I’m not a fan of horror flicks or books. Stephen King is about “It” for me and only ONE of his books/flicks…

I’ve seen a few more but I’m a one-time watcher only. I know people who like to watch them over and over and over. I would not be that person!

I don’t like to be scared and I don’t like those jump-scare movies either. I tried watching those scary movies my kids watch and I jumped so many times I thought I was being electrocuted!

Oh. And I don’t like creepy dolls either. I won’t even go down the doll aisle in the toy section at the store! Nope. Not fucking it. 

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be one of Stephen King’s kids. I mean seriously, what would you be afraid of??

And I would totally love to see his house at Halloween.
From a distance…

How about you? Any horror fans out there? What are your faves? Movies? Books?
Share in the comments and please don’t let me be the only baby in the group. Somebody else must get scared like I do!



This may be true but waking up at 2am is definitely a sign of my bladder awakening!
Do you think the human bladder shrinks when a person goes to bed?
Asking for a friend.
I’m old… Fuck.
PS – I feel totally jipped outta’ my spiritual awakening this morning.

In other news…
Look for the Harvest Moon tonight and toss some bones into the “bone fire.”
I wonder who’s bones they tossed in…
And speaking of “bone fire.” We had such a beautiful day today  I spent most of it outdoors letting the sun warm up these old bones of mine, which, interestingly enough, will one day also be thrown into a bone fire. So, there’s that.

Later I had some homemade lentil soup – delish – and worked on some birthday cards for the Sept./Oct. birthdays in my family, and of course, I caught up on some reading. All n’ all a pretty mellow Monday.

I hope you had a wonderful Monday and were able to soak up some rays and spend a little time with your favorite things, and/or people.

Fall is only two days away, people!!! Raise your hand if this time of year just makes you feel all warm n’ fuzzy inside. It does me!

Enjoy the moon tonight!!