If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me it’s the importance of relationships.
Seriously… My Amazon shopping history for the last 6 months looks like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweepstakes! And today I’ve got Christmas presents arriving for my grandkids.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just order shit. Last night was one of those times.
I sleep with my windows open and between Life Flight helicopters and the military doing middle of the night exercises with their helicopters I always get woke up. So, what’s a girl to do?
Well, this girl placed an order on Amazon…
Sweet dreams to me!

Current relationship status?
Some summers the heat doesn’t bother me. This is not one of those summers.
My mindset is that I cannot wait for fall and yes this is me.
Or will be… Trust me I am on 24/7 lookout for that first leaf!

Some other relationships that are getting me thru the pandemic…


One of my faves…
It’s just the best.

Hulu and Amazon Prime.

And of course, my daily go-to.

No reason for this. I saw it and had to post it.
You’re welcome.

Sooooo…. Happy, happy Tuesday everyone!
What’s everybody up to?

For me, it’s all about staying cool and waiting for the Amazon truck.
It’s Christmas in August at Mimi’s!
I’ll get some sewing done, some crocheting and I’ll be repotting some plants as soon as the sun gets it’s hot ass rays away from my back patio.

And my exciting evening ahead???

What’s your Tuesday looking like?
You know the drill.
Share in the comments below.

MIMI’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY is actually a Facebook status I posted.

“Ya’ know what. At what point when you’re peeling a million hard-boiled eggs for some egg salad do you just say fuck it, we’re just gonna’ call it yolk salad.”


22 thoughts on “2020 – RELATIONSHIP STATUS

  1. Bwhahahahahaha. Oh wait, why am I laughing. I’m doing some of these very things. Good for us.

    Those pups are having a doggie ménage à trois.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a great day, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥


    1. Hahahahaha! Sooo, just so I’m clear, that was a doggie menage a trois, doggy style? Hahahahahaha! Love you too Sandee. Thanks for making me laugh and for not making me feel like a nutball for ordering earplugs in the middle of the night. ❤

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  2. Ordering things in the middle of the night? Allow me to direct you to my Etsy shop… 😉

    Last year I bought an Arctic Air cube for the heat. Loved it. It doesn’t cool a room that well, but it’ll keep me cool while I’m sitting (and reading blogs on the computer). It’s basically a swamp cooler. Haven’t needed it much this summer, but it’s August now, so any day it’ll get unbearably hot.


    1. I’m a horrible middle of the night shopper! I wish that bullseye hat you have was a crochet pattern. I would definitely buy that. – I think I’ve seen that Artic Air Cube. Last year I bought a couple of small cube heaters and I was surprised how well they heat. Seriously tho. I really need to just shut my phone off when I go to bed…


  3. Well, I spent a week trying to find some grandkid birthday gifts online because both of mine have August birthdays. The Paw Patrol pjs I ordered in a 3T from Kohl’s looked like they’d maybe fit a 9 month old. Seriously. The truck I ordered on amazon had a broken door, the bubble mower was so short that a 3 YO would have to bend over to push, and the Leap Frog picnic basket lit up but made no sounds. I was pissed!

    Ran my ass all over today, returning everything and starting over. Still need to find a few things, but I’m about done, no thanks to the damn internet.

    I’m hoping to do some day drinking tomorrow!


    1. Oh no! I’ve had those horrible shopping experiences before, in fact, I have them A LOT. My DIL always laughs at me because she does a lot of online shopping and everything is perfect. When she goes around town shopping she finds all of the best sales and gets the best stuff! Man, I hope you find everything you need. And cheers!


  4. My Tuesday was over almost a day ago now. It’s 4.36pm Wednesday here and really I couldn’t tell you what happened yesterday. I recall falling asleep a lot. Today I actually went outside and walked around insiode a hardware store for about an hour, just looking at stuff.
    I love the little dancing girl gif.


    1. You know I have to ask.. Are you sleepy because you’re wiped out or are you coming down with something? I hope it was just a “poppy fields” sleep, like Dorothy laying down in the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz and waking up not knowing what happened. 🙂 – If it wasn’t so stinkin’ hot here I’d be out n’ about too but not with this heat. Doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon either. Blah. – Please take care of you. ❤


  5. Ordering earplugs in the middle of the night, that was just perfect! And practical too with all that noise. Sometimes I order stuff late at night too. I like Amazon, they usually ship quickly. Just tonight, I was searching there for a new birdbath.

    The relationship status with the dogs cracked me up LOL! During the pandemic, I’ve rediscovered Klondike Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars and we’ve been in a relationship ever since! It’s great that you’re getting your Christmas shopping done early. I can’t even think about Christmas yet. I’m only thinking about ice cream bars. 😉

    I saw Mimi’s Thought for the Day on your Facebook status, too funny but oh so true! Have a great rest of the week! 🙂


    1. Hahahahaha. I haven’t had dark chocolate ice cream in forever. Is it the Dove Bars? I love those. – I’m an Amazon junkie now but you’re right, they are fast and I really haven’t had any complaints. – I am surprising my own self with being ahead of the Christmas shopping game but I am aiming for a stress free holiday season. After the year we’ve all had, we all deserve it.

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  6. Klondike Bars are a different brand but similar to Dove. Dove bars are great too! Yes, after the year we’ve had, we could all use a stress-free holiday.


  7. Love Amazon Prime; it’s like Christmas all the time. 😀 Netflix and the A/C, too. It’s been a hot summer. I like the heat, outdoors, not indoors. Can’t do without coffee either! Where do you find all of these hilarious pics? I’ve never seen a doggie orgy before. 🤣🤣🤣 Great idea with the earplugs! I hope they work well. Nice to see you posting again. The struggle is real, as I well know. Cheers!


    1. The earplugs work incredibly well. Why didn’t I think of this when I had all 4 kids at home?! Hahahaha. – All photos are from Google.


  8. Online shopping, yes yes yes! Amazon Prime, total yes. This has actually kept me sane during the last few months. Even otherwise, they’ve been my rocks. I love everything you’ve listed in your usual fantastic style, Karen. Hugs! I’ve been dabbling in a little bit of sewing and craft, too and it is really soothing to do.


    1. Omgosh. It’s my sewing and crocheting and crafting that keeps me sane. I know it sounds weird but it really is something I must do daily. The creative vibes must flow always. I’d love to see your projects. 🙂


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