Missed Connection Monday is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section on Craigslist.
Or as I like to call it – Your local serial killer hunting ground.

The first sentences of these Craigslist “love notes” are, I’m sure, one of the many, many reasons these freaks will be making their love connection at home – alone.
In the words of Pink…

“To the deathly looking girl at Mulls almost every night…”
**** Dear “I think your name is…”
I think your name is necrophiliac. Freak.
PS – Telling a girl she looks deathly is the equivalent of saying, wow, your dick is the size of a fucking Tic Tac.
(And if Yoko Ono had married Sony Bono her name would’ve been Yoko Ono Bono!)

“You came to our family garage sale last weekend and bought 4 books and a letterboard.”
**** Dear Memorial Weekend Garage Sale…
A few words of advice.

And altho this last one is posted in the “missed connection” section I’m pretty sure he meant to put it in the “help wanted” section.

“Needs some attention to my tools tonight. Come over an clean it up. Let me know if interested.”
*** Dear Crankshaft,
You’re disgusting. Obviously, you’re confused but I can see how the “Missed Connection” section sounds so much like the “I’m a fucking loser that has to pay women to have sex with me” section.  

PS – Maybe you should Google this.

How was everybody’s weekend? Mine felt like it crawled along at a snail’s pace and I was totally okay with that. I got lots done. I missed posting on Friday because we were having repeated power surges so I just shut everything down and caught up on some reading.

Our temps finally cooled down enough so I could get some plants to the patio. I have to be very selective because the patio gets full scorching sun and aside from cactus I have no idea what might survive out there all day. If you guys have any ideas please do share. 

Also, I have a couple of spider plants and I almost killed one. Totally bummed. I’ve always had success with spider plants but this one is just giving me issues. Again, if any of you have any tips they would be much appreciated.

Well, here we are into the 2nd week of June… You guys know we’re only 6 months away from Christmas, right? I’m so excited! 
I’m sure most of you feel like this tho. 
It’s okay. I’ve got enough Christmas spirit for all of you. 
Today I’ll be working on Christmas quilts with this cool fabric.
Christmas gnomes!

What’s your day looking like?? Share the crazy!