CURRENT MOOD – Aaaahhhhhhhh…

As much as I love the hustle n’ bustle of the holiday season I really love these first few days of the new year. The beginning of the seasonal decompression.

My life is now in that New Year’s Eve “wake me up when the ball drops” phase, or in our case when the potato drops. 
True story… Not sure what the deal is with the wings on the spud, those are new but whatever. There was also some kind of glitch in the timing by a couple of seconds but that was just part of the weirdness that was Boise this year.

Another moment of Boise weirdness? Spending 3 hours in ONE Jumanji cursed neighborhood looking for the winners of the neighborhood Christmas lights contest and finding this…
I sooooo wanted to go knock on their door and ask them when the Easter egg hunt started but ya’ know what? Whatever. I hear a lot of people on my creepy crime documentaries talking about how they found Jesus in prison and I am just so happy that on this night we found Him all over this neighborhood!
And we found joy on the rooftops!
And Santa in the windows!
And eventually, we did find the winner of the Christmas lights contest.
No, not that house altho to be fair…

Drumroll, please…
This house was awesome. It had so many lights and cool stuff I couldn’t fit all of it into one pic but this gives you a pretty good idea. It really was beautiful in person and well worth the fun of going round n’ round in one neighborhood for 3 hours.

Okay, okay, it may have been my partner in crime that made it awesome and fun and so worth it but still…
Omgosh, I laughed so hard my sides ached for hours!
SIDE NOTE: Forget trying to find the winners, try finding the way out of the neighborhood! I don’t think either one of us has ever done that much swearing so close to the holidays. (Family get-togethers excluded.) 

Friendship really is one of our greatest gifts.

I hope you’re all settling into the new year. Decompressing a bit from all things merry and bright. I know we’re only 2 days in but these 2 days feel realllllly nice.


Be kind ~ Be thankful ~ Be loving ~ Be you!

❤ mimi ❤

14 thoughts on “CURRENT MOOD – Aaaahhhhhhhh…

  1. Thanks for the tour! I love all the festive lights. 🤩 That one house does seem a little confused, though. And, what’s up with the spud? 😆 For me, these first few days of January are a little depressing, as we pretty much suspend reality from Dec. 24 onwards. Now it’s time to deal with dieting and exercising (both MUSTS since we always overindulge and get very lazy). Undressing the house makes it look naked and forlorn, too. Ah well, the new year does bring hope for better times ahead. 🎇


    1. You’re so welcome and I am soooo with you on the overindulgence. I’m making small changes and pushing thru. My mom was 84 and still trying to lose 5 pounds. That will not be me. I’ll do my best but I’ll not obsess. I’m not sure when our house will “come down.” I had an aunt who kept her tree up year-round and decorated for all of the holidays! Ha! Who knows. Might be a thing to try.

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  2. Dang it is hard to find where to comment! Who has them before the post? Magical Mystical Mimi!

    I feel for the winner taking down all those lights and storing them.


    1. First, Happy New Year! Second, I’m sorry about the comments. 99% of all WordPress themes have their comments that way but I’m still looking to find one that doesn’t. Even their 2011 theme had the comments that way. If I can move them I will, but at least you know where they are now. 🙂 Omgosh. I would love to be there when all of those lights have to come down. I wonder if they hire someone. I would!


  3. Omg, that is hilarious, being stuck in one neighborhood! But I can see where it could happen, especially at night. When we moved here nine years ago, I got lost on walks. All the houses and cul de sacs started looking the same. Glad you found the winner! Middle Child and I also went Xmas light hunting and had a fun time. Some folks are crazy with the decor, though, but more power to them!


    1. That was exactly this neighborhood! Cul de sacs and dead ends EVERYWHERE and the fruity names and tree names didn’t help! Cherry Blossom Lane and Cherry Blossom Ct. Ugh. It was a lot of fun tho. Whenever I see the houses that are lit up like Christmas Vacation I always wonder how the neighbors feel. There aren’t black out drapes thick enough!


  4. That’s the best part: the jokes you make while getting so lost and turned around while looking at all the displays. Glad you finally found the winner.


  5. In my neighborhood, you can’t get lost as it’s not that big and 4 main streets lead back to the highway, and i still had to ask someone what street the winner was on. You have my sympathy on the length of the search, although i’m glad you had a good time.

    While i get that the birth of Jesus wouldn’t have meant anything if it weren’t for His resurrection, there’s a time and a season for everything, right?

    Praying you have a blessed amd beautiful 2022.


  6. I love Christmas lights but they’re not a “big thing” around here. Only two houses in my street had lights and they were very minimalistic and only one was visible from my front porch. But it was nice to see the display.


    1. Oh, wow. The neighborhoods that decorate here are listed in the newspaper so we can all go visit. One of the houses we saw was actually on an HGTV Christmas lights show on tv. So that was cool. That house really put on a show! It’s nice that we have a list to go off. I’d rather get lost in a neighborhood rather than all over town! 🙂



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