FIRST – Woohoo! We can officially say it’s “fall y’all!” Well, not me because I’m not from the south, and seriously,  if you don’t have that “southern twang thang” going on with your voice when you say”y’all”, you sound dumb it just doesn’t work.

SECOND – Hi everyone! I meant to have this post written for the first day of fall but as always life has other plans and here we are 4 days later. What the hell…  I hope your fall has arrived and is staying. Unless, of course, you’re one of those demons who love summer, then I guess I hope you’re still enjoying those hellish temps. Here in Mimi-land where we love the fall, the cold, and all things snowy and Christmassy, our fall is being a little asshole tricky and by tricky I mean it can’t make up its mind if it’s still summer or finally fall. Totally blows. FYI Mother Nature, it’s fucking fall! Get it together!


Okay, onto my new Monday feature…
You guys, I don’t understand what is happening with some of these social media sites. It’s like they’re the portal of all things stupid!
TikTok is famous for it’s “challenges” and this one seems to be their latest.
“Sleepy Chicken.”

What is #sleepychicken??? Here, let me answer that for you. “Sleepy chicken” is fucking stupid! That’s what “sleepy chicken” is!

What planet are we on that the FDA has to warn people not to cook chicken in Nyquil???  It’s fucking mind-boggling. Seriously. Does this even look like something you’d want to eat??? It makes me want to vomit!

TikTok is also home to the “Tide Pod” challenge where people were EATING Tide Pods!!!

Again, what fucking planet are we on that a government safety commission has to tell people NOT to EAT laundry pods??!! I don’t get it. Is society so bored that they just sit around and come up with these asinine ideas??? Holy hell. These people need to be dropped off in the woods somewhere without their cell phones. Find out what plants are safe to eat. There’s a challenge.

We need to roll the clock back to these kinds of challenges…

Geesh… How has your fall started out? Real fall or fall-se start?? (See what I did there?) What about the past weekend? Who did something fun?? Or not so fun?? I was feeling a little under the weather this past weekend so I didn’t do much. The prior weekend was the street fair and I still need to post on that. It was a lot of fun with a lot of people.

I hope all is well in your corners of the world. I hope no one was or is, in the path of the hurricanes in Canada and Florida. Reason #8,678,241 that I will never live in Florida. Too many storms! Hurricanes… People…

Stay safe everyone. Enjoy your fall or Indian summer or whatever the hell Mother Nature is sending your way! Unless, of course, it’s those hurricanes… In which case, get the hell outta’ there!




THANKFUL THURSDAY – Bring on the rain!

Happy Thankful Thursday!
Today I am thankful for…

I am thankful for birthday celebrations! My youngest turned 29 this week!

I am thankful for cooler temps and sleeping with the window open!

I am thankful for thunderstorms that are rolling thru the sky as I type this.

It’s been a busy past couple of days. The house is almost completely decked out for Halloween. We start in Sept. because it’s my youngest’s birthday month and he LOVES all things Halloween.

Including this…
But this won’t be opened until the September 30th Hocus Pocus 2 premiere on DisneyPlus. Did I happen to mention he loves all things Halloween??

Our temps will be in the 70’s this weekend with some rain, maybe even a thunderstorm or two but rain or shine, it’s definitely time to get out local! I’ve already loaded my calendar with fall and winter “to-do” lists and this weekend it’s all about the Hyde Park Street Fair. I really love that side of town. They have beautiful historic homes, cool little shops, and places to grab a “mega pint.”

I’ll be around in the morning to visit all of you, read your amazing posts, comment and answer comments – so sorry for the delays – and hopefully get a post out too!

You know I have to ask… Who’s got weekend plans???  Oh, and FYI, choosing to do nothing on the weekend also counts as a plan.
Who’s got GREAT weather??? I hope you all do. Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed that a ton of rain will fall on the wildfires and weeks of sunshine will dry up the flooding areas.

Okay. Time to snuggle in with a good book and listen to the rain and thunder!





Missed Connection Monday is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section on Craigslist.
Or as I like to call it – Your local serial killer hunting ground.

You came into Idaho pizza company … you were a beautiful Hispanic woman wearing a head band and leggings.. you were on your phone the whole time.. we made eye contact a lot and smiled at each other when I left.. I should have asked for your number, if you are single I would like to get to know you

I kept running into you all night and thought this girl is so hot and beautiful. You were wearing a white top with a zebra print skirt and some high-top converse. You showed up in a lot of my videos and photos. I would love to meet you if possible.

**** Dear “Long shot” and “Emo night,”
I suspect you will find your headband, leggings, and zebra print skirt-wearing soul mates here…
The portal to all things 80s.

Hi, I miss spending time with you around Fred Meyer on Chinden. You drive a white van. I hope you see this. Hit me up k?

We drove next to one another this morning. I feel like you either knew me or were interested in me. Would love to chat and see where it goes.

**** Dear “White Van” and “Girl In Van,”
What the fuck is the matter with you two??? Didn’t anyone ever teach you about stranger danger???

xxx ” White Van Trying To Lure Children Into Vehicle…”
xxx “Report suspicious white van rouses fear… Two cousins out on the town Saturday night say they witnessed an attempted kidnapping…”
xxx “Police are warning residents after receiving a report of a man who approached children Saturday morning and asked them to get inside his vehicle. Officers checked the surrounding area and found a video feed from a neighbor that showed a white cargo van…”

Well, and then there’s this guy.

Wow!!! This is a longshot and my very first time posting on hear but I had to compliment you for a job well done. I came in with a bunch of coins to depositI I would have given it to you instead just for the smile you gave me It turned me on! You have a Russian accent (forgive me if wrong on that) that is sexy as anything ive ever seen.You had me so excited i could hardly count coins you gave me a dime roll I would love to talk to you over coffee or your choice id be happy with a text you should be on the cover of playboy or somthing your that hot i also deposited a money order tell me how much it was with the 49 dollars in change i had to deposit thank you made my day maybe my whole life thank you

****Dear Wells Fargo,
1st, stop taking those little blue pills and smoking crack before you do your banking.
2nd, her Russian accent was as sexy as anything you’ve seen?? You can see a fucking accent??
3rd, I talked to her, she’s a lesbian and we have a date on Friday. That’s what you get for being a creeper.

I’ve been battling a two-day headache and am currently drinking a caffeine-loaded energy drink to get rid of it and since it’s 9:30pm it looks like I’ll be up all night but I’ll be headache free so go me!

I’m still working on Halloween stuff. Hopefully, I’ll have a couple of things to show tomorrow.

I’ve been totally wrapped up in the Queen’s passing… And yes, I’ve cried. I love the real, working Royals. We grew up knowing aaaallll about them. My mom’s genealogy connects us to the Royals and I can’t remember a time when they weren’t a topic of conversation daily in our house. To be honest, we heard about them so much I can remember my teenage self asking my mom, “They didn’t leave us any of their crown jewels or a castle. Why do you care??” I get it now… Sorry, mom.

Our weather is finally behaving like fall is on the way, in fact, next week it’s in the 70’s all week and I am totally digging that. Now, the rest of the year can slow down! I have so much to do and so many plans. My fall and winter are mapped out like some people map out their summer vacations. This time of year is my summer vacation.

Did you all have a good weekend??
What’s on tap for your week ahead?
Anybody else glued to the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing? It’s so weird saying King Charles now but I love that William and Catherine are now the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Well, another late post. I hope you’re all having a great Monday and a great start to the new week. I’ve got a long night ahead so I’m jumping off here and getting a few things done. Don’t forget to leave some comment luv.


❤ mimi ❤