Look, we’ve all had enough of your hot flashes, okay? We’re done. Turn down the fucking heat or I swear I will strip down naked and start running thru the fucking town stopping at every business that has a pool and/or a walk-in mother fuckin’ freezer!
It won’t be pretty Mother Nature. Trust me, nobody wants to see a curvy 60-year-old woman with her tits-a-floppin’ and her once firm, gorgeous skin justa’ flappin’ in the wind! No, Mother Nature. Nobody fucking wants that!

And, now, after my mother nature vent, I must ask you. Are you guys still happy I’m back??

Holy hell…  When will it end?

Oh. I wanted to share with you that I learned something very important about myself this summer…
ANY volunteering that involves witnessing – NOT FUCKING TOUCHING – any kind of bodily fluids is a big fucking hell no for me! DO NOT put my name on that list!
In the words of Meatloaf…

And speaking of Meatloaf did you know he had his own clothing line???

Okay, real-life stuff. It’s Labor Day Weekend. Does anybody have plans or recipes they’d like to share for those family bbq’s?

I’ll share a photo of our favorite dish to pass but please don’t ask for the recipe. It’s a family secret.

Oh. Sorry for the blackout spot but it sorta’ gives away the secret ingredient to our secret recipe.

(Cue laughing Karen Walker…)

Alright, it’s after 9pm and I need to get around to read and comment on some of your posts! Thanks guys for your kind words. I’ve missed all of you too!




In the words of Elton John…

What did I miss??
Is everybody still blogging?

Hey, guess what? It’s September 1st and a Thankful Thursday post!

I am so, so thankful September has finally arrived! It’s time to give this scorched flesh earth some much needed color AND a cool down!
Holy hell!

After a busy summer – volunteering, weddings, grad parties… – I am thankful for a slow down.

I am super thankful for all of the love.

I’m thankful for my friend teaching me about freeze-dried salt water taffy! I’d never even heard of it! Turns out you can freeze dry just about anything. Who knew?
Have any of you ever had freeze-dried candy??
I can’t be the last person on planet earth to hear of this.

Yes, bye, bye! Be gone with your triple-digit heat and your fucking flooding! Our planet needs a chance to heal. 

I hope all of you are staying cool and/or flood free. I don’t know how people in the UK manage without AC. We have our AC and fans going non-stop! It’s a fucking wind tunnel in here and there may be some dried-out eyes, noses, and throats but so far nobody has died of heat stroke! My kids are constantly telling me, “Mom, relax. You’re not dying.”  No, I’m not but I could!
They’re mean to me.

I know, I’m a whiner but heat is not my vibe and this has been the hottest summer in Idaho since they started keeping records! 

I am so ready for this…

And then this… I’m super excited for this!

What are you thankful for?
What has your summer looked like?
How are you guys beating the heat?? 
Are you looking forward to fall and winter??
You know I want to hear all about it!
Comment luv, please!

Yesssss! I’m serious. If you don’t want to stress over holiday baking, ya’ gotta’ start early!

Happy September everyone!

❤ mimi ❤