon…
When Mel Gibson was soooo hot and before he went off the rails a bit.
Reading –

Watching –
Listening to –
An 80’s soundtrack that my future son-in-law made me.
This song actually made the list. So many people overlook this gem!
Fun song. Great beat. Easy to dance to. I’ll give it a 96…
As I date myself with an American Bandstand reference.

Bonus points for me! It’s from a Soul Train performance! Ha!
Again, dating myself but it’s okay… Those were good times with or without clothes!
Wishing –
I could get all of my shit done – also known as craft projects – so I can take a lit’l bit of a breather!
Eating – Low carbs and high protein.
Makes perfect sense to me.
Feeling – Like I could eat an entire chocolate cake. ALONE.
Enjoying – “Every breath I take… Every move I make…”
Needing – My hair, nails, and eyebrows done!
Drinking – Water. Lots n’ lots n’ LOTS of fucking water!!!
Loving – That the holidays are right around the corner.
I’ve tried to catch up with everyone. If I haven’t yet I’m on my way!

Been busy but managed to get a mini vacay in via ranch, dog, cat sitting.
It was heavenly. Seriously. Heavenly.

I always learn so many new things when I spend time with Miranda and her family…

Like ranch kids know exactly how far down to dig – with MAN size equipment – to bury a dead cow so “something” doesn’t come out and drag it off.
Miranda and the hubs and the 2 boys could host their own National Geographic show and never have to leave home! Not even kidding.
Okay, folks! Back at it! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week with good vibes that carry into the weekend. I’ve missed you all but I’m back! I think…
Be well.


I’m participating in The Simple Woman’s Daybook link up.
If you’d like to join in just click on the pic below!
Looking out my window –
❤  Not quite daylight…

I am thinking –
❤  I have a busy day ahead!

I am thankful –
❤  For this life. Past, present, future and beyond…

One of my favorite things –
❤  Art…

I am creating –
❤  Memories…

I am wearing –
❤  Capris and a t-shirt…

I am reading –
❤  When The Wind Blows by James Patterson…

I am watching –
❤  Big Little Lies…
I am listening to –
❤  My dog snoring at my feet and garbage trucks coming thru…

I am hoping –
❤  The kiddos have the best time in Vegas!

I am learning –
❤  That everything my dad ever said or did makes absolute sense to me now…

In my kitchen –
❤ Thinking of all things pumpkin spice!

On my hook –

❤   Next month is September and this blanket feels like fall to me. ❤

Under my needle –
❤  Another Nightmare Before Christmas project…
Pass it on! –
❤ – This movie is a must-see in my book!

A moment from my day –
❤  Feeling a lit’l granola-ish…

Closing Notes –
❤  In case no one has noticed and in case you haven’t heard me bitch about it enough, it’s fucking hot!

Happy August folks!
P.S. – Did I mention it’s fucking hot????

Be well.