This blog post is brought to you by Hurricane Matthew.
I can confirm this satellite image of Matthew’s landfall is REAL and not photoshopped. Captured this morning during my weathercast. Freaky!
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I suspected that photo was fake but according to the meteorologist, it is not.
Freaky is right!
It’s also scary!
I’ve been praying for the safety of all people in the path of this hurricane and hoping that the residents of Florida heeded the warnings and got out. I know people like to ride these hurricanes out. I don’t know why they like to do this because I can tell you the only thing I’d be riding is my vehicle to higher ground!
In the month of all things scary.
This by far, so far, has scared me the most.
I know it’s a late post but it was started earlier in the day and then, well, life.
Appointments ran long. People were jerks. Every road in Boise is under construction.
And I’ve got to get my quilts done!

I hope all of you are safe and sound wherever you are!
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