snowflake-gray-lineI’ve never had “Figgy Pudding,” aka “Plum Pudding” but I’d be open to a taste testing if it were an authentic figgy pudding with the original ingredients which interestingly enough did not include figs. Not that I don’t love figs. I do but originally they weren’t a part of the figgy pudding recipe.
However, raw beef or mutton fat was. I know, disgusting but hey, brandy was also a part of the original recipe so I think one cancels out the other.
According to my online source Google, you can find an authentic figgy pudding recipe here.
snowflake-gray-lineAltho I wasn’t privy to figgy pudding growing up I do remember a few of the following “gems” adorning my grandma’s Christmas buffet. And thankfully a few of them did not.

My grandma did do her Christmas hams with the pineapple and cherries. I do mine this way and my kids do theirs this way..
My grandma did not do this whole fish thing. Gross!

Somebody used to bring one of those Jello vegetable mold salads. It was soooo disgusting but my dad taught us to take a tablespoon of everything on the table so a tablespoon we gagged down or scraped into the trash when no one was looking!

My grandma always had cocktail weiners but she never displayed them quite like this…

And my grandma always had a couple of these.

Platters n’ platters of these and she always used those tiny silver ball decorations that were impossible to chew!
Least favorite thing on grandma’s Christmas buffet?
This. Gross, gross, gross!
Waldorf salad with mayo and apples and walnuts. SO gross!
I have no idea who brought it but it was always there and always disgusting.

Ugh. I can’t staaaaaand fruitcake and somebody always brings one or makes one and evvvvverybody always says, “Oh, you’ll like my fruitcake.”
Okay. No I won’t.
Not in the rain, not on a train.
I would not like it here or there.
I would not like it anywhere!
cma-fruit-cakesnowflake-gray-lineYour turn. Spill.
What were your favorite Christmas foods growing up?
What did you scrape into the trash??
Anybody ever had authentic figgy pudding?? Was it good??
snowflake-gray-lineSadly, I will not make my self-imposed shipping date of tomorrow but I’m definitely shooting for Tuesday!
Happy Sunday folks!
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote for the day –
(I really do…)


  1. Dressing and potatoes and gravy are my favorite Christmas food. They go together so very well. Okay and then there is pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. I could eat pumpkin pie all winter long. I only have one slice a year though and that’s one Thanksgiving.

    That jello thing was awful. Very awful. Why do people think that’s good.

    My mother made great fruitcake. She was the only one that did. It wasn’t dry and she altered the recipe a lot. I miss my mother and her fruitcake.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    1. Oh, I could eat pumpkin pie year round too Sandee. I don’t even need a crust. Just pour that filling in some custard cups and stick it in the oven. I’m good. – I’m sorry you miss your mom and her fruitcake. 😦 – I think the thing I don’t like about the fruit cake is that candied fruit. It just grosses me out.

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  2. Traditionally, as a child, we had baked ham (your style), candied squash, cranberry sauce (whole berries), dressing (made with bread, hamburger, onions, apples, raisins and sage), and jello fruit salad (made with junks of jewel colored jello, fruit cocktail, and whipped cream). That’s what went on my plate. There were other things I paid no attention to.
    After I was married, I kept most of the traditional foods, adding a turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, and green bean casserole.
    After I married the second time I added corn bread dressing and macaroni & cheese.
    Also, we always had decorated cookies and the good fruit cake (just glaced fruit, raisins, and nuts) and a jug of Mogan David wine.

    Now, we buy a Stoffer’s Lasagna and call it good enough, or pizza …

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  3. We had plum pudding for desert, don;t remember any meat thing to it, it was really sweet ant tasty and you put a white sugary rum sauce on it. I think you could get drunk from it. Have not had any in years.

    You are an anti-fruitcakite!! Stop giving fruitcake a bad name. Love, love love me some fruitcake, also done very rummy if done right…nothing like getting fat and high on desert.

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  4. As a child I loved school dinners and before the Christmas break, we were always served a traditional Christmas Pudding. The long standing tradition was that one out of hundreds of Christmas pud had a 10 pence coin wedged deep into it’s gooey suety middle and the prized winner was the one that didn’t choke on a nickel plated steel and need the heimlich maneuver and a trip to the hospital…good times. 🙂

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  5. Hahahahaha. First of all, did you really call it Christmas PUD because pud has a totally different meaning over here so that makes me laugh. AND holy hell! They actually put choking hazards INSIDE the pud???? On the flip side, over here the pud is the choking hazard. 😀


  6. I grew up eating fruitcake and liked it. Haven’t had any in years.
    I liked Waldorf Salad too. The ham was pineappled up with cherries too although as a child not a fan.
    Those aspic-jello looking things yucky yuck. Nope.
    Cheese balls. Who doesn’t love a cheese ball.
    One year mother made mincemeat pie, I couldn’t get past the name.

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    1. It always amazes me how many people like fruitcake. I think it’s a tie for how many like it and how many don’t. I’m guessing I just never had a good one so I’ll keep my mind open to the possibility that there actually could be amazing fruitcake out there. 🙂 – Mincemeat pie was my mother’s favorite. Not the original pie I’m sure because I think I looked that up one time and there was all kinds of gross stuff in it. I’m pretty sure her mincemeat was store bought in a jar. Either way, I’ve always called it raisin pie because that’s what I always thought it was because there’s a million raisins in it. Lol.. I haven’t had it since my mother died.

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