Missed Connection Monday is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section on Craigslist. Or as I like to call it – Your local serial killer hunting ground.

You were waiting behind me as i was picking up my kid at the babysitters friday afternoon, your hoodie said beautiful disaster I could not disagree on the beautiful part. It’s be nice see there every friday.

****Dear Beautiful Disaster the author of this “missed connection.”
You’re a fucking creeper.

****Dear Beautiful Disaster in the hoodie, find another babysitter!

Britney it’s been a few years since we talked I was going to mail you your necklace. It came back in the mail and I didn’t have your # then totally forgot until I just found it. I’m so sorry. I had the best night with you and want to find you again. Email me about our date so I know it’s you and we can get in touch

*****Dear Britney I Have Your Necklace,
In your own words… “it’s been a few years since we talked…” You haven’t talked, you don’t have her number or her address, maybe she’s done this thing in life that we like to call… moved the fuck on! You might want to try it.

You complimented my facial hair and it started a little debate about barber vs groomer. You always have gold framed glasses and the cutest freckles. You are absolutely breath taking and I really really would love a chance to get know you. If by some small chance you see this and the feelings are mutual I would love a chance to take you out.

*****Dear RTB,
Omg. I can’t believe it! This may be the first love connection in the serial killer hunting grounds! She likes your facial hair, and you like her gold-framed glasses and freckles. 

Well, RTB… Let’s play a game of I Spy. I spy another couple of cuties that wear gold-framed glasses and I’m sure they have the cutest freckles… Might not be a bad idea to get some DNA tests before you take her out.

And to the complimenting, gold frame-wearing, cutest freckles chick. If RTB doesn’t work out. Here’s another guy with facial hair that you can compliment.
And BONUS! He wears gold-framed glasses too! You could be twinsies!

(When will people get a clue???)

So, I’ve been MIA, and here’s why. Sometimes I forget that this year I’ll be turning 60 and so I do some crazy things like trying to move some bottled water. I know, right? It’s like everything in my life now qualifies as an extreme sport! Fuuuuckkkkk
FYI, one case of 40 bottles of water weighs over 40lbs. I had 3 cases… And guess what?
Wow, does that suck!

Oh, and of course, this had to happen. Omg. I don’t know which is worse, the sneeze or the anticipation of the pain that you know is coming.

So, I’m nursing my back. Doing the whole ice/heat, Tylenol/ibuprofen treatments. I’m spending some time off of my feet and taking some time to heal. I know I’ve said this a million times in the blog but holy fuck, back pain sucks!

On the plus side, I’ve been reading a lot and of course watching the fucking man baby, Princess Harry. That’s a whole other post tho. I need to get myself horizontal for a bit. And I’m still coming around to visit your posts so I can catch up with all of you!

Happy Monday!

❤ MiMi ❤

11 thoughts on “MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Beautiful Disaster

  1. They are all creepy. I would never contact any of these guys.

    I hope your back gets better soon. So painful.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Love and huge hugs. ♥


  2. I need to remember I’m not 20 anymore either. I dance around to my favourite song one day and spend the rest of the week recovering.
    I used to lift 40 pound blocks of cheese everyday when I worked in the dairy factory, we would wrap them for storage and export, but I was in my teens then. I’m 70 now.


      1. Cheddar Cheese, in Mild, Vintage and whatever came between, also an orange coloured cheese that went to Canada, those orange 40 pound blocks were cut into quarters, 10 pounds each and were much easier to wrap. It was the Farmer’s Union Factory at Murray Bridge South Australia, where we also bottled milk and running the huge bottle washing machine was noisy and fun.


  3. Yeah!!! Missed Connections is back! “ . . . this thing in life we like to call . . . Moved the fuck on!” LOL, that one killed me! Do these people think they can magically reappear in your life and take up where they left off? So damn creepy!

    Hey girl, guess who else is turning the Big 6-0 this year??? I’m sorry about your back and the pain does suck. I have osteoporosis of the spine, so I’ve been following ‘Osteoporosis Trainer’ on Instagram and she has really good videos about how to bend over and pick things up. Cuz we still gotta live! Feel better, my friend.


    1. They should change that section’s title from Missed Connections to Fucking Desperate Connections. Hahahaha! – 60?! You too??? Can you believe we’ve been on this planet for 60 years?? I’m happy to be here but I sure hope we reach that Jetson’s stage of life. I totally counted on that and I’m so bummed I can’t fly in the sky, pull some screen down and poof, my hair and make-up are done AND I want a Rosie. Oh, and that pill dispenser for dinner! Hahahaha! I’m planning on living to be 100 so whoever’s in charge of my Jetson’s lifestyle, they need to get on it.


  4. Sorry about your back. At least you know what caused it. Pain sucks, but mystery pain leaves you with questions. At least for me, those questions make me crazy.



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