I don’t know about any of you, but November had me scrambling around life like a crackhead hooker dodging her pimp so she could hit her next pipe! And then boom, just like that November is gone and here we are into December! What the hell… Surprisingly, I actually managed to achieve some major personal goals but I ended up ditching on NanoWriMo and for a brief moment felt  like a total loser. – More on that later.

My number one goal this month is simple. I just want to get my Christmas packages mailed out on time without having to pay out the ass for shipping. Seriously. UPS and FedEx totally rape you on shipping fees if you don’t meet their cut-off date. You end up paying more for shipping than what you paid for the gifts inside the box! Not only that, is it just me or does it seem like the cut-off date for shipping gets early every year? I may just be getting fucking old. Fortunately this year, I’m ahead of the game. So ya’ know who’s NOT paying out the ass for shipping? This bitch right here. I’m on it! – Yet another excuse reason for ditching on NanoWriMo. –  I will be mailing my packages on December 10th! Almost a full week ahead of the cut-off date. Go me!

For those of you who can’t seem to get your shit together may be running a little behind as I once was, here are the deadlines for Christmas deliveries via your various shipping options in the U.S.

    December 15th for Standard Post Service (everyday mail)
    December 19th for First Class Mail
    December 21st for Priority Mail
    December 23rd for Priority Mail Express
    Online calculator here.
  • UPS
    December 16th for Ground.
    Online calculator here.
    December 16th for Ground.
    Online calculator here.
    ***Shipping costs are dependent upon size, weight and destination. Use the online calculator. That’s why I put up the links.

You’re welcome.

IN OTHER NEWS: I am inching closer and closer to my goal of re-establishing myself into the church of my birth – Catholic – and recently participated in the Rite of Welcoming, or the Rite of Acceptance where I received this beautiful, blessed cross.
I have one more Rite in February – the Rite of Election – and then First Communion at Easter! I’m super excited about this and it’s been a wonderful, peaceful, joyful journey thus far.

NANOWRIMO – First of all. I feel super bad about ditching but only because I had teamed up with another friend so I feel like I ditched on her. – Sorry (again) Tracy! – I got up to about 30,000 words on one novel and then shifted gears and decided on a different novel altogether. Writing two novels at once, as I’m sure some of you know, NOT easy. It was like a never-ending ping-pong game of words and characters bouncing around in my head! So, I jumped the NanoWriMo ship but continued on and in so doing was fortunate enough to touch base with two, semi-local agents. One of which deals primarily in screenwriting… Now there’s a twist, huh? All a part of my “off to make my dreams come true…”

Thanksgiving was phenomenal and I discovered a new theme to my life. I call it, “adjusting my sails.” It’s been challenging. I’ve had to let go of a lot of what was and embrace what is. The growing pains have been, well, painful. Hopefully more so for me than those around me but I seem to have embarked upon an amazing journey. It’s like I got on the wrong plane at the airport and ended up some place that I’ve never been before and it’s beyond wonderful.

I am thriving in my faith and really enjoying, and finding joy in everything about my church and it’s teachings. I am in no way perfect. I’m still trying to rectify my judgmental, opinionated, cussing like a sailor self to falling asleep praying the Rosary at night, but I’m getting there.

You’ll notice my little angel and devil pics at different sections of my post. I’ll be using those a lot, one more than the other one at times – you guess which one. – But that’s because that’s my life. I’ve always said I travel with one foot in heaven and one foot in hell. That doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human.

Through my new found faith – my new found love. – I’ve learned this, and it’s as true for all of you as it is for me. God loves me exactly as I am, flaws and all. Why shouldn’t I love myself the same? And so I do! Now that’s a trip. Seriously. I’ve been on this planet 52 years and until recently I’ve never said, or felt, that I love myself, but I do now and it’s okay, and it’s okay for you too. I encourage you all to give it a try. It’s such an amazing feeling…

So, as much as I feel I didn’t accomplish last month, I’ve actually made some major accomplishments and it has freed up my time so I can get back to blogging, which I missed, and I’ve missed all of you too! I have no idea where this new life path is taking me, but you’re all welcome to ride along, or not but it’d be way more fun if you did!


  1. I’m glad that you are finding so much joy and acceptance in your spiritual journey! That’s a lovely cross too. Even when I was a kid I could never complete the rosary. I ended up doing the short version…saying the two words ‘Hail Mary’ ten times, then doing the lord’s prayer for the one bead. lol November flew by didn’t it? I remember when I had lots of shopping to do like 25 years ago. I’d start in January, finish by summer and have everything wrapped and mailed by Thanksgiving. Kind of a relief not to have to do that anymore.

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    1. Oh how I envy you and your organizational skills to be able to have your shopping and shipping done by Thanksgiving. It’s always a goal of mine. To date, I have not reached it but I’m still hopeful! As for the Rosary. I’ve talked with other church members and it was challenging for them as well. For me, it came easy once I figured out I didn’t have to do all of the Mysteries all at once!


  2. 30K Words? Are you kidding me? That’s quite an accomplishment in and of itself!
    I love that you are feeling so good in your return to your Faith!
    And learning to love yourself is an accomplishment many of us never achieve!!
    You keep up with your bad self, you are rockin’ this life and I’m glad to have you back blogging!

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    1. Thank you so much Joe but you know how I feel about those 30k words.. The goal was 50k so I really didn’t make it but those emails I received? I’m kinda’ thinkin’ they made up for it. 😉 – It’s good to be back! 😀


  3. So nice to see you back in the Blogosphere, Karen. 🙂 You should follow your bliss for a happy life and it sounds like you are doing that very thing, especially in regards to your faith. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

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  4. Thank you SO much Debbie! It’s good to be back! Yeah.. I wish I had followed my bliss years ago when I actually thought I was following my bliss. Hahaha. I am so, so happy now, now that I know what happiness is to me, and thank you for the Christmas wishes. I’m sending them right back to you Debbie!


  5. I had all my shopping done before Thanksgiving too. We really only buy for our great granddaughter and she gets a lot because she has Christmas and then three days later it’s her birthday. We make sure she has Christmas and then Birthday.

    I too would love to know what happened to November. In fact this entire year has flown by.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  6. Every year I say I’m going to and every year I don’t. It’s one of my goals for next year though and I ought to accomplish it because I’m starting in January! And yay for separating Christmas from your gr. granddaughter’s birthday. I know so many people who get the combo gift and I really think they’re getting ripped off.


  7. November did fly by so quickly that even I didn’t get a chance to realize it until today. I am pretty sure December will whiz by at faster speed since everyone is busy with so much going around them. That’s a lot of helpful information for those who celebrate Christmas. It must be a lot of work sending out gifts to our loved ones but the end result I’m sure would more than compensate for all the hard work. Being a part of NaNoWriMo in any which way is in itself a big achievement so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it. There’s always a next time. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy & Merry Christmas 🙂

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    1. No, no, no Eloquent! Bite your tongue! December cannot fly by that fast! Lol. I need more hours in my day and more days in my months! And I’m still undecided about next year’s NanoWriMo. Life may have changed significantly for me by then. 😉 Thank you for your Christmas wishes, and may you too have a Happy & Merry Christmas.


  8. Thank you so much for posting those shipping deadlines!! That’s going to be super helpful, seeing how much of a procrastinator I am… We’ll see if I ship things on time this year…

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    1. You’re welcome Jasmine. It took me forever to find them online and I figured I’d save someone else the trouble. Good luck with your shipping. I totally get it. I used to be a last minute shipper. I’m doing good this year. Next year will be even better because my goal is to ship right after Thanksgiving.


  9. I tried to blog every day in November and I came up shot, oh well. I only have one package to send off this year. My oldest son and his family.
    Not sure how to pack it. So I can get the best bang for my money. I got something at a thrift store and it end up costing over $20 to send it…yikes…Coffee is on

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  10. I am not sure where November went either! I am so happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thinking finding your roots can be so rewarding at times. Way to go for working on it and shipping early this year my friend!

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    1. Isn’t it crazy Jolene? It’s like I snapped my fingers and boom. Gone. And getting back to my father’s church, and my Father’s church 🙂 has been incredibly rewarding to me. I can’t explain the sense of peace and joy I have found but I’d like to bottle it and give it away to everyone I meet! 😀


  11. Christmas is on hold at my house since my husband and I both have pneumonia. No blogging for me for now. I am just trying to get well. It sounds like your life is on track and I am so happy for you my friend. Blessings and joy to you ! ❤️


  12. Hi. First time here. To fall in love with life and to enjoy where life has brought you to is indeed an achievement in itself, which many of us fail to imbibe. 30000 words is not any less an achievement as 50000. Keep writing and I hope you bring that book out soon. I myself am quite spiritual, but not so religious. I just pray, visit temples and I believe the silent conspiracies that I have with God works great for me. All the best for all your endeavors. Hope to be hear more often.

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  13. Hi Maliny and thank you so much for visiting. I absolutely agree with you and I love how you said it, “the silent conspiracies that I have with God.” Wow.. That, in and of itself is enough for me. I hope to see you here more often!



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